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The New York Toy Fair aftermath

Posted by Tristan V Convert (Creator)

Dear Dice Age backers,

In case I didn't emphasize, a lot happened at the New York Toy Fair that triggered a new growing wave in our project:

- We met a number of toy inventors, awesome guys like Brett Klish, we showcased the product, we encountered Mary Couzin from the Chicago Toy and Game group, and Kidrobot and Thinkgeek are interested in the game.

- At TimeWarp comics (, where James Lisk organized the 6th tournament ever. With the help of David Bower, we discovered how Dice Age can be kind of categorized as an "art toy", except it is the first art game...
As we needed to provide our actual 3D physical masters to our new manufacturer for the full series, as well as a painted sample set for reference, we had to reproduce our precious unique masters. By researching in the art toy field, we found a way to finely reproduce them, and this week, for the first time in Dice age history, we are able to produce locally a few dice as they should be.
We are encouraged by this development and it allows us to move forward with the mass production we are all waiting for. Although this micro dice brewery is expensive and time intense, it also allows us to release extra copies. We won't have just one precious prototype to show anymore, and it allows us to even build new dice.

- So we felt inspired to launch the "new die of the week" campaign on our facebook page, where you will be able to vote for the next die to be microbrewed every three weeks. Those of you who adopted a die, it's going to be time to choose the die you want to adopt. We will start building it physically, and send it to you right away!
Since the Alphas are really the best advertisement for the product, we will be launching the sale of limited Alpha dice masters copies via our online shop under the name "Masters Series" so everyone has a chance to purchase some of them. Like the Proxies (RIP) yielded to the Masters Series, the sale of the Masters Series will end once the mass produced Full Alpha sets arrive (in roughly 3 months), or will just remain a purgatory for new dice.

- As Kevin Cook suggested, we put some 3D printable Alphas in Inox, Bronze or Silver for sale on It's the “Metal Series”. We received a message asking to allow the Kickstarter backers to buy plastic 3D printed Alphas from shapeways, but they are still very expensive and the colors aren't good. So instead, Kickstarter backers will be able to receive Masters Series dice at cost ($3.27) with the promotional code “backer”, where everyone else will have to pay full retail price ($5.43)). We hope that anyone who receives these Masters Series dice will act as our ambassadors to their local game stores and their friends, so we can keep spreading the word about the dawning age of dice!

All this adventure wouldn't be possible without you. We hope you enjoy the journey. Once again thank you everyone for your continued support, love and patience.

We are excited to be back on track with production!

Tristan and team Dice Age


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    1. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      I understand your frustration and we really would love to give a firm date. We tried several times to display one in the past, based on the manufacturer's timeline, and things have fallen through (causing all the frustration). Ultimately, it is an adventure we are on. You backers didn't give your money to just get dice, but to have the dice made and launch that adventure. We're all in this together, and I can tell you there is not one day, or hour, where I am not working towards the project's completion. We always have you backers in mind in the decisions we make. There are many bumps on the road, but we're confident that our new manufacturing partner will deliver on time as promised.

      That being said, if you absolutely can't wait it out along with the rest of us, please email me directly and we can discuss a solution.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bruce Bridges on

      This has gone on for so long (approaching one year) and now there is no promise date of when we will get our dice. How do we go about getting a refund?

    3. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      On track, yes! For mid-april, not quite. Sorry about this. Those of you backers who can volunteer to represent us and demo at any major gaming convention until the Alpha Full Series is released can trade their reward for a Masters Series one. Please send me a message.

    4. Lost Colonies Larp on

      So we are still on track for Mid April?

    5. Charles Bonnell on

      Glad to hear good news! I hope you guys are having a wonderful spring.