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Stop worrying about the dangers of technology: we created a wristband to keep your baby protected and let you enjoy modern life. 

Say hello to BabyGuard.

 BabyGuard is the first wearable in the world designed to detect harmful electromagnetic radiation. Using light and vibrations, it will alert you every time you are too close to a source of invisible harm, adding a sixth sense to your wrist. You'll be able to spot invisible radiation and keep you and your baby at a safe distance from it.

What exactly does it protect me and my baby from?

Technology has made our lives easier, richer, more interesting.

Sometimes, this has come at a price: the ubiquitous nature of technology means that our bodies never get a break from exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
The most friendly devices, like a microwave oven or the smartphone you keep with you all the time, can generate a wavelength that overtime can have harmful effects on the human body.

Electrosmog is the collective term used for all the electromagnetic influences that are present in any given area. Four generations ago, all of the electromagnetic fields were harmless to us because they were either too weak to influence us or because they were life supporting, as for example, sunlight. However, with the development of electric power and all of its modern manifestations, our natural environment has evolved into a tightly woven, multiple radial network.
We are constantly exposed to such electromagnetic influences, because each molecule, each atomic particle, has an electromagnetic field. Invisible, inaudible and noticeable only for very few people, it has become a constant threat to our health.

Here are some web-articles about electrosmog-influence we shouldn't and cannot ignore:

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Summary of the dangers of electrosmog

Babies between 0-6 months are particularly exposed, since their fast-changing organism is more vulnerable to the dangerous effects of what is known as electrosmog. Growth restrictions, behavioural problems, and even an increase up to 80% in the risk of miscarriage have been associated to fetal exposure to radiation.

We wanted to create a solution that would use technology to protect against technology's own side effects. Something simple to carry and easy to use, that would create a sixth sense against invisible radiation, protecting future moms and in particular their babies.

 Where is radiation? 

Guard you and your baby

BabyGuard is a smart bracelet designed to alert expectant moms to dangerously high levels of electromagnetic radiation. This is particularly effective since in most cases standing at least 4 feet (1.2 meters) away from the source will reduce the wave intensity to a non-harmful level.

Once synced with the app, BabyGuard provides an overview of your day, so you can see your exposure levels and keep you and your baby safe.

Make your house a safe home

By keeping track of radiation exposure throughout your day, BabyGuard will give an overall assessment of how safe your home is, so you can make small changes to improve it if needed.

Small steps like switching the Wi-Fi off at night or positioning it away from bedrooms can go a long way towards improving your baby’s health. BabyGuard will put you on alert in case your home is heavily affected by electrosmog such as that coming from damaged electrical cables.

  • Wear it on your wrist
    Made of a soft and comfortable elastomer band, BabyGuard is with you alerting you to high radiation levels around you.
  • iOS and Android app
    The companion iOS and Android app helps you keep track of the "danger zones" you approach in your daily life, so you can take small actions to make your home healthier. You will also be able to set fitness goals to keep yourself motivated and healthy.
  • Fitness tracking
    Keep track of your daily activity, and stay healthy thanks to the fitness tracking function. And if you are making movements that can be potentially dangerous to your baby, the app will alert you with a nudge.
  • Radiation alerts
    Every time you and your baby are in danger, BabyGuard gives you a gentle vibration, and flashes its light to alert you. Sometimes, all it takes to keep your baby safe is to take a few steps back from the harmful source.
  • Safe Short-Range Low-Power Bluetooth
    We looked for a way to sync the data that was both practical and safe, so we decided to use short-range bluetooth to keep you safe and motivated.
  • 7-Day battery life
    With a full-week battery life, you don't have to worry about running out of power.

Stay active

Thanks to its built-in fitness tracker, BabyGuard also promotes a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, encouraging expectant moms to set fitness goals, but also to monitor their activity to avoid fatigue.

The more active and fit you are during pregnancy, the easier it will be to adapt to your changing shape and weight gain. It will also help you to cope with labour and get back into shape after the birth. Exercise is not dangerous for your baby – there is some evidence that active women are less likely to experience problems in later pregnancy and labour. 

And if you are doing any sudden movements that might be harmful to your baby, BabyGuard will alert you right away.

We designed BabyGuard to be an everyday object. The different colors available for the straps let you personalize it, and the comfortable material used will create a great tactile experience that will make wearing BabyGuard a pleasure. The internal components were selected to detect harmful radiation, without generating another source of danger. Because of this, we selected only the essential electronics, meticulously picking the ones that wouldn't generate any harm, such as our low-power Bluetooth chip.

We can't wait for you to wear it on your wrist.

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Risks and challenges

Thanks to the early support and interest our project received, we are currently very close to delivery. All components are already sourced, our selected manufacturer has already produced test units for us, and our custom molds are ready. All we need is your help, to reach the minimum order quantities needed for our manufacturer to start producing the first batch of BabyGuard. Help us make the world a safer place for new moms and their babies!

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