£35.00 pledged of £150 goal
By Jade (Wolfpup)
£35.00 pledged of £150 goal


I haven't the funds to buy the equipment necessary to go any further than character creation, and with my hope of being to add in some voice acting also to bring the Emersion to the player. Once I gain the money necessary I will not only have the ability to make one game but seveal which in the long run is what I plan to do.

The story board is already planned and I just need to add plot fillers along the way; so this is a learning curve for the coding aspect , but should be worth it in the end! 

Risks and challenges

As I have mentioned , I am still in the learning stage for the coding aspect for the game so it may take a little while longer than if I do any future games but if you near with me then it should be a fully functioning game that has a good story line behind it!

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