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Schnittmuster nie mehr drucken, kleben oder abpausen | No printing and taping of sewing patterns - just transfer with Augmented Reality
Schnittmuster nie mehr drucken, kleben oder abpausen | No printing and taping of sewing patterns - just transfer with Augmented Reality
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Pattarina is an AR-app that lets you transfer sewing patterns from the mobile onto the fabric. No printing, taping or copying of sewing patterns.

Posted by Nora Baum und Markus Uhlig (Creator)
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Pattarina. The sewing pattern app 

The first app that lets you transfer sewing patterns directly from your mobile onto the fabric. No printing, taping, cutting or copying of sewing patterns ever again! ♥

Help us finalize the development of Pattarina for iOS and Android. Thanks a lot.

Save time, paper, and nerves - with Pattarina

80% of all people who love sewing dislike the pattern preparation most. No surprise - who likes to copy patterns from large magazine folds, or likes to print and tape pages together for hours and hours?

You know what we are talking about? 

Then Pattarina is for you. 

The Pattarina app will show you the pattern pieces with the help of Augmented Reality in your mobile screen. Holding your phone over the fabric, you just transfer the virtual lines directly onto the fabric. 

Never ever print and tape or copy sewing patterns! 

The end of the pattern mess 

With Pattarina, you do not need to sort your patterns after sewing, and no piece will ever get lost again. All patterns are neatly organised in the app.

Pattarina is for all sizes

In the Pattarina app, all sizes of a pattern are just one click away. Especially if you make clothes for your kids, you know the pain: Each time your kid has grown, all the printing, taping or copying starts again. But not with Pattarina: You can switch to other sizes with one click - and can quickly sew your kid's favourite piece, in  a new size. 

This is how it works  

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1. Lay out your fabric

Put the fabric on a table and make it lay flat. If the fabric moves a lot, use sewing weights. 

2. Place the anchor on the fabric

You need an anchor to help the app calibrate. The anchor is a small picture that you can print at home. Put the anchor on the fabric, and make sure the fabric still lays flat. You can fix the anchor with a small piece of tape. 

3. Choose a piece

Choose the first piece in the app, hold your mobile over the anchor and wait for the piece to appear on your screen.  

4. Position the piece 

You can position the piece either by moving the anchor on the fabric or with gestures on the screen. 

5. Transfer

Now use a fabric pen and draw the line that you see in your screen onto the fabric. You should always see the anchor through the screen.

6. Next piece

Once your are done with one piece, move on to the next. 

The patterns in Pattarina

You will be able to download Pattarina for free in the App Store or Play Store. A few trial patterns will be included. You can buy more patterns at our designer partners. We have transferred their patterns into the Pattarina format, and you will receive a QR code with the pattern, that allows you to activate it directly in the Pattarina app. 

With the help of the support from you lovely Kickstarter backers we aim to integrate many more patterns - by winning more designers and by automating the pattern extraction.

Next steps

We started developing Pattarina in May 2018. After 45 in-person user tests we started an official test in January 2019 with almost 1.500 downloads. The test was super exciting and we learnt a ton. Thanks to all testers and designers who supported us. 

To finish the app, we need your support! Pick a pattern package, the premium access to Pattarina for one year that will let you try out new features like alterations or flexible seam allowance first, or a combination of the two. Thank you.

Not a sewist, but it sounds cool? Become a Pattarina visionary 

Pattarina uses latest Augmented Reality technology to show the patterns on the fabric.  

That's kinda awesome, but you are not at all into sewing? 

On a more abstract level, Pattarina is about a precise transfer of virtual pattern information into the real world. This can be useful for a variety of tasks, including

  • Tiling
  • Wall decoration 
  • Drilling
  • Cake decorations
  • Woodworks
  • Applications
  • Leather cutting
  • Garden planning
  • ...

You can think of even more ways of using Pattarina, or want to support us tackling the next use case? Become a Pattarina visionary and help us reacht the next level with Pattarina. 

Your Pattarina team

I am Nora and I learnt sewing back when I was a child. When my kids were born, I re-discoverd sewing - like so many women do. Preparing a pattern was always the most nerve-wracking step for me. At the beginning of 2017 I hat the idea to project patterns onto fabric. After meeting my co-founder Markus, we realized that Augmented Reality would be a better choice. So we built the Pattarina app together. 

I have been working for the consultant firm McKinsey for nine years. Before that I studied sociolgy, political science and business studies, and made a PhD in the digitalisation of handicrafts. I love to spend time with my kids, my sewing machine, books, and in the garden. 

I am Markus and responsible for the Pattarina IT. Making the sewing preparation easier is something I enjoy so much that I recently startet sewing myself on my girlfriend's sewing machine. My first piece was a dinosaur costume.

I studied information and media technology and did research around computer vision and software visualisation. As an IT architect I have experiences in leading large software projects. In love table soccer, technology, and playing the piano.

Thanks a lot for your support. Kind regards,

Nora and Markus

Risks and challenges 

We started developing Pattarina a year ago with the help of a lot of user feedback and with amazing partners. Yet the project entails some risks and challenges. 

Challenges may arise on the technology side that we cannot fully see today. These challenges may delay the launch.

Content-wise, we may not be able to include enough patterns, either because we cannot convince enough partners to work with us, or because the extraction of the data takes too long. We have already built great partnerships to prevent this from happening. 

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