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50% ART, 50% GAME, 100% DICE!
50% ART, 50% GAME, 100% DICE!
526 backers pledged $34,134 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jason Saldana on

      Seems like the campaign will be on Indiegogo, perhaps some helpful commenting on that crowdfunding website is in order to let potential backers know the likelihood of having their funds put to good use.

    2. Missing avatar

      charles ashcom on looks like he wants to raise money for a movie project...

    3. Jay Mac on

      Was this seriously the last update? I never got anything. It was FOUR YEARS AGO.

    4. melibabe on

      Like several others, I've gotten better at picking projects over the years. All of the ones that failed to deliver entirely occurred in the first year or so. But I'd still love to get something back from this. Does anyone know what recourse, if any, we have?

    5. Missing avatar

      benk (Benoit Kusters)

      I never received anything but a lot of lies

    6. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      Looks like he is not very active on facebook. I messaged him there, since he is not responding to comments or messages on Kickstarter in reasonable time.

    7. Damon English

      Now that I think about it I've gotten way better at avoiding lemon projects. Out of the 440 that I have backed, there are 15 that I would describe as failures.

      Origami wood lamp series
      Limited Edition Translation of Osamu Tezuka's "The Crater"
      Digital City Series - The Book
      Princess Lucinda graphic novel
      Paper Knight's Story
      Myth and Magic Players Guide
      American Dark Age
      Amaranthine Project Book 1
      The Written World
      The Last Sleeper
      Quantum Roleplaying Game
      Last Class Heroes
      Avant Gore Couture

      About $1101 dollars of disappointment...

    8. John Morrow

      Why is the goal $10000?

      "With that goal, we have enough game to face a first demand, distribute it to retailers, and MAYBE present it to bigger game publishers."

      You got more than $34K. And since 2011 you couldn't deliver on your promise to your backers. Do the right thing and either produce the game or issue refunds to those who did not receive copies.

    9. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      I think I have learned my lesson. This project, Lima, Zeyez, HP Lovecraft's Wonderland all immediately spring to mind as projects I got scammed by -- and not once has Kickstarter bothered to help resolve anything.

    10. Damon English

      Well, I guess getting two out of thee dice for 7 bucks isn't too bad. I really wanted that Olympus to go with my Parsec and Underwater.

    11. James Weeks on

      Hey Jason, I'm already talking with a buddy of mine that is a lawyer, hes going to look into this based on consumer protection and the possibility of a class-action suit. I'll let everyone know if anything comes of that with a post on here.

    12. Jason Christopher Faught on

      I have no money to sue, but if any of us knows how to start something like a class action suite ( if that can be done) I will join it.

    13. Brent Cerrato on

      How do we get a refund?

    14. James Cowling on

      Remember, folks, you have a contract with Convert. Whether he declares the project dead or not, he is on the hook to you for product or a refund. I mean, you'll never get it, but you can always make his life difficult:

      1. Sue him in your own jurisdiction. Then have a collection agency collect what you paid in, plus costs.

      2. Complain to the US Postal Service; because he continued to sell product online while not sending product to people who'd already paid, that's fraud. And because it's by mail, it's mail fraud.

      3. The FTC Mail order Rule applies. Complain to them. He can be fined for every non-delivery.

      He's responsible to you for the money he collected. This isn't some kind of separate box of cash apart from his home or car or game collection. If he needs to sell blood to pay you, that's what he needs to do.

      Your remedy is only limited if you choose to let it go.

    15. Jason Christopher Faught on

      But hey, it could be worse, I could have backed Anita Sarkeesian... :)

    16. Jason Christopher Faught on

      Well, at least this was the only project I ever got totally screwed on... out of 32 backed, that's not bad at all. Being out 100 hurts more now than it would have if I'd just been told it was a wash after China screwed us. Feel like we were all just strung along needlessly for three years.

    17. Missing avatar

      knowcat on

      Never received any dice. I put myself low on the priority list. Clearly that was a mistake. As was backing this project at all.

      Fortunately, there are other projects on Kickstarter that are well run.

    18. Lisandro Gaertner on

      Never received my set

    19. Jason Saldana on

      Pledged for two sets and the ability to "adopt" a future die. Got one set after much e-mail writing (which I sold on eBay after having long lost interest) and never got the second set. At least I got something...

    20. chuck bird on

      Tristan sucks. A lot.

    21. Allan Frouvne Knudsen

      I don't care so much about the game I never received anymore. What I do care about is Tristan being so disrespectful to his backers that he don't come up with any answers for us.

    22. Shijuro

      Last year when he was bothering to respond he claimed he was diligently sending them out a set at a time and working through the list of backers.

