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50% ART, 50% GAME, 100% DICE!
50% ART, 50% GAME, 100% DICE!
526 backers pledged $34,134 to help bring this project to life.

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**** First off, if you missed this awesome project fundraising and you want to be IN and purchase your dice, no worries, just go to Also, look for updates here, I post new information about every week.****

Hi, welcome to this page. Let's give birth to this crazy awesome game together.

*You can see the first final die master proposals in updates #8 and #16*

"Dice Age" is a game of unbalanced, figurative, toyish, good to look at and to touch dice. It's a game of strategy and risk-taking with wacky rules between "Uno" and "Magic the Gathering" - except it's played with dice! Crazy dice... In a good way.

From Proxy to Alpha edition: The dice shown here are the draft proxy version. I made them myself in my garage. The Alpha edition you are pledging for are the same in shape and color, but professionally produced and sculpted. Some details will be enhanced in the Alpha version for some sides to be more clear, and the sizes will be uniformed.

I can tell you right away this is a powerful artifact. It was initially a piece of art, and then I developed it into a game. When I first brought them to the university cafeteria, everybody was amazed, wanted one, and couldn't guess how to play. In fact, the rules are pretty simple, but the Dice Age effect is there: You never saw this before.

The Crown of Gods game:

Once upon a long time ago...
You belong to the Gods that rule on top of the cosmos. You hold in your hands the ultimate might to create new planets, new dimensions, in their every detail from the infinitely small to the infinitely vast: Your power is only limited by your imagination. You practiced combining energies; the positive, negative and multicolored. And at last, you have been chosen for the highest challenge: the Crown of Gods, the divine joust to the mastering of entropy and chaos. The competition will be tough, and you will have to summon up your most advanced creation skills. But you have a secret weapon: you control hazard!

  • Components: 10 dice (of one cubic inch volume each), 1 Rulebook (20 pages), 1 awesome dice pouch with the Dice Age logo on the back.
  • 2 players from 10 years old and over. 3 minutes to learn, 1 game to get the hang of it.10 minutes game.
  • The theme is an epic competition for the Crown of gods at the top of our cosmos. Be ready to feel like in a deathtrap dungeon. The full rules of the Crown of Gods game are available as update #4 and the Dice age Compendium as update #5.
  • Particularity: dice game using attractive unconventional dice, that can have any conceivable shape.
  • Overview: On his turn, a player rolls one of his dice. One rule; never overshoot the last number rolled, or you lose all the dice you rolled in the round. The last player in the game is the winner.

Nota bene : Other games can be played with the dice. Four have been discovered so far: "Bonide", "Totem", "the Snooker", "The Pitched Battle"

The rules of the Totem game are available as update #17.

The project consists of:

A first release of the game on the market by

  • Redesigning the 23 first dice in high resolution using toy technologies.
  • Casting and painting 7000 of them industrially.

This first release of 23 different dice (over a hundred invented today) will be made by pre-selling the sets, thus raising enough money to produce the dice in the plastic injection process and paint them in a series.

This first Alpha edition will be something! This kickstarter project is also a small market test and if it works, if you really want to help it, I will be able to release the next dice, the next colors, and develop the game as it should be: hundreds of different effects and thousands of different dice.

Our parody commercial for the Adopt-a-die operation!

Uno, Hotwheels, Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons are trademarks of respectively, Mattel, Inc. and Wizards of the coast, llc.


  • Ah! I am as impatient as you are...
    I cannot give a firm date for the delivery of the Alphas, today or anytime before they are safe and sound under my elbow.
    It is a long process. Anything can delay the manufacture and I won't let a product be released if it is not exactly what it should be.

    One blessed day, the sooner the better, I'll ask for your mail address and start sending the Alphas. I will keep on informing everybody, here or on the forum ( of the progression of the production. Please look for the updates.

    Until then, I took my silicon molds back and I mold and sell unpainted proxy sets everyday, to people who missed the Kickstarter or to you backers. You can purchase them for the costing price at the shop ( Even if I don't advertise it because it is a lot of work for me (that's why I can't paint them anymore), I recommend this to everyone eager to have a taste of the game. These are the first Dice Age dice ever, the last handmade ones, and they will remain valid in tournaments for the ages of time.

    Thank you for undertsanding.


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  • Thank you for helping us growing the game. Your enquiries allow us to refine the rules and cover every point.

