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Photographic road trip to capture Drive-in Movie Theaters before the cost of digital conversion darkens their screens forever.
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Carl Weese

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The Quest Continues

It's been busy. Kansas and Oklahoma were both productive. I'm now in Texas where I'm in touch with quite a few of the surviving drive-ins. I did a lot of coverage at the Graham theater in Graham, TX,  yesterday evening and will be heading for Gatesville today. From there up to Abilene. While I'm mostly working at the theaters or driving between them, I've been getting in a little shooting of other subjects. You can find a sampling of those at my Working Pictures blog, which is easily searched.

Here's another page of thumbnails of those recent theaters from Kansas and Oklahoma.

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    1. Creator Carl Weese on June 4, 2012

      William, the big thing is the forced conversion to digital projection. Theaters that can afford the switch are optimistic and looking forward to new capabilities, but for those who can't deal with the enormous expense of conversion the future looks bleak. For reasons known only to the industry, the "film" distributors are helping the multi-plex chains, even to the tune of 80% of the conversion costs, but refuse to give a penny of support to any drive-in theater.

    2. Creator William Collinson on June 4, 2012

      Carl, you're covering a lot of ground! It is amazing seeing both how many theaters you have uncovered as well as the enthusiasm that seems to exist out there on the road for your project. Who knows, perhaps a project such as yours will be a catalyst for a revival of the Great American Drive-In.

      Do you have a feel for how the operating theaters are doing (i.e. does there seem to be a trend of optimism or pessimism for the survival of their businesses)?