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Soccer 17 is a fun two Players soccer game with only 17 cards, in about 17 minutes.
Soccer 17 is a fun two Players soccer game with only 17 cards, in about 17 minutes.
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Team cards

Posted by Jack Darwid (Creator)

Team Cards

Team cards are an expansion for Soccer 17 where each country will have a unique strong point(s) to make the game more exciting. New players are recommended to play without the expansion first to learn the game, but after that they can use the expansion: each player chooses which country they want to play at the beginning of the game, then put the corresponding Team card near the field card so each Player can see each other's Team card. The action(s) written on the Team cards override the standard action on the Action cards.

When designing the Team cards, I want them to be simple to use since I don't want to complicated things. And to make the Team cards have good flavor, I try to make the Team cards according to each Team's known famous strength: Brazil for attacking, Netherlands for total football, Spain for tiki-taka, Germany for determination, Italy for defending, etc.

Here's a sample for Brazil's Team card. In opponent's Penalty Area, Brazil can make a Shot on Goal with Strength=2 after a successful PASS. This means if Brazil has 2 Stars they can Shot On Goal with a PASS or ONE-TWO, both with Strength=4! Other than that, with a successful PASS they can choose to get 2 Stars instantly.

It's powerful, but remember that to use Brazil's Team card's special, you need to enter opponent's Penalty Area first. And sometimes a player use the Team card action only as a bait. Do you think I will use my Team's special action? Take this ONE-TWO Shot on Goal instead!

With Team cards, the formula will be a bit different for each combination of teams to make the game fresh. And don't forget about tournament! Will Germany win again this time? Or at last after decades of waiting England will win? Let's start the Soccer 17 World Cup! (You can read about Soccer 17 tournaments in Update #5).

The Stretch Goal

First, let's talk about shipping. As we live in Indonesia and from our experience that the majority of backers are from Europe & America, as always the shipping cost is our number one enemy. We need to make the final package (the game, including the packaging) under a specific weight, because if we pass that limit, the shipping cost will go up a lot, sometimes almost doubled. So every game we made is very weight sensitive, and that's a nasty constraint. Sometimes the final weight is really on the max limit. The scale is our friend! Phew!

The first idea for the Team cards is: we want to give the basic game and the Team cards as a bundle, that's why we put the Team cards as stretch goals. You will get it all. But we can do this only if the result of this Kickstarter is quite high. Now we are dribbling forward in a fine speed, but it's still a question mark whether we will achieve another Team cards after the first two or not.

The problem: As some backers already said, only 2 Team cards will add a little to the game. We agree. 

Then some backers suggested that we make the Team cards as add-ons. We tried to calculate things in the last few days and now come with a plan.

The plan:

- We change the $5,500 stretch goal (no longer FREE 2 Team cards) with something important: to upgrade all cards thickness (including Team cards) to 310 grams. The cards will be more durable and feel good in hand, and that will be a $6,000 stretch goal. With a good push at the end hopefully we can reach that.

- The Team cards? We will make the Team cards as ad-ons, $6 for a pack of 8 different countries (I will take the top two from the Mini Game, and will consider the rest and playtests result). Worldwide shipping is included.

- The desired result? We can have a good push with this add-ons to print Soccer 17 and then reach the stretch goal: the better quality cards.

I'll wait for a day. If there's no problem with this, I will execute this plan quickly.


Meanwhile, here's the current top five of Team cards standings: 15 points - Germany, 10 - Brazil & USA, 9 - England, 4 - Spain.

Here's JD Games FB page, please like us.

An idea to to share the love today: think about TWO of your friends who likes micro / bluffing / casual games, then how about telling them to check out this written review , this video review, or the PbF.

Thank you for your great support.


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    1. Missing avatar


      Sounds great Jack just what is needed to get funds moving along. I'll definitely get the add on city cards
      Hope all is well with you

    2. Avri

      If all current backers add one Team pack at $6, we'd be over two thirds funded . . .

    3. UrukCat on

      Sounds great! :)

    4. Chooi

      Great idea, $6 added �

    5. Federico Galeotti on

      Wonderful news! Bring on the team cards add-on!

    6. Missing avatar


      The plan sounds good to me.