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If you've never been, you should! If you have, then you know - A-WOL's aerial outdoor theater is something to talk about. Check it out!

If you've never seen Art in the Dark, you should. If you've seen it before, then you know! You know how much effort and attention goes into taking a dirt ground and tree covered area and turning it into a theater under the stars. Riggers hang cables and over 20 pieces of aerial apparatus from the trees, five stages are built, a lighting producer designs, plots and focuses over 100 theater lights, and bleachers and risers are set up for the audience to find seats on. This is no easy task folks! Not to mention the 11 dancers, 2 artistic directors, hundreds of hours of rehearsals, costume making, music mixing, planning sessions, stage managers, 30+ show volunteers and more it requires to bring the whole show together! Phew! 

So you get the picture right? With all this effort comes a big budget - big enough to pressure us into asking for your help. We've been granted a small reward from the Regional Arts and Culture Council (they believe in us and that makes us proud!) and we know we sell tickets every year, but every year we also run short on funding and our dancers are the ones who take the hit! After 8 years of going at this on our own, we want to be secure this year! We've cut corners in the past by not being able to pay the performers, scrimping on new rigging gear, not being able to provide pay to extra administrative help that is required, relying on word of mouth rather than "real" advertising and so forth. 

Here's your chance! Jump in and be a part of A'WOL's signature production. And when the show rolls around in August, you're feathers will puff out with pride that you were a part of our success! 

VERY IMPORTANT: Kickstarter funding only works if we reach our goal!!! Otherwise... we don't get any $$$. So make sure you donate, now, please, pretty please, with sugar on top. Thank you. 

Script from our video:

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…

Welcome to A-WOL Dance Collective- where up, down, and around we've been taking dance to a whole new level- Aerial Without Limits... but *with* skills, stunts, and sass!

Now, we're ready to break new ground- adding a big twist to our most popular event- BIG enough to TOP all the rest! It's time to bring on the CIRCUS!

But we need YOU to help kickstart our celebratory "Art in the Dark" performance in the park so we can safely and securely master the ceremonies (and costs) ahead!

Since starting out on a shoestring budget in elementary school gyms, we've ballooned in size and numbers and space, performance, and students! And we've learned art can be expensive… with heat, lights, equipment, permits, promotion, costumes… plus transforming a dirt plot into a theater spot!

Just meeting the minimum, our budget can feel like it's spinning out of control! Sometimes, it forces us to cut corners like food, advertising, promotion, and paying the performers!

But YOU can make our show fly!

Come one… come all!

Come and toss your hat in the ring to see that the circus comes to P-town!

Let's all go A-WOL- Aerial Without Limits!


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    Thank you! Every last cent counts when it comes to making a production happen!

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    A big thank you! We'll list you on our website as a donor AND we'll send you a flashy A-WOL sticker to display your support on your water bottle, laptop, car or forehead!!

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    We'll send you a handmade A-WOL keychain and we'll list you as a donor on our website! Not to mention the virtual hug you'll receive from US to YOU.

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    Thanks a million! You've just helped cover the cost of the pulleys needed for one of our many hanging points in the trees! Just for that... we'll send you an A-WOL sticker, plus a handmade A-WOL keychain, plus a cd of our favorite A-WOL music mix. (plus of course we'll list you as a donor on our website!)

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    Whoa! Thanks so much! Just for that, we'll send you a framed, signed by the dancers, photo of one of our very favorite A-WOL images! And just think, you just covered the cost of the rope required for one of the many hanging points in the park! (plus of course we'll list you as a donor on our website!)

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    Aw shucks! That's totally awesome of you! What we can do with $250... this helps cover the cost of our stage manager or it helps cover the cost of paying our amazing dancers or the cost of a beautifully crafted costume! We'll send you a pair of premium seats to our show, plus all the above rewards. Wow! (plus of course we'll list you as a donor on our website!)

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    Oh my stars! This is amazing! 500 bucks affords us a new piece of aerial equipment, or it helps in covering the cost of paying our performers. In return, we offer you a set of premium seats to all of the A-WOL shows over the next 12 months plus an invitation to a fancy lunch date with our director! (plus of course we'll list you as a donor on our website!)

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    You rock! We are speechless... This pretty much covers the cost of renting a huge boom lift to hang all of our equipment in the trees! Thanks!!! And for that... we'll list you as a donor on our website and we'll hold a private dinner picnic party for you and 5 of your friends during our production rehearsal in the park.

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    Unbelievable! Guess what you get for being the greatest ever?! We will offer a PRIVATE Art in the Dark show for you + 20 friends to attend during our production rehearsal week. (this is you and 20 people watching our show, by yourselves, with fancy beverages and treats)

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