    When you encounter a mysterious situation, first, look up the comprehensive rules at

    Most of the time, you'll find your answers. If not, here are answers to questions we received, to keep track and before we implement them in the comprehensive rules.

    1. Double Arrow:
    - For a smile, you roll a second D6 and keep them both aside. They can be used separately and/or subsequently on the same number.
    - For a square, you can choose the next two dice a player rolls or the next two player's rolls.
    - For a blank, you can make a player skip two turns or two players skip one turn. If the latter, and it's only two players, you would both skip a turn, thus nullifying the effect.
    - For radioactivity, you get to choose two colors.
    - For a cannon, you cam do two duels with one player, or one duel each with two different players.

    2. Smile can result in a negative number or a zero.

    3. Square: You cannot choose a die a player just played.

    4. Radioactivity: All players get the benefit.

    5. Gear: The side facing the playing area is the bottom side.

    6. Cannon: Choose a die from the garden or the field. The die of the player who wins the duel goes back to where it was.

    7. Chaos: Concerns just the player rolling the effect.

    8. Roman Number: Take a die on the field and add it to your field.

    9. What is to be done if both players roll the same number, or, after modifier-effects, achieve the same number? Does the die rolled by, player 2, for example, simply go to the "Ledge"/"Summoned" area and the play passes to the next player?

    Last updated:
  • Just re post the pledge form with your new pledge amount.

    Last updated:
  • First off, there will never be any rarity artificially injected in the game.
    There will be enough dice to keep the mystery, but you can easily purchase them all if you like.
    I'm after your fun. Funniest distribution is: you mainly know what you buy.
    As the white dice have almost the same shape, they are unrecognizable the one from the other. Even in a clear plastic box. Dice are always hiding a side. When the game is on the market, white dice only will be distributed at random. For the other dice, you know what you buy, as for hotwheels cars.

    Last updated:
  • Each Dice Age die has its weight distribution, unbalanced, shape, uneven, and probabilities, unequal.
    Example: the six sided die "Movur's Outpost" bears the following: numbers 2, 2, 3, 4, 5 and a cannon on top.
    Forget the balance concept of the traditional die. On Dice Age dice, some sides are very likely to appear, and some others maybe very unlikely - with still a small probability.
    The probabilities of obtaining a given result with a given die determines how you will choose to play it in a given game situation; and discovering and mastering those unequal probabilities is an active part of playing.
    Furthermore, some dice, like Nitro, are four sided polyhedron, yet double sided die. Some dice will even sometimes stop in balance between several positions, thus giving you the possibility to choose what will occur - powerful dice indeed, even if they may looks weak at first.
    This is the point of Dice Age.
    As of how the dice are physically created, they are designed, built, tested on different surfaces, reshaped, rebuilt, rolled another thousand times, adjusted in their content, and so on.

    Last updated:
  • It is basically what it costs to build the steel injection molds. From that point, the molds are paid for and the product can be distributed to retailers. The building of the first 23 masters costs 3000, the mold carving costs 3600, the casting of the first copies is 2000, the rest goes in packing and shipping, from factory and to customers, pouch manufacture and printing, and rulebooks printing. With that goal, we have enough game to face a first demand, distribute it to retailers, and maybe present it to bigger game publishers.

    Last updated:
  • I will ask for the name you want to see credited and the address where you want your dice to be shipped once the dice are cast and before the rulebooks go to production. People move, so it's not use taking information now...
    Just wait, I'll contact you via kickstarter.

    Last updated:
  • The extra funding will go toward:
    - Casting the extra dice implied by the extra pledges
    - Accelerating the current sculpting process by hiring new sculptors
    - Finance the marketing, distribution and advertisement
    - Allow us to attend to games fairs and conventions
    - Speed up the patent process
    - Finance the design and testing of new dice
    - Grow up to Inc.
    - Build a professional website

    Last updated:
  • No. These are the old proxy edition. You are pledging for the Alpha edition, which will be much more professionally looking, although they will be very alike. I will post pictures of the final masters as I receive them from our sculptor.

    Last updated:

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    Pledge $1 or more About $1.00

    One dollar is one more step to the game being at your retailer soon, but it is also the fun registration reward! You will be registered as an Initiate of the game at our tournaments, even without having played a single game! But you know the game. You were here before anybody else and you decided to be in.

