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Brushfire needed Reptiles, and now they are coming! Our first strech goal will get the Chinese based faction, Chugoku, into the game!
53 backers pledged $5,341 to help bring this project to life.

So when will I get my stuff?

A good question, and one that has a number of variables.

First up, we won't get any money until around the 20th, so we won't be able to ship things until the 21st at the earliest. We also won't be able to pay for things until then either, such as the Custom dice.

So then... When will you get your stuff?

Rulebook PDF - This weekend, we are slowly going through making the surveys, and as soon as we get your e-mail address we will send you the Rulebook PDF via WargameVault.

Blisters/Squad Boxes from Aquitar, Axony, Civitas, Ribenguo, Vandalands, or Zabar - As long as your getting a currently in production blister or Squad box from one of these two factions it will ship out near the end of the month depending on our stock level.

Dice & Starter sets from Aquitar, Axony, Civitas, Ribenguo, Vandalands, or Zabar- The dice are going to take 8 Weeks for Chessex to produce, and will thus hold up shipping until the end of July.

Anything from Scyzantium & Chugoku - These, other then Kong Ming and the Sand Guard, will likely not be ready until September/October or later depending on how fast sculpting goes.

Army Painter kits - We're going to look into having these drop shipped from Army Painter to get them to you quicker, and also separate from everything else.


    1. Creator On The Lamb Games on May 4, 2012

      Thanks Darrell, that was my bad on the $50 level surveys. I'll be e-mailing the 8 of you later to confirm shipping costs and extra items. The Kickstarter survey system doesn't let you do more then one survey per backer.. and doesn't let you copy questions over from the previous ones -.- ah well, knowledge for the future!

      Everyone should have gotten an e-mail from Wargame Vault with info on how to redeem the Brushfire PDF, Enjoy!

    2. Creator Darsc Zacal on May 4, 2012

      Hi Emily. First Congratulations on hitting your goal and two stretches. Well Done!

      I just submitted my delivery info as per the email request. I noticed that although I pledged $60 for the $50 level for the clear resin assassins, there was nowhere for me to indicate what the other $10 was for. $5 was for postage obviously. The other $5 is for a set of the Brushfire dice.


    3. Creator Preston L. Bobo on May 4, 2012

      Thanks Emily. I have 0 knowledge of Brushfire (though I just got my PDF, thanks) so I thought I would ask. Congrats.

    4. Creator On The Lamb Games on May 4, 2012

      They count as part of the 'Anything from Scyzantium & Chugoku, as they are a Scyzantium model.

    5. Creator Preston L. Bobo on May 4, 2012

      What about the Assassins?