      Has any backer actually received dice? Please, if you backed this and actually received something mention it here.

    23. Toby Frith on

      Spent $50 on this. Never saw anything from it. A F%%%ing joke.

    24. Missing avatar

      Warren Sistrom

      The almost funny thing there still is a web store. All dice are out of stock but you can still order a dice age dice pouch. Would be funny if I was not so angry with this scam.

    25. AndyCox on

      I'd love to play this game some day. If only some asshole hadn't taken my money and run off with it...

    26. Jeff Nurkiewicz on

      As the 4th GenCon has passed since this project ended and I met Tristan while demo'ing the game I backed in 2011, my patience with this project has now 100% run out. I have literally spent 10% of my life waiting in vain for something that will never come. The fact that he has essentially disappeared is rather disappointing / disturbing. He's still logging into his BGG account too (it currently reports his last login as 2014-08-05), so he's still around watching. Watching what, I'm not sure. Maybe he has some kind of fascination with the growing "mob" of people starting to rail against him and this project (I was happy enough to give every single one of his games a "1" rating and warn people NOT to give this guy ANY money as he has obviously stopped fulfilling any KS backer orders - has ANYONE from this KS gotten their pledge this year?). Hell, years ago, I would have even placed an additional order IF it had meant I got my original KS pledge reward / order as well. Now all I can do is just take my *stolen* $100 and translate it into taking $100 worth of frustration out on this project turned tragedy turned scam / theft. Personally I'd be completely embarrassed and ashamed and working my butt off triple time to do the best to fill it or refund it if a project I had failed. It looked like that he initially was trying to do that, and I was even then trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but that seems to be at an end too. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Tristan even has enough respect to acknowledge his failed project and product and backers any longer, and that's really sad, and anger inducing.

    27. Missing avatar

      James McIlhargey on

      This was my first kickstarted, pledged for two dice sets, and I got burned. This is very disappointing.

    28. H Lynnea

      I find it incredibly disappointing that Tristian has logged in as recently as June 1st, but we've had no update in over a year.
      When I first backed this project, Kickstarter did have on their FAQ that a pledge is a pledge, not a preorder, and there was no promise that the pledged-for rewards would ever materialize. That has since changed. Now there are clear expectations in the Kickstarter TOS, Now legal authorities are starting to get involved. And the longer a project goes without communication, the more inclined I become to start seeking some sort of legal remedy.

    29. Missing avatar

      Tim Collett

      I have to admit I am disappointed. I was originally willing to defend Tristan and wait things out until he was able to provide the dice to everyone has originally planned. Heck, I even posted on here defending him to a degree.

      The problem is he can't just disappear. As states are now seeing and acting upon, you can't just take money from Kickstarter and not provide some sort of product and/or refund (yes, I know I felt differently about this but clearly the law sees things in the above manner).

      It is unfortunate there is no communication or anything at this time while still he is trying to sell his product through his website. If he needs money by selling dice to make more, then that is fine...he just needs to say. Tell the people that haven't gotten their dice (like myself) some answer.

      I wrote to him on January 9, 2013 and he was polite enough to write back. He said he would work on getting me the dice in February of 2013. I never heard from him again. I even moved and sent a change of address and haven't heard anything. As another person said, it is time to man up, take the beating, and get this figured out.

    30. Missing avatar

      squarerootofpi on

      Has anyone received anything lately? I know someone mentioned in April 2014 that they received their dice sets about a year earlier, but haven't seen anything newer since then. Any word from Mr. Convert about the state of affairs for the kickstarter backers? Is there a different social media site I should check in on for more frequent updates?

    31. John Morrow

      Any news?

    32. Dale Reed on

      That court case is interesting, it at least shows kickstarter creators ARE legally bound to provide the items once the pledge goal is reached. Which a lot of people on here always argue about (it's a pledge, no guarantee's etc). I've had several pledges amount to naught and not done much about it, it's probably still going to be difficult given you'd have to start up a class action suit, but it's nice to know that you've at least got the threat of that to maybe make people think twice about starting campaigns up without really having the knowledge, capability or in some cases I think intention, of actually completing the campaign and producing the pledge rewards.

      For me, if there are updates and at least the project admin has done everything, and has kept everyone up to date, then I'm comfortable, if not happy, with the loss. In this case I find it frustrating that Tristan has basically disappeared, is not communicating, but is still selling the dice online. I can appreciate he's probably pretty upset and embarrassed, but still, kind of tough, man up and hold yourself up to your responsibility. Even if he were to come on and say, it's all over, I'd feel happier, rather than this constant wondering if anything is happening and whether the dice will ever turn up.

