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Ready Or Not, Here I Come
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Knock Knock PS4 Release

Posted by Ice-Pick Lodge (Creator)

Yesterday, Knock Knock arrived on PS4. It's a very important breakthough for our studio: the first Ice-Pick game on consoles ever!

Please don't buy it.

Not yet. Not if you live in Europe, anyway.

The thing is, due to certain complications, the current price of the game is thrice as high as we've planned. Regional prices are a very important matter—and the current price tag is simply unfair for certain economies. We've misjudged the flexibility of the PSN service, and now, as a compromise, we're working on lowering the PSN price of Knock Knock to €5 across all Europe. It will be updated on September, 18th.

We suggest you refrain from buying the game until then—it wouldn't make sense to pay more since we're unlikely to be able to provide you with additional benefits.

If you live in Europe, have already purchased the game, and feel unhappy with the price situation, please contact us at and we will try to figure out something.

The North American price of Knock Knock will remain unchanged, so you're welcome to try the PS4 Knock Knock experience right away.

Thank you for your attention and for the patience.

Waiting for PS4

Posted by Ice-Pick Lodge (Creator)

There were nineteen items in the archive... Wait. You already know that.  

Four years ago we recevied the e-mail; two years ago we released Knock Knock on PC. Days and months go by, but we still return to the Lodger's story time and again. We finally managed to let you wander the cabin on Android and iOS about a year ago. But that's not the end of it.

Knock Knock arrives on PlayStation 4 on September 10th. Our game designer Ivan insists that the new controller options will definitely serve to make the experience more vivid. You'll get the chance to find out if he's right soon!


Posted by Ice-Pick Lodge (Creator)


We've launched our next Kickstarter campaign today. We want to remake Pathologic, our first and probably most important game. Pathologic is a huge open-world adventure game about three doctors trying to fight an invisible enemy in a doomed town. 

That enemy is called the Sand Plague. 

Our Knock-Knock campaign was not without flaws, to say the least. Yet it's precisely what allowed us to make the game—Knock-Knock wouldn't exist if not for you. We'll be eternally grateful to the backer community not only for supporting our game, but also for being extremely kind to us during the campaign and allowing us to learn how to communicate better. We believe that we have indeed learned that. 

If you loved Knock-Knock but haven't tried Pathologic, it may be of interest to you. We've heard people say that it's the most ice-pick-y of all Ice-Pick games. If you're not interested though, please keep in mind that you were among those who helped us muster up the nerve to launch a huge campaign that would hopefully allow us to fulfill our dream. 

Thank you.

The Mobile Lodger

Posted by Ice-Pick Lodge (Creator)

Hey guys, do you want to know how Knock-Knock is doing? We're not even sure you do, but we're still going to share news with you since you're like a collective second parent to our precious little game.  

We've released it for iOS yesterday, and mobile devices really seem to suit Knock-Knock great. Now people can play it in their bed, in the woods, or during commuting. The Lodger's life has always been in your hands, but not quite this literally. And we'd really love to distribute some copies among our backers, but, alas, it's simply not possible (unlike Steam, Apple provides a very limited amount of developer codes). So we're just sharing the good news, awkwardly hinting that perhaps you've always wanted to buy the game you'd already backed once more? No? How about maybe as a gift for you friend? Still no can do? Well then. We would still be very thankful if you shared this information with those who may be interested.  

Hope you're still having fun and spooks with Knock-Knock from time to time.

Begone, DRM! Also fixes

Posted by Ice-Pick Lodge (Creator)

It seems that we've disappointed some of you by providing a not-really-DRM-free version to those who wanted it to be completely DRM-free. We want to apologize for that; it didn't occur to us that many people care about it that much. So it seems logical to fix this. We're glad to announce that the DRM-free version (i.e. the non-Steam one, the one you download directly from our servers) is now indeed absolutely DRM-free and doesn't require a key. (It's not like keys stop pirates anyway.) So if you just want your basic click-download-install routine with no third parties involved, you are now all set for it. Sorry once again, hope it wasn't too much of a stress. We would also like to add that this DRM-free version is freshly patched, so it's the best there is! You can also look through the list of fixes here.

Oh, and if some of your friends want a DRM-free copy of Knock-Knock, they can always purchase it on GOG.