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New Spells, Buildings, and Characters bring direct PvP action into the fantasy-themed resource management card game, Legends of Draxia
New Spells, Buildings, and Characters bring direct PvP action into the fantasy-themed resource management card game, Legends of Draxia
156 backers pledged $7,832 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      @Mike O. - Sorry for delayed response! We are working on getting a properly formatted picture now. :)

    2. Mike O. on

      Quick question. The Dragon Slayer Character goal was unlocked by the end of the campaign. Any chance we can get a preview of the artwork like we did for the merchant? Thanks in advance.

    3. Mythica Gaming 2-time creator on

      @Mike Smalley

      I would be happy to have a beer with my backers if they find me at a convention, assuming I have the time. Conventions can get pretty crazy sometimes.

      Jimmy Sanders, lead game designer

    4. Mike Smalley

      Free beer and pizza!

    5. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      The update is up! Don't forget to tell us, if we could make any announcement, what would you want it to be?

    6. Mike Smalley

      Thank you! Reply sent.

    7. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      @Mike Smalley - We've sent you an email about your pledge.

      We'll be posting an official update later today!

    8. Mike Smalley


      Also I would like to upgrade my pledge.

    9. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      IT IS FINISHED! We want to give a big thank you to everyone who supported this project, we wouldn't be here without you!

      Stay tuned for more updates as we get this game ready for release!

    10. Mythica Gaming 2-time creator on

      @Chris and John. I am glad to hear both of your experiences have been so positive. My primary goal when designing Legends of Draxia was to create a game that could bring people together. It is good to hear that my game is becoming part of family game night.

      Jimmy Sanders, lead game designer

    11. Chris Postema on

      I believe I was in your first demo of this at GrandCon, and promptly bought the core game there. You may recall I was the one who misinterpreted my character whose goal was to horde resources (as in cards, not buildings that produce resources). Glad to see this reached 7K. My wife enjoys this game, so we are on board for more content. :)

    12. Missing avatar

      john bauer on

      Just wanted to say that it was a pleasure meeting Jimmy and Burt at Archon, this past weekend. I honestly would never had thought that my sons would see a game, try a game, and love a game as much as they love your's. I can't wait for the expansion. Oh, and I mentioned to Burt, but it would be pretty cool to have some of the artwork, of the monsters, available for sale from your site as well. I know my son was hoping to get an artwork of the Wraith but thought that the Cleric was just as cool. Thanks again and good luck.

    13. Mythica Gaming 2-time creator on

      @Ashley I apologize for not answering sooner, I have been demoing games at a convention all weekend. I am sorry you feel that I have ignored the original kickstart backers, but I think you are confused about what the 2nd edition is, and what is included with the expansion. First of all, the second edition of Legends of Draxia is in a larger box with a rule book and purely cosmetic changes to some of the cards. Whether you have the first or second edition will have zero impact on your game's ability to be played with the expansion. In response to the "two loose deck boxes" comment, that is entirely wrong. The expansion will come in a box large enough to fit both the expansion cards AND the base cards in it. I personally care a great deal about my Kickstart backers, and despite being a small, independent, self-publishing company I strive to produce a quality product everyone can enjoy.

      Jimmy Sanders, Lead Game Designer

    14. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      We're less than $200 from unlocking the exclusive Dragon Slayer character

      LET'S DO THIS!

      Don't forget, naming rights are still available for the Dread Knight!

    15. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      We're so close to unlocking the dragon slayer! Can we do it by the end of the night?!?

    16. ashley

      there really should be some sort of pledge level for those unfortunate people that backed your original project and now are stuck with a deck of cards and no box or other 2nd edition stuff. especially since you intend to continue to release expansions I get that games will always evolve and need to be updated, which is a good thing. but its pretty common practice to make an option available so as to not punish the people that originally supported you. an option that keeps their game on par with all the new stuff and lets them feel good about backing your projects when they come out without being worried about getting a subpar copy. I just don't feel that way about this. I want to back but the first edition of the game I that I got for backing your guys last time is not worth what I paid for it and I cant even trade it. and if I buy this expansion ill just have 2 loose deck boxes and the cards wont match the expansion cards as far as the card layout goes. so im going to pass on this and im just not going to collect the stuff from this game, like I do most of the games I have.. I just don't feel like im getting a good deal, and not just for kickstarter but in general. (52 cards for like 30 bucks is just quite steep). good luck im glad your project is funded

    17. Mythica Gaming 2-time creator on

      @Aaron Stahlke I am glad to hear you had a memorable time talking with me at Gen Con last year. The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that my games have had a lasting impact on people.

      Jimmy Sanders, lead game designer

    18. Missing avatar

      Aaron Stahlke on

      Really looking forward to this! I met the designer (sorry, I'm terrible with names!) with my girlfriend, at Gen Con in 2016, sat down and learned to play with him, and got to talk to him about some other things, as well. Excited to see this project!

    19. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      @Wakle Skade: So glad to have you back!

    20. Wakle Skade

      I am back for round two! Thank you for the last email, because I totally almost missed backing this!

    21. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      @Paul, apprentice mage:
      Yes indeed! All backers will receive a survey at the end of this campaign asking for their vote on the next expansion!

    22. Paul - apprentice mage, AGL 589 on

      Will there be another vote on which one will be next?

