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50% ART, 50% GAME, 100% DICE!
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    1. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      Thank you all for those propositions. Some of them really kick a**. We found a way to keep dice Age, as you know. Is this just luck?

    2. Jason Christopher Faught on

      Convert Dice has my vote.

    3. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      Now, let's Vote. Pick up your favorite answer and post it here!

    4. Missing avatar


      Glad you were open about the name of the game! I personally like THE CROWN OF GODS. Or even DICE OF THE DEITIES. And yes, we all want to see this game made, we won't let the big guys crush this one it seems, which is awesome. Drooling over those alphas, can't wait to have a fist full of them! Keep up the good work man!

    5. Jason Christopher Faught on

      But for a more serious suggestion, how about calling them Sculpturehedrons? Hmm, Sculptyhedrons? Neat!

    6. Jason Christopher Faught on

      I find myself rather partial to Diceage, as in, you got some Diceage, man! Or, thats some mean Diceage!

    7. Missing avatar

      Woobs on

      To have more troubles with studios ...
      Live and let dice !

    8. Giovanni Medina on

      Edad de dados? Doyce Age? Dice Dice baby? Xtreme Dice!?

    9. Missing avatar

      Nicholas W. Peddicord on

      A few of my suggestions:
      Rolling Fates
      order of chaos
      Shape of Fate

    10. Lost Colonies Larp on

      I'd say register the trademark as "Tristan V. Convert's Dice Age" and then print on the box your name very small and then Dice Age really big.

      Other ideas:

      The Great Dice Age
      The Age of Dice
      Dice Evolution

    11. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      Pay enough and it will prove the point. The trademarks bureau approved the brand. The crappy movie owners don't seem to. I figured come on, I'd do the same; but actually I didn't, as I live with Dice Age Games in peace.
      It may be cheaper to find a new name before everything is printed or the game is too much known. But what can then prevent them from suing Dice Ace for example? I don't know. The best thing is to ask the benediction of those monarchs-over-the-law before we file another name. If they deign answer us!

    12. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      I thought trademarks only could apply if there was a reasonable expectation of confusion. There is no risk of confusing a game played with new, and novel dice with a game themed after those crappy movies....

    13. Théodore Fauquet on

      Actually the Convert Dice idea can be quite nice.
      Of course it refers to the great creator of the game
      but also to the fact that the Dice can be used for many games.
      The many shapes of all Dice get along also well with this name.
      The only problem is that it sounds a little too much like a collectible
      game rather than a serious game.

    14. Théodore Fauquet on

      I like "The Dice Ages", it keeps alive the old name and is far enough from the "Ice Age" name (if they still fight for that, they would be really quibbling)
      Otherwise I was thinking of
      CONVERT DICE (as a little pun)

    15. Zackary Collins

      Dice Age 2: The Meltdown or maybe Dice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs...

      Ok just kidding, here are some real names:
      Dice of the Deities
      The Dice Ages

    16. Happy Sunshine on

      Here is some more
      OLD DICE

    17. victorvusa on

      I think I bit off more than I could chew, but regardless, here are some alternate names that came to mind:
      Dice Artifactus
      Grip of Titans
      Artifact Polyhedra
      Tesseract Infinitum
      Facets of Might
      Colored Fiddly Bits

    18. Dale Reed on

      After reading what Fox are up to, I think DICE RAGE would be appropriate! How arrogant are they to think they can copyright the words Ice Age just because of their sub par movies?!!! I can't imagine they have a leg to stand on with that one. Perhaps someone should tell them that foxes existed before they did too. Or perhaps they're already suing all the foxes till they change their name?

    19. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      HAHAHA I like it.
      @ Jason Christopher Faught, you right spotted it, man.

    20. Missing avatar

      Juan Muchos Jarros on

      i vote for "Dice Mage". it's somewhat descriptive of the character of the player, and requires minimal change to the name (as i fear change).

      p.s.: i'm only half serious, though to be honest i'm only half kidding as well. so i'm covered whether you like it or not.

    21. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      @ Charlles Rubin, Well, yes. Fight the ridiculous.
      @ GWAL, I don't care so much about the name. Can we find another one? Good game! C'mon here guys - and gals - PROPOSE NAMES FOR THIS GAME, this will provide some co(s)mic relief. Either here on in PM if you are shy.
      But this doesn't mean I'll try my best to go on with Dice Age.

    22. Missing avatar

      Charles Rubin on

      Sadly, "ridiculous" has become the name of the game on many copyright issues. Shepard is right that trying to reason with them is a good first step, but if they were being reasonable they would not have filed as they did. So I hope 'ready to fight" means prepared to hire a lawyer with the relevant expertise. . .

    23. Missing avatar

      vande casteele on

      THEY'RE "HAS BEEN" : 20th Century Fox... it's 21th century now, hi hi!

