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HUNG JURY is an artist-curated show of 12 men. Help to support independent art shows in Boston!

Hi, my name is Susan Metrican, and I'm an artist living in Boston.  I am currently an MFA candidate at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  I'm curating a show of twelve great artists who make really exciting work.  Artists in the show include peers and faculty from MassArt as well as other artists that I've been following for years--check out to see links to the artists' websites.  I have found an amazing space for the show, one that's large enough to give the work the space that it needs and is also located in an area of Boston that I think has a lot of potential to become a dynamic neighborhood.  In order to make it all happen, I need to fund the basic expenses of the space, transportation of artwork, etc.  And while I'd be happy to pay for all of this out of pocket if I could, the reality is that I'm a broke graduate student!  I'm really excited about this project and hope we can make it work!  See the artists in HUNG JURY and show your love!  Thank you very much for your help! Please check out the HUNG JURY website and share this with your friends!

HUNG JURY Serves a Purpose!

As an artist, I realized that I require a few things from the city that I choose to live in.  I need a place to show my work and view the work of other young artists, and I need to consistently see work that I can relate to and that I think is GOOD!  I need a community of artists, musicians, poets, writers, and other creative folk to mingle together and make things happen.  Boston is currently lacking in some of these major requirements for most artists, and even though hundreds of artists each year are graduating from the many MFA programs here,  there aren't enough resources or incentives for people to hang around.  I actually think this could change!  I was shocked at how easy it was to connect with real-estate brokers and building owners, discuss this project them, and be shown ten spaces that fit the description of what I was looking for.  One thing that people may not realize about Boston, when they discuss the state of the current contemporary art scene, is that most folks here are very receptive to someone who wants to make something happen!   (They may just be in another part of town.) 

This show for me serves a few purposes--I can curate a show of work that I want to see up, I can support these artists and help to get some exposure to their work, and I can find out exactly what it takes to pull something like this off!  What's exciting, too, is that by getting other people involved, other organizations, I can see that it goes beyond me and enters into the realm of community.  The neighborhood where the show will take place in North Boston is in desperate need of some life and activity beyond a Bruins game.   For them, this show means a lot because it has the potential to increase the much needed foot traffic there.  As I see it, everybody wins!

Donate One Hundo and Receive a Limited Edition Print!  You Choose!

Ryan Arthurs, Untitled (Encounter #1), digital print, 2012.

Dan Boardman, Untitled, Digital Print, 2011

Sean Downey, Untitled, Engraving, 6 x 6 in, 2011.

Carlos Jiménez Cahua, Sun(spots) 1, Archival Inkjet Print, 2012.


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