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Objective U.S.A.

Posted by Tristan V Convert (Creator)
Dear all,

Some of you may have received a survey so that we know where to send the dice.
Today is a great day, for the first Alpha dice have been sent out. We positively refused to take more than one year to get the dice out, as a matter of principle.

The rise of the Dice Age has been, and it still is a terrific adventure: it is not about just making dice, it turned out to be a learning curve.
The kickstarter project was launched on the basis of David, our dreaded Chinese manufacturer's quote. We got masters made, molds made and remade, but we are still waiting for those injection molds to be ready, when it was supposed to be in 45 days. So we hired Randy, an American in China, to make non-injection dice, and we are getting there... only after endless paperwork with the Chinese customs!
Everybody in the sector says toys are to be made in China, but you know what? My made in the U.S.A. packaging is long ready.
So today, we want a full US manufacture. Let's do the job ourselves. Good old American made product.

This will be our next war. Get the dice proudly and fully made in California.
And this is where it starts to lift off. Today, we are cranking out and painting our 14000 dice one by one; researching, optimizing the process, and hiring people. Disabled people are helping us, at OPARC, for the packaging assembly. Dice are made in the U.S. by sheer hard work and nobody's in our way.
It's not injection yet, but the dice are way cooler than before the kickstarter. They are not industrial, but they are professional. And that's for the best.

The Dice Age team


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    1. AndyCox on

      I have been quiet and patient for almost 3 years. The game that I backed has been available for sale online for ages now. Not a peep on our fulfillment. 
      Let's just start carpet-bombing the Kickstarter comment thread and the Dice Age FB page until we can get some timelines/answers...

    2. Michel Rowinski on

      How far have you come with the 50 $ level now Tristian? Are you still on 4-5?

    3. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      @ Marcy, We are still displaying the sets to those who chose "young jedis" for the shipping priority in the poll of your tier. I can't give individual ETAs, I just send tracking numbers to the recipients when their package is shipped.

    4. marcy debole on

      I replied to the survey on 23 April. I am at the $50 level. Can you tell me when my set might be coming? Really looking forward to it. The pics look great!

    5. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      @Matthew, We are producing 100 dice a day, and the diplomatic pouch is the most complex reward to build. We will send it in two parcels so that you don't have to wait too long. @Andre, done.

    6. Happy Sunshine on

      I Would like a survey sent please!

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Anthony

      Any word on when the US-made "diplomatic pouches" ($500 tier) will be going out?

    8. Missing avatar


      Thanks for that!

    9. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      @GWAL The dice shown at the shop are the Masters Series one, id est early castings from a testing phase, and not all dice are available in this very limited series, thus the 19 dice. They look very much like the final (full series) dice: What may vary from the pictures are mainly the seam lines and the painting. The $100 reward is as you described.

    10. Missing avatar


      Also, sorry I have a few other questions. Is there any picture of what these dice are going to look at, or has anyone who received them posted some? They look like the ones on the site?

      I noticed on the Dice Age site it said the Alpha Set is19 dice, those of us at the $100 level are still getting the 2 castings of 23 dice for a total of 46 dice correct (plus the Olympus)?

      I know all of you are busy there but just wanted to ask those, thanks!

    11. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      Shoot guys. Let me fix this asap!

    12. Russell Smith on

      I just received my dice in the mail. looks good! what happened to Olympus?

    13. Andrew Lohmann

      Thanks for the update, in more ways you can imagine. I live in Claremont, CA, right next door to Montclair (well, close enough... walking distance. Actually, you see the three trees over there? Well, the third from the left and back a bit... ;-) where OPARC is located. And despite the fact that my wife and I work with not-for-profit organizations, we had not heard about these folks. And now we have, thanks to you.

    14. Missing avatar

      djtommy on

      I still haven't received any email regarding a survey.

    15. Missing avatar


      Ah okay! Thanks, that is much more clear! I'd say you got this done pretty fast! Can't wait!

    16. Missing avatar


      Would definitely prefer the US-made ones...I put myself in the next-to-lowest tier for how badly I
      need these, so...feel free to drop me further back. It's already been a crazy long time, what difference
      does it make, now? I do try and avoid Chinese-made goods, by and large. Thanks.

    17. Missing avatar

      voidref on

      Awesome, made here at home. I commend you!

    18. Rob Farley on

      Yay! got my survey, can't wait to get my hands on the dice.

    19. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      @GWAL @Chad: Yes! I only didn't send the survey to your backer's tier yet.

    20. Chad Krizan on

      So if I backed for two Alpha sets, they are now on the way?

    21. Missing avatar


      Would the survey have been emailed? I haven't received any email yet and I am little unsure from this update. So Alphas are now going out?