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Fourth and Fifth Dice Age tournaments at Gencon, Indianapolis

Posted by Tristan V Convert (Creator)

Gods, be ready to fight for the Crown!

and join the

FOURTH Dice Age Tournament Ever:

Friday the 5th August 2011 at 9:00 PM. duration 3 hours

Cost $2 Location: Gen Con Indianapolis Hall E: Blue :: 11--13

or the

FIFTH Dice Age Tournament Ever:

Saturday the 6th August 2011 at 4:00 PM. duration 3 hours

Cost $2 Location: Gen Con Indianapolis Hall E: Blue :: 11--13


You can also train yourself and discover the game first at the


Thursday the 4th August 2011 at 3:00 PM. duration 1 hour

Cost $2 Location: Gen Con Indianapolis  Hall E : Blue : 20--21


About the Tournaments:

Ordeals as usual

- Crown of gods rounds

- Totem rounds

- MCQ (Refer to the rules on update #4 for review)

The winners of the Fourth Tournament will be invited to fight for the Fifth Tournament grand finale.

Honorific Prizes as usual

- Dice Age Champion rings

- Winners will be best player and next to worst player.

Referees: Tristan Convert and Rebecca Ruiz

We will play the proxy edition rules anno 5113, with proxy edition dice, and introducing Alpha Dice.

Registration at

Spread the word!

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    1. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      Are you afraid to participate? That's okay! There is a 1 hour Introduction to Dice Age event to get trained for the tournaments. It's on Thursday @ 3:00 PM. Location: ICC :: Hall E : Blue :: 20--21
      Maybe we can meet there. Spread the word!

    2. Matt and Nykki Boersma

      We're going to make an effort to be there to watch the tournament at least on Friday.

    3. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      @John, I'm a filmmaker. I'll do my best to make this happen.

      They are very strict with what is around the tables so I'll have to ask about the camera, and I am not even sure yet I am able to put music or sell t-shirts.

      I go to Gencon to get back in touch with the gaming industry, and in the US. I first heard about Gencon during the fundraising here, I squeezed Dice Age in, for I didn't know by the time that Dice Age would revolutionize the dice world. I have to ask waivers for everything! This is certainly the last proxy tournaments session. Next time we should be much sharper.

      The game action is well set though, so participants will enjoy the core of the concept.

    4. John Johnson on

      Any chance of recording these tournaments and posting videos here so us backers can see the game in action?

    5. Devin Dinkins on

      I've signed up for both tournaments! I can't wait to play Dice Age!