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Why no update?

Posted by Tristan V Convert (Creator)
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Our backers are very diverse and we have to consider every kind of backer in our communication moves. Some backers got tired of reading about the project, and just want their dice in the mailbox. Our updates were taken for just excuses, which considering the  effort we put everyday on Dice Age, is a misconception. Our apologies go to those who are disappointed, and we want to thank the patient majority.

Today, one fifth of the backers have received their dice, that is 3000 dice each hand made and hand painted. After several failed attempts to find a local production solution over the last year, Tristan found that he was the only one able to build the dice locally.
It currently takes eight hours to build a single reward, and we are able to manufacture two sets a week. Some backers received their reward a year ago, and at this rate, it would take another four years to fulfill all rewards, which obviously is not how we want things to go. But this process is only our proof of good faith until the issue of manufacturing is resolved.
We are back on developing a viable outsourcing solution to produce the dice industrially, in China, as intended. This implies an evolution of the product, as well as looking for the right providers, taking into account all aspects that made our first attempts unsuccessful. Therefore, one cannot think "estimated time of delivery" as long as this outsourcing production is in process. When this is done, the phoenix will be reborn and we'll be able to post an update as such.

In anyway, everyone will get his/her dice. We intend to fulfill the Dice Age project, because it is awesome, and nothing is going to stop us.

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    1. AndyCox on

      I have been quiet and patient for almost 3 years. The game that I backed has been available for sale online for ages now. Not a peep on our fulfillment. 
      Let's just start carpet-bombing the Kickstarter comment thread and the Dice Age FB page until we can get some timelines/answers...

    2. Missing avatar


      thanks for the update - heartening to hear progress is still happening. Best of luck, still can't wait to get my set.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark Russell on

      This project is a joke. The final product was a joke. It looked like it was cast by a dog and painted by a lazy blind person.

      Tristan, you're a joke. Give these people their money back.

    4. allisonnnn on

      Tristan, thank you so much for your dedication! It is so good to hear that you have not abandoned the project. I backed Dice Age because I think it is a great idea, and I believe in you as an artist and a craftsman. Keep it up, and we will all get there together!

    5. Missing avatar

      Tyler Cushing on

      I'm glad to see this message was able to be put out there. While it can sometimes seem like many people are griping about not getting their "thing" quickly enough, I would honestly hope that what is really being seen are people simply worried about something they believe in not coming to fruition.

      Time is not the main problem for KS projects from what I have found, but more so simply being able to make their goals/dreams happen. People give money to KS projects because they want to see some "thing" become a living/breathing entity in the world that they can show people and know they helped make a reality. Gestation period of when that happens can vary, but I think it happening at all is what this is all really about.

      We want what you want - a successful project coming to completion. Keep on doing your thing, working towards creating a more efficient process to create the dice, and building a community that understands that while things may get rough, the reason we all backed this project is still there alive and beating - to create and have fun.

      I wish you the best. Cheers!

    6. Jeremy Commandeur

      I am a patient man. If I have to wait four years to see the dice, I'll wait four years. They will be all the sweeter when they show up. :-)

      I agree with María Islam about helping out. I live on the west coast. You should get together a backer meet up to produce more dice. Let us pour and paint to produce. Leverage your network.

    7. SpinDisc on

      Believe me, it is worth the wait. When Tristan manages to get these manufactured, and thereby upgrade it to Beta (or something) I will instantly put in my order for a full set. And I really really hope he won't tire of this wonderful game and instead give more interesting dice for along time.

    8. Scott Rubin on

      The fact that you even still updated this so many years later is amazing. I completely expected you to give up by this point. Rarely in my life have I seen such commitment.

    9. Michael "Waffles" Nguyen on

      I've backed 72 projects and this is the second project to have such crazy fulfillment problems. I was very hesitant to drop $50 on a dice game but my niece REALLY wanted to play it 2 years ago. Now she's grown out of the age where she'd actually sit and play with me. I really wanted to see Dice Age take over the gaming circuit but that seems doubtful if only 100 sets are being created per year.

    10. John Peterson

      I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a "Tired Backer", however, let's be pragmatic. It has been almost 2 years. Worst case, the last of the backers will get their dice 8 years from now (at the current rate...I said worst case). I don't think it is unreasonable to be frustrated and I honestly have to say that he SHOULD listen to us as well. Have you heard of businesses failing because of a few bad customer experiences? I'm sure if you go out tonight for dinner and have a bad experience, you won't hesitate to tell your friends about the place and why not to go there. I'd like to see this game make its full potential. And I've been waiting patiently, but just don't ignore me either because I voice dissent.

      And I don't do Kickstarter for "perfect results". Most of the projects I've backed have delivered late (or what was delivered didn't meet my expectations). That being said, I'd like to be realistic. I've backed 23 KS projects. This one is the latest on delivering by a YEAR. Based on my experience, this project is the one that is not following typical KS patterns.

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Morganthall on

      I appreciate the update. Don't listen to all the Tired Backers. This is Kickstarter for Pete's sake. I expect problems. Anyone who signs up for Kickstarter expecting Perfect Results... expects too much.

      So do what you can. I believe in you.

    12. Josh Thomson

      Thanks for the update. I was unaware of exactly how difficult the manufacturing details have been. I think the dice will be worth the wait.

      Also, keep updating! Even if the update is just to say "still proceeding slowly, nothing amazing to report," it is still good to hear from you.

    13. Maria Flores on

      What do you need? I can help you out with the hand painting bit.

    14. Threemoons

      Hang in there, Tristan, and everyone else also!

      The rewards are well worth the wait.