    23. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      @Frank Schirmer: Jimmy (our lead game designer) says "Oceanic/Pirate, High Magic, and Mercenary/Boss Monster, not necessarily in that order. Each expansion will extend and change the gameplay - they are not just additional card decks."

    24. Missing avatar

      Frank Schirmer on

      Are you able to tell us what theme/style the other three expansions will be?

    25. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      @David Breuer: The lull in the middle of a longer campaign is common and expected. For example, in the first LoD kickstarter we received 1/3 of our total backers and funding in the last 3 days of a 60 day campaign. Many people sign up for notifications of campaigns that are ending and pledge right before the close.

      We consciously chose a longer campaign (risking the impression of a stall) so we could promote at conventions we have been attending between the opening and October 2.

      In the meantime, the most important piece of a grassroots campaign for small companies like ours is for our fans and supporters to help us spread the word: promoting Legends of Draxia and the Expansion Kickstarter link to their own networks, as well as Liking, Posting, and Sharing our facebook posts - reaching a far larger audience than we could ever reach on our own.

      We would love to see those stretch goals reached sooner than later as well. Anything you can do to help make that happen is so very much appreciated!

      Special thanks to each of our current backers who believed and supported early instead of late. We can't do this without you!

      The Mythica Gaming Team

    26. David Breuer on

      This KS Campaign started off strong and then somehow fizzled out?? Why is that? I loved backing the original game....hoping that this campaign will pick up some steam soon. (Fingers Crossed as I would like to see the 2 boards Stretch Goal reached!!)

    27. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      @Patrick Fjeld: I agree! Let's get that next stretch goal!

    28. Patrick Fjeld

      The original ended up being a lot of fun, so I am in for the expansion. Let's get the word out!

    29. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      @Paul, we're glad you like it, and appreciate your support!

    30. Paul - apprentice mage, AGL 589 on

      I played this game at ValorCon 2016, and I'm pleased to back the expansion.

    31. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      So glad to hear from a playtester! I totally agree, the more characters the better! We still have plenty of time to reach the next stretch goal. I think we can do it! :)

    32. Missing avatar

      124mm10 on

      Love your guys game, I have been looking forward to this expansion since I was able to play a test version at ACEN a couple of years ago. Really hope we are able to make it to the second stretch goal, I would love to have another new character to play with.

    33. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      @ashley The base game costs $25 and the expansion costs $20. If we make our $15,000 stretch goal, the kickstarter expansion will include 2 game boards: one for the base game and one for the expansion, as well as some specialty cards.

      The 2nd edition contains some updated art, adjusted fonts on some words, and a rulebook instead of the small rules cards in the original game. The game hasn't changed. It isn't necessary to buy a new base game. If you pledge just the Expansion you will have everything you need to play the Expansion, and can continue to play the base game with or without the Expansion.

      If you want a new base game with the enhancements, you can either pledge the $45 base game and expansion, or pledge for the expansion here and purchase the 2nd edition of the base game directly from Amazon (if you live in the US). It's not financially possible to give all first edition purchasers a free copy of the 2nd edition, and a 2nd edition is not necessary to play the expansion.

      I hope that answers your questions!

    34. ashley

      and im assuming the expansion will all be second edition stuff?

    35. ashley

      so its 30 bucks for 52 cards? and since I supported you in the first kickstarter theres not an upgrade pack to update my game with the newer stuff. because right now it seems it would be better to wait for the second edition of this game or to not fool with it all together. I liked the base game ok but was expecting more than just a deck of cards for the price so is there anything I can do to upgrade my set beside buy a whole new one (putting me at around 60 for 52 cards)

    36. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      @Mike O.
      We've been looking forward to this as well! Very excited to get this out to the fans :D

    37. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      @gonzalo, the playmate will continue to be sold separately :)

    38. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on


      The SG Game Board will be a game board included in the packaged game for everyone, even post-Kickstarter. It is not a Kickstarter exclusive. We want to include a board in the package since it really improves game play. The playmat is an upscale version of the board that will come with the game (assuming stretch goals let us afford to include a board).

      Mythica Gaming, LLC

    39. Mike O. on

      I've been looking forward to this since playing the early test copy last year. Good luck, Mythica crew! It's looking good for the first stretch goal. I'm personally rooting for that one.

    40. Gonzalo Hernan Ortego

      Hi! the SG "Game Board" will be the playmat? It would be an addon or free?

    41. Mythica Gaming 2-time creator on

      @Leafblowerman, there are 2 new characters, 2 new buildings, lead resources and 5 new spells which brings the total to 52 cards! However if we reach stretch goals kickstarter backers will receive exclusive characters and monsters!

    42. Missing avatar

      Leafblowerman on

      I guess I could have asked first but how many cards is this expansion? lol

    43. Kathryn, Media Coordinator Collaborator on

      @Pilamar I see you've already backed for the expansion and playmat. If you live in the US, the 2nd edition is available on Amazon. Or you could ask your local game store to carry us :)
      Thank you for your contribution!

    44. Pilamar on

      Question.. how can I get just the new playmat if I back with the base game (to get 2nd edition) and the expansion? I already have the old playmat. Unless the old one has been updated as well.

    45. Missing avatar

      Leafblowerman on

      2nd to post and 6th to back. Cannot wait for this expansion!

    46. David Breuer on

      First to post, Third to back...I'll take those numbers! Looking forward to this great campaign.