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Our goal is simple.  We want fresh produce to be accessible and affordable to everyone in Boston.
Our goal is simple.  We want fresh produce to be accessible and affordable to everyone in Boston.
Our goal is simple. We want fresh produce to be accessible and affordable to everyone in Boston.
316 backers pledged $32,108 to help bring this project to life.

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Fresh Truck Re-launch

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On September 15 we’re revving up our engines and hitting the road again—this time with valuable new partnerships, programs and a completely re’freshed’ look! This re-launch will be part of our renewed effort to play a critical role in Boston’s healthcare ecosystem, ensuring all Boston families have access to a reliable source of fresh nutritious food.

‘Our work over the last year has built the foundation for Fresh Truck to grow its impact and expand our reach across the city. Our new network of partners positions us to make fresh food an integrated part of community health in Boston and will fundamentally change the way that families shop, cook and eat.’ – Founder and Executive Director Josh Trautwein

Providing access to nutritious food has always been the focus here at Fresh Truck, but it’s only a part of our overall mission as an organization. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has signed on to back us as a community impact partner, providing funding and strategic support within the healthcare sector. Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan has committed funding in addition to supporting community outreach and the pilot of our Vegetable Prescription Program. Nate Solder, offensive tackle with the New England Patriots, is championing Fresh Truck as the newest add to our board of directors. Rounding out all of our big news we’ll be rolling out a new addition to our #freshfleet!

Our retrofitting partner, Building Restoration Services, is hard at work on retrofitting bus two, which will work in partnership with our community health network to host pop-up markets, cooking demos and other food-focused health activities. Our Weekly Market will begin on September 15, with ‘Fresh Stops’ in South Boston, Dorchester, Mattapan, Charlestown and East Boston, with more stops to be announced soon.

To celebrate the launch, we are hosting an event at our new base of operations Coppersmith Boston on October 1. Guests will have the opportunity to meet the Fresh Truck team, network with our supporters and hear more about what is next for Boston’s favorite fruit bus. This event is open to the public; tickets are $25 and cover food, drinks sponsored by Harpoon Brewery and Coppersmith, live music, and tours of both Fresh Truck buses. More information about the event can be found here.

With all our new partnerships, programs, and a new set of wheels, the Fresh Truck launch promises to be fruitful in every sense of the word!


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Hello Kickstarter backers!

Just wanted to provide a quick update on our end.   We have officially LAUNCHED! We had our opening day on July 11th at City Hall Plaza! Mayor Menino tweeted about it, which was really exciting!

Here are are few links about the launch: 

Boston Globe -

Northeastern News -

ONEin3 -

Pictures -

Josh and I also gave a TED talk at TEDxBoston in June on the subject of food access. Here's the link if you would like to watch it:

But most importantly, the reception has been great! Residents are excited, very happy with the prices, and we're already seeing a lot of repeat customers!  We are beginning to solidify our fixed schedule and have stops across Mission Hill, Dorchester, Mattapan, Roxbury, and Charlestown currently!!  

We are working on setting a date for the official launch party and will keep you posted!

Thank you everyone for your support! We are so excited to be on the road and making an impact on our mission!  

For more constant updates follow us at:


Keep it fresh,


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Hello everyone!!

Sorry for the delay in updates, it's been a crazy couple of months.  

We are excited to announce that the bus is 90% completed and will be finished by the end of next week!  All other operational aspects of the business are good to go and we are expecting to hit the streets JULY 8th!!  We have some awesome locations across the city and have established great partnerships with health and wellness groups in our target communities.  With our unique model, we will be pricing our products 20% lower than average grocery stores throughout the city!  One hospital is even helping to subsidize our prices an additional 20% lower in their locations!

We've been able to use the money we've raised very effectively.  Sherwin Williams was generous enough to donate all of the paint and Maaco painted the bus for FREE!  Our retrofitters, Boston Restoration Services, Fast Track Fabrication, and Red Door Builders, donated 100% of the labor!  It looks great!  Huge props to Igor for the design!

We have attached pics of the bus.  The interior picture is when it was about 60% through, so there will be more pics to follow.

In other news, Josh and I were lucky enough to be invited to speak at TEDxBoston ( this week, where we gave a talk surrounding the grassroots approach we are taking to bring affordable, healthy foods to communities lacking access.  The video should be available sometime next week, and I will send a link across when it is posted.  Kickstarter supporters got a big shout out!!

We presented at our alma mater's fundraising event, Northeastern University's Empower, and they built an awesome replica of the bus (picture below).

Two of Josh's close friends from college are biking cross country in support of Fresh Truck, staying with local farms along the entire journey.  You can follow their journey and campaign through their blog and Twitter (@FreshTruckBikes).  All info on their adventure is at the bottom of our home page: 

As for the Kickstarter rewards for different donations:

- Tote bags: We have the tote bags made and will be sending out a survey to collect everyone's address that donated at that level.  However, in efforts to save money shipping them, we will be carrying the tote bags on the bus itself and at our launch event. So if you live close by, come say hello so we can thank you in person and give you the tote bag then!  If not, we will ship it out asap.

- Launch Party:  The launch party is coming, but we have not secured a date yet.  It will most likely be end of July, early August.  We will be sure to give everyone time to plan and we look forward to meeting everyone there.  It's gonna be wicked fun!

- Gala Dinner - We hosted a beautiful event at Technique in Cambridge for all of our $1,500 and more donors.  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that could make it! The night was a blast!

I know that was a lot, I will start trying to update more often haha.  I really look forward to seeing everyone while we are out in the city and at the launch party!!  The whole team in ridiculously excited and NONE of this would have been possible without your positivity and support.  Thank you for the love and helping our dream come to FRUITion!  

Freshest regards,


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Thank you!

Dear backers,

The Fresh Truck team would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for making the first ever Fresh Truck possible. The retrofitting is underway and Fresh Truck is on track for a spring launch!

 Check out our latest video to hear from the team about the newest updates, milestones and next steps. We look forward to seeing everyone out this spring, stay tuned for more updates!

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THANK YOU: Fresh Truck Reaches its Goal!

Hi everyone!!

First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  Fresh Truck has officially surpassed its goal of $30,000 and now has the funding needed to launch this Spring!  We are so excited and incredibly humbled at the support we have received over the last month and a half.  We also recognize the responsibility that comes with this funding and will be sure to use each and every dollar as wisely as possible towards our mission.

Secondly, we were recently featured in a video on! Here is the link so that you can check it out!

Lastly, we do still have 4 days left on our Kickstarter campaign.  Any additional funds would be very helpful with operational expenses outside of bus acquisition and retrofitting and would also allow us to build even more features into the bus to make it more engaging and educational for families and customers.    So if you know of anyone who may be interested in supporting our mission, please pass the link along!

Again, thank you SO MUCH!! None of this would have been possible without your support.  We are so excited to hit the streets and start following our mission!  

All love,

Fresh Truck Team

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