    33. Missing avatar

      squarerootofpi on

      Is it too much to ask for more updates? It doesn't have to be epic, just a paragraph or two letting us backers know what is going on and when, if ever we might receive our rewards? it's been over a year since the last update!

    34. Missing avatar

      christophyr on

      There are never any answers, but I guess I'll try again for the 3rd anniversary of this unfulfilled project: Please post the list of who hasn't gotten a game yet, and the order in which you plan to satisfy them (I recommend using the order in which they pledged). Then, please send out monthly updates of how many games you've sent to these people--even if that number is zero--so we can have some sense of when if ever we are likely to get our games. [Posted by backer 179 out of 526.]

    35. Missing avatar

      Warren Sistrom

      Three years ago this seemed like a big project with lots of backers. Now it seems there are so few of us and it raised a tiny amount of money. But sometimes I still get sad that I never received any thing from this project and probably never will :(

    36. Peter Vigeant on

      It's almost time for our yearly update!

    37. Missing avatar


      Just read the article, guess where this campaign is going. I think Tristan damn well better be worried!

    38. Missing avatar

      Eric Johnson

      I just saw the article as well... and wondered if anyone had mentioned it here. It really looks bad that Tristan is selling the dice on his site, but not fulfilling the KS pledges.

    39. Peter Vigeant on

      Just saw that article, Steve (! If I was Tristan, I would worry... I know Chicago has made a big stink about Kickstarter fraudsters as well.

      No updates. No apologies. No nothing. It's disrespectful.

    40. Missing avatar

      Martin Appleton on

      An update once a month with an indication that something is still happening, that something is getting sent out occasionally to backers would be better than what we have at the moment.

      It's okay that someone has real-life stuff that goes on - I think none of us have the expectation that Tristan is working day and night filling molds, but it's hard to feel motivated to encourage anyone to buy into Dice Age when as a backer you don't even get token information about what goes on.

    41. SpinDisc on

      I am not here to defend Tristan, I just wanted to say that I got my two sets and the newer Bue Tide set about a year ago (and a t-shirt). I think the dice are genius and I'm sad not all of you have had the chance to play with them yet.

      Most of the money went away to the Chinese manufacturer who did not return any of it when Tristan wanted to pull off after they did not meet their promised expectations (see update #54).

      It boiled down to Tristan molding and painting the dice (about 12-14.000) himself. And to be able to afford it he basically have to sell a set to finance a Kickstarted set. That's why they are available online and on conventions.

      I guess he needs a life too in between moulding and painting but I hope he is still working away. Anyway, I would love to see an update myself. I know Tristan had lots of more ideas for Dice Age so I really want him to shape up, find a production partner to fulfill this Kickstarter and then focus on more nice dice.

      As I said, it's a wonderful game and the dice are so cool.

    42. Quentin Schiavone on

      Are you still there?

    43. Missing avatar

      Juan Muchos Jarros on

      i hesitate to post this. i mean, there's a lot of anger here & since tristan isn't around i'll probably get kicked for saying this, but: i don't feel particularly cheated. okay, i'm out a hundred bucks (yes, i was stupid enough to sign up for 2 sets) and i'm pretty sure i'll never see these dice in my lifetime. but that's the nature of funding a startup. sometimes the startup is run by business-savvy guys who have considered every angle, lined up every obligation, and just need a few thousand to get things rolling.

      and sometimes it's started by a madman with a wonderful idea who does a little investigation, maybe finds himself the victim of a huckster and loses his shirt. okay, OUR shirts. if i recall, a manufacturer was lined up, but they turned out to be less than honest, and tristan chose to try for the perfect manufacturer rather than settling for the marginal one. it probably seemed like a valid call at the time, but in the end the money was frittered away and he's got a few hundred angry people throwing shade on him.

      if anything, he's guilty of the same thing a lot of artists are: wanting his vision to come into this world perfected, and falling into ruin trying to make it happen (see: NeXT). so i lost a hundred bucks. but if tristan were to come up with a fantasitcally mad new idea and asked for a little cash to get things rolling, i'd...okay: i probably wouldn't fall for it again. but i'd wait to see how it came out and root for things to work out this time.

    44. Peter Vigeant on

      I would love a refund so I can buy a game to play with my friends.

    45. Jonathan Jordan

      Seriously, I posted a comment in July of last year. Nothing. No response, no message, no update, no dice. Where the hell is my copy of this, or a refund on my money?

    46. Missing avatar

      James McIlhargey on

      Nearly three years and I have yet to receive my dice either.

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