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Ready Or Not, Here I Come
Ready Or Not, Here I Come
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Do's and don'ts



Knock-Knock is released (well, partly), but there are a lot more things to do. For example, we need to thank everybody for the overwhelmingly warm response our game has been met with. Come on, fellows! Where are all those who should be concerned with the dissimilarities between the original pitch and the game, with the mechanics being too weird (or too straightforward), with the story being garbled (or lacking, or pretentious)? In all fairness though, it's a great encouragement to read your kind words (and the words of those who didn't support our Kickstarter campaign and became interested later on). It's incredibly heartwarming. Perhaps if The Lodger knew so many people care for him, he would be less reluctant to open his mind. 

It also reminds us that there were, er, hiccups during our launch, so here we are with a glass of water to remedy some issues. 

1. As promised, we are ready to share some advice on the walkthrough — the "do's and don'ts" of the game. You are welcome to download it here: ENG / RUS

Now, you have probably expected us to share this obscure wisdom with you on release, but furry creatures of the forest can be really distracting... And it's not the only reason for the delay. See, one of the main features of Knock-Knock is the partial obscurity of, well, everything; you're not supposed to know exactly what to do right from the start — the whole point is that you never do. So we were wondering just how quickly the players would get it and whether they need our advice at all. We are pleased to see that yes, you are smart. You can indeed watch and listen. You've managed to crack most of the rules already — and would it really be wise of us to spoil the rest? So please take our "dos and don'ts" for what they are, and they are not a manual. Just advice and hints. 

2. There was a mistake in the art book, which we've fixed. You can download the fixed file via the link in your letter (the one you've received on release). If you've deleted the letter, please mail us at, we'll resend the link to you. (Or you can just keep the non-fixed version if you like; it's a historical artifact, after all.)

Enjoy the woods! (Or be amused at how The Lodger stubbornly doesn't want to enjoy them.) 

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    1. sinisterandroid on

      Wait, so does "of course you can" mean that there's something else you can do in this situation? Or that you "can" start over? :(

    2. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on

      @Brad The Special Premium was including in your download link.

    3. Missing avatar

      A J on

      On one of the last levels, the game crashes every single time about half way through. Usually when the camera zooms to another room and the lightning crashes... or sometimes when I climb up/down a ladder and arrive in a new room. I quite literally cannot progress through the game because of this bug. Frustrating as hell....

    4. Brad Dancer

      Working my way through the game, having some fun with it, enjoying its uniqueness- but need to spend more time with it. Question - $47 tier and the 'special premium' - any word there?

    5. Ice-Pick Lodge 2-time creator on

      Alligator, that's true. We really underestimated the importance of PR activity. Well, practice makes perfect. Now we're trying hard to fix this breach. Hiring a specialist would help, I think.

    6. Missing avatar

      Lubos Hanzik on

      The game is really good, but I think you guys should work on your PR. It seems to me that not too many people know this game is already out (or that it was even coming). I think sending a steam code to as many youtubers as possible would be good way to get this game more attention.

    7. J.R. Riedel on

      I think most of those occurred to me... But I haven't gotten very far. Sadly the game crashed on me and I haven't had the chance to try again since. :(
      And I'm not sure if it was the game, or the temperature in my house, but I was getting chills while playing.

    8. Ice-Pick Lodge 2-time creator on

      Of course you can, Steven.
      Do's and don'ts must help. I guess we should have sent them earlier.

    9. Steven Picard on

      I played through and got to the last level. On the last level time stands still so there is never anything I can do but exit to the woods where I just become crazy (and lose.) I've touched the handle and gotten all but page six of the diary (it gave me the others up to page 11.) Can I still beat the game from this level or do I need to start over because I missed something?

      Also, I like the game but would have liked to see a little more variety in activities and more ghosts (these additions would increase the replay value.) Besides that, however, I have enjoyed it and thought it gave a really good atmosphere.Good job.