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A Pre-painted Miniatures Racing Board Game for 1 - 5 players. Race past Badniks and Bosses, collecting Rings in a sprint to the finish.
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Sizing up the Competition!

Posted by Shinobi 7 (Creator)

 Hi Sonic fans,

For today’s update, we are happy to present to you the Size Comparison chart that shows the relative scales of each miniature in Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers. We just received this chart from the manufacturer today, in fact, and wanted to show it to you right away.

 Please note this chart is made from the 3D digital files, after adjustments, which is why all the minis appear in grey. Final production minis will still be pre-painted as always planned.

Also, our manufacturer has informed us that they are shipping out the miniature prototypes to our office next week! As soon as we receive them, we will take photos to show everyone, and then we’ll need to send the prototypes off to SEGA for final approval. We’re not 100% sure what date we will receive these prototypes, but we expect them within the next 14 days. Stay tuned!

As always, thank you for your support, and for your love of Sonic!

Shinobi 7 Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      King Conne on

      I'd like to have more badniks models... and of course many more playable characters!!...
      Really hope the game will keep on growing and offer many add-ons...
      (By the way, do we have to stop hoping for a correction of Storm's eyes?!...)

    2. Missing avatar

      Gabriel on

      Love that their heights will be accurate. You guys are doing a fantastic job! Can’t wait to see the prototypes 👍

    3. Congobongo on

      My only concern is about the pose of Big, Vector and Omega, they look too static... the others are fine!

    4. Daniel Woltanski

      I thought there was talk of adjusting the poses of the characters to be more "dynamic"? This is noticeable in Team Sonic, but characters like Rouge, Big, Vector, Espio and Jet still look like they are standing still.

    5. Justin

      Looks awesome. Too bad they weren't smart enough to throw in a 3D rendering of a quarter for ratio comparison.

      14 days to maybe get them. Then send off to Sega....if no changes then you're still a long ways off. If any changes then....holy crap.