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A group of high-school game developers making Flash games. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 18, 2012.

A group of high-school game developers making Flash games.

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Fight Club Games

Fight Club Games is a student-led club that makes Flash games with other students. Our school is located around the Baltimore City area. Right now we are just getting started on our first mini-game, "Mr. Pigu Swings to the Moon," but we plan on making an amazing final project by the end of the school year. Right now we are making our Flash games on trial versions of Adobe Flash CS6, but we need something that can help keep us going beyond that 30-day trial time. That's where you come in.


To get the Education Edition of Adobe Flash CS6, $200 is required. That may seem like a small amount compared to other Kickstarter projects, but for us it is a lot. $5 or $10 could go a very long way for a project like this, but more importantly we would appreciate it if you could help by not only donating, but also getting the word out. If our goal is reached before the deadline the additional proceeds will go towards getting more copies of Flash for our group members so that we will be able to collaborate online with each other instead of sharing one copy at school. If, somehow, we raise even more money than that then the rest will go towards our website (see our video for more information).

Risks and challenges

We will have to learn AS3 as much as we possibly can before the end of this semester (this December) and we will need to sacrifice school time to finish creating our final game before the end of the school year (June; pretty far away from now). It is certainly possible, but how successful we are in the end will depend on your support.

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    You will receive a signed thank-you letter (in code-names) and get access to all of our mini-games as they are made (some may be published publically afterwards).

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    SPECIAL BONUS REWARD! In celebration of meeting our funding goal, we are adding this new reward. Pledge $10 or more and get everything else and get an 8-bit version of yourself (or a character you choose) in one of our games!

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