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12 days in a town devoured by plague. It's an enemy you can't kill. It's a game where you can’t save everyone
12 days in a town devoured by plague. It's an enemy you can't kill. It's a game where you can’t save everyone
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Making Tragedian

Posted by Ice-Pick Lodge (Creator)

Hello everybody, I hope you are well. This is the Wednesday issue of Pathologic Kickstarter Updates, presented by me: Gabriel-Meethos.

There is a peculiar kind of anxiety known as Pediophobia. A vapid, colourless word used to describe the sickening trepidation that some people succumb to whenever they see a remotely anthropomorphous mannequin, regardless of whether it moves, talks or carries a bloodstained golf club. Atypical but not altogether surprising. There is something thoroughly execrable about the way they gawp.

Unlike most mannequins, crash test dummies have the decency to lack eyes. Still, each time I see one of those — and I often do — I find myself struggling to accept how vulnerable, how preposterously brittle its living prototype may once prove to be. Which brings me right back around to melting hard plastic.

Take a look at the picture above, please. Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT an inverted fencer. Rather then that, it is someone called the Tragedian. Formerly a thespian of no fixed abode, currently a city guide, he will soon see himself reproduced as a mannequin, born to entertain — or aggravate — those of you who have decided to go for TRAGEDY AROUND THE BEND or above. Importantly, the wretched little thing is not nearly tall enough to be mistaken for a human being. Better still, he measures just right to look proper gloomy — or likewise uplifting — on your bookshelf, your table, or whatever spot is the nearest whenever you are having your Eiswein with your Heidegger (or vice a versa).

As one would imagine, mannequin-making calls for a very particular kind of expertise so a specialist was commissioned. She is with us today, to allow us a glimpse of the technology involved and to share what her reasons for joining the project were. Please meet Julia, a real genius where high-density polymers are concerned and, arguably, the country's highest authority in Japanese-style doll jointed balls! Not sure if I got that right...

Julia Leshkevich (-Shelma-):

I’ve been haunted by the idea of a loose-limbed, life-like doll since I was a little girl. As a child I cherished a dream of a flexible plastic companion, able to take natural positions, one that would appear a real person to me. But an even greater dream of mine was to drag my favourite characters away from movie screens or book pages and keep them beside me – or, as one of greatest mystifiers once said, to materialize sensuous ideas. How could I then stay aside when I was offered to bring to life that extraordinary character. The doll will be based on the original model for the game, the source that I treasure. The colour, the proportions, the outline, the movements – all the traits will stay completely unchanged. I will only add some points of articulations. And holding this doll in your hands you will have no doubt that the real Tragedian has stepped out of your computer screen.

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    1. Esteri on

      Will these be available after the kickstarter is over? Will you produce maybe a smaller version? These are practically made for me (you could say I have the philia to the phobia) but... augh. As badly as I want Polyhedral Room and a Mister Bendy, I am in a situation where affording them is rather... not... entirely feasible.

    2. Ice-Pick Lodge 2-time creator on

      @Павел Гуров We plan it to be something like 40-50 centimeters (15-20 inches) tall.

    3. Pavel Gurov on

      What size is the doll approximately?

    4. Ice-Pick Lodge 2-time creator on

      @madGamer 3d model on the screenshots is a model from a game we changed to use it for a doll (you can see most noticeable changes on the "detached" shoulders).

    5. Ahmad Khan on

      Creepy and that's the way it should be!

    6. madGamer on

      The 3d model of tragedian its for the game or figurine?

    7. Danko on

      This is astounding! I wish I could afford the figurine pledge. The new tragedian model is great. I wonder if you're going to keep the running animation? :D

    8. Laputan Machine on

      I really like the exaggerated and overly-articulated poses of the Tragedian.

    9. Jesper on

      Dolls have always been creepy to me. You can't trust them with their fake smiles and vacant dead eyes. That's why I have xenomorph figures. >_>

      A great post! I like how they seem so weirdly agile in their movements.

    10. bonuswavepilot

      Oh man, that thing is magnificently creepy. Can't wait to see what Shelma can do with the tragedian...