    10 backers
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    MAXWELL'S REWARD. Cheap functional art. For a mere $7 pledge you are pre-ordering and will receive two different Dice Age dice. Let's be honest, you don't play many games yourself, but you want to support this game because you think it's a great idea and would love to see these beautiful mini sculptures exist in the world. (Or maybe you're just a collector of fine art under one inch in height.) Your pledge will put us that much closer to making this game a reality, and you'll be rewarded with receiving two different dice chosen at random. You can keep one and gift one to a friend! Or maybe you can create your own dice mini-game that uses your two unique dice. Let me know what you create and I may add it to the growing list of games used with the Dice Age dice. Includes shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $5, International add $10 to pledge amount.)

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25

    For a $25 pledge you are pre-ordering and will receive one Alpha set of 10 different dice, including pouch and rulebook, (everything it takes), exactly as it will be released on the market.
    The dice are chosen randomly, but you will have at least two dice of each color. You will be able to play in Duel (which is my favorite way to play), start a collection, or build your own army.
    Includes shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $10, International add $15 to pledge amount)

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    For a $50 pledge you are pre-ordering and will receive one complete Alpha collection of 23 different dice, including one pouch and one rulebook. This exhaustive full set will not be sold at your retailer. You can play up to 4 players and no die will be a mystery to you.
    Includes shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $10, International add $15 to pledge amount)

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    Pledge $100 or more About $100

    For a $100 pledge you are pre-ordering and will receive two full Alpha collections of 23 different dice, including two pouches and two rulebooks. As a partisan of the fullsome, I can tell you it is not too much. You and your friends will be able to build your own armies of dice with doubles: thus, play bigger battles and discover the game's most advanced strategies. You can also give the second set as a present.
    Includes shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $10, International add $15 to pledge amount)

    65 backers
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    Pledge $150 or more About $150

    For those who really care!
    For a $150 pledge, you will receive one full Alpha collection of the 23 different dice, and become the godfather of a new die.
    Every die has the right to just be. For the 23 Dice Age dice that are released now, a hundred of others are still waiting in the laboratory to be reshaped and heralded to the Alpha master level.
    By adopting a die, you choose a die-to-be that will be redesigned. You will receive a polyurethane unique unpainted casting of the master: what we use to confirm the master before it is carved into the steel mold. Furthermore, when the master appears in the next Dice Age Compendium rulebook issue, your name will be marked as the godfather of this die.
    Contact us for choosing the die you want to adopt. (Shipping to Canada add $10, International add $15 to pledge amount)

    6 backers
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    Pledge $175 or more About $175

    For a $175 pledge, you will receive two full Alpha collections of the 23 different dice, and become the godfather of a new die: Same as above, plus one extra Full casting of the 23 alpha dice. (Shipping to Canada add $10, International add $15 to pledge amount)

    Limited 11 backers
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  8. Reward no longer available

    Pledge $500 or more About $500

    DIPLOMATIC POUCH. For a $500 pledge, you will receive:
    - One draft PROXY ultra-limited set of the first 16 different dice,
    - Eight sets of the alpha edition, in deluxe leather pouches: a huge 184 Alpha dice.
    - A lifetime scoop shipping of one copy of each adopted die PU prototype
    (see adopt-a-die operation, There are three as of today, may the 30th 2011).
    - Tournament Expert level promotion and Official Dice Age referee's Orange necktie.

    With this unbeatable lot, shipped for free anywhere in the US (shipping to Canada add $15, International add $25 to pledge amount), you become an Ambassador of the game. You have all it takes to discover the game, have others discover it, and even make discoveries as a part of the Research and Development.
    You will be, for years to come, one of the pillars of the growing player's community
    and specialist of the game with first access to its developments.

    The PROXY set is handmade and hand painted for you by the designer (yours truly). This is a piece of art and it comes with a signed serialized certificate.
    Those sets are cast in the silicone mold, therefore there can be only a very limited series. After all, this project sounds the death knell and will end the limited era of the handmade sets. They are closer to the art that inspired this game.

    The crazy diplomatic pack of eight full Alpha collections of the 23 different Alpha edition dice, including deluxe leather pouches, is for you to have others around you discover the dice. You can hoard them up, make gifts, give dice away one by one as a unique souvenir or reward, as you will have anything it takes to organize your own tournaments:

    You will also receive the tournament organization kit and the official Dice Age referee's necktie, used at every Dice Age tournament since 1997:
    Each time a Dice Age die is adopted, you will receive a scoop copy (physical die) of the prototype. Now and forever.
    Furthermore, you will really help the game in its history and we thank you for pushing forward new game concepts like this one!

    Reward no longer available 7 backers
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