    24. Missing avatar

      enrico bedosti on

      This is ridiculous. You might want to point out that, in the gaming industry, Wizards of the Coast used ICE AGE (and not DICE AGE but actually ICE AGE) as the name of an early expansion (1995) of its famous Magic the Gathering trading-card-game... so maybe WOTC should sue 20th century fox for later calling their movie like that ?!

    25. Missing avatar

      Nicholas W. Peddicord on

      Go big think of the free publicity they'll give you!

    26. James Weeks on

      How ludicrously childish of a huge corporation. I'm honestly ashamed that there are people like this on our little rock. (There are worse people out there, but its still sad.)

    27. Jason Christopher Faught on

      And so the malarky begins... Next thing you'll need to be weary of is Steve J*****n.

    28. Missing avatar


      Welcome to America, we don't want anyone to come up with anything. That said, I'd see what they do, but if they really don't like it, maybe you could just change the name to something else? I know it sucks, but Fox will bring a ton of money against little guys if they feel the need to.

    29. divaD27182 on

      A little browsing on revealed 15 different LIVE trademarks with text "ICE AGE". 12 were Fox. 10 others are "ICE AGE CONTENTAL DRIFT". Several of Fox's "ICE AGE" trademarks are dead. Someone has a live 1995 "ICE AGE" trademark (bottled water etc ...).

      Maybe Fox thinks you conflict with "non-Christmas ornaments made of plaster, plastic, wax or wood" or "party ornaments of plastic" in 85342740. Of course, they apparently filed for that one in June of this year. (Which may mean that, if Fox considers that to be a goods and service match, then maybe you should oppose theirs. [I am not a lawyer.])

    30. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      Or did you mean the advertisement on the page? It seems its linked to this page...

    31. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      Easy, FOX is only a potential opposer today. I suppose it's about Ice Age, they want to look up if it can interfere with their toys I guess. I don't think there are Ice Age the movie yogurts ^^

    32. Charles Bonnell on

      Maybe these guys should send Fox an email about infringement.

    33. Missing avatar

      shepard on

      I just asked my dad (who has many years of experience in patent and trademark law), and he suggests reasoning with FOX would be easier than lawyering up and 'fighting'. If you email me, he said he could give you some advice on how to handle this. *Note: He is not a practicing attorney, but can point you in the right direction.

    34. Jeff Nurkiewicz

      Are you kidding me? NEVER occurred to me. Fight the stupidity of Corporate America (but don't go broke doing it - I want my dice :-)

    35. H Lynnea

      Geeze. Guess I'm a huge geek, because when I first saw the name of this project, I thought of the different ages of Civilization (Stone, Bronze, Iron, &c.). I certainly never connected it with a cartoon.
      There's no way Fox can trademark the name "Ice Age". And the logos look nothing alike, so there's no infringement there. This is just a waste of their lawyers' time.

    36. Tristan V Convert Creator on

      Ok, honestly. Who thought of the movie when meeting this game's name? Are we going so poor that cartoons are replacing scientific references?

    37. melibabe on

      Are they insane? Let's get this out to in the social media sphere. Mobilize the troops!

    38. Bryan Graham on

      Toys-R-Us nothing, Microsoft, Oracle, and Apple (a company I otherwise like) have turned bullying small companies over patent/copyright/trademark infringement in a cash-cow. It's ridiculous and thoroughly infuriating. Fight 'em Tristan. I hope you win easily, and they waste a ton of money.
      They fail on both parts: Even if you could trademark Ice Age (which shouldn't have been aloud in the first place; it's a well recognized scientific term), the fact that Ice Age would prevent Dice Age from being used......grrrr, It just makes me wanna scream.

    39. victorvusa on

      The last thing I want is for this to become a frivolous legal hassle that bankrupts Dice Age.

      Frozen water from a prehistoric era has nothing to do with specialty random number generators. This stinks of the Toys-R-Us bullying methodology. How bloody infuriating.

    40. Missing avatar

      Eric Johnson

      They should be ashamed of themselves. I'm just glad we have such a "free" market to fall back on. Oops.

    41. Andrew Lohmann

      And of course now I will too have to reconsider the name for the game I was designing in which tiny human parasites seek to survive (and escape) their prison.

    42. writingmonkey on

      How ridiculous. Good luck in your fight.

    43. Happy Sunshine on

      I better rethink the name of my new collectible rodent throwing game!

    44. Missing avatar

      Alissa Simon on

      Agree with Mattia. I was going to point out the exact same thing.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mattia on

      Just a tidbit of information that may prove useful: in the game industry there is at least one precedent of Ice Age being used to market a CCG. In 1995, Wizard of the Coast published a Magic the Gathering expansion named "Ice Age".
      Don't let the big guy push you around!

    46. Happy Sunshine on

      Just spell "Dice" with a "y" and a silent 'q".