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A Pre-painted Miniatures Racing Board Game for 1 - 5 players. Race past Badniks and Bosses, collecting Rings in a sprint to the finish.
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Closer to the Finish Line!!!

Posted by Shinobi 7 (Creator)

Happy Tuesday, Sonic fans!

We’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes double and triple checking each character with SEGA to ensure we get each detail just right.

Below you can see some of the most recent changes we’ve made.

  •  Added a darker Purple to Blaze’s Coat, hair and tail tip. 
  •  Adjusted Blaze’s Shoe color. 
  •  Adjusted Red area around Storm’s eyes. 
  •  Added Red details to all of Shadow’s quills. 
  •  Adjusted the Orange areas on the front and back of Stick’s head.

These are just a few of the many adjustments that we continue to make to ensure that every detail is consistent with SEGA's specifications so that we can deliver to you the very best Sonic game possible.

We are still in the process of locking shipping costs into the Pledge Manager and will be sure to let everyone know when this information in finalized and available.

Have a great day!

Shinobi 7 Team

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    1. NSF on

      @ Shinobi 7 - Please consider bringing it up with Sega if you haven't, since they could have missed it

      I'm super looking forward to displaying these miniatures, as well as playing the game, they're going to be great

    2. Missing avatar

      Gabriel on

      All the changes look great! Though as the others mentioned Storm’s eyes shouldn’t move out of socket since the white is his eyeball, that would be like moving Big the cat’s eyes across his face which would be pretty terrifying.

      Typically they use the blue iris for Storm to look in different directions but given how small these figures are that might be difficult to convey. Perhaps rely on head positioning?

      Thanks for all the hard work 👍

    3. Comic Book Joker

      I know from previous pictures the Metal Sonic model had a glaring issue with the color of the front of its torso. Has that been fixed?

    4. Missing avatar

      King Conne on

      SEGA does not check very carefully : NSF is right for Storm's eyes and it bothers me too!!...
      Have a look at this video for instance :…
      Apart from Storm's eyes, everything looks great, and I can't wait for new characters to be announced!!...

    5. Missing avatar

      Sergei Orlov on

      Everything looks great... but does Cheese have a bow tie now?

    6. Shinobi 7 2-time creator on

      @ NSF – SEGA has been paying very close attention to the eyes of every character and has not asked for any additional adjustments to Storm’s eyes at this time.

      @ Christopher DeLucia – The cutoff date for the Pledge Manager is still being finalized, we be sure to make an update so everyone is well aware of the cutoff date ahead of time.

    7. Christopher DeLucia on

      What is the cutoff date for upgrading pledge in the pledge manager. I've held off for so long because I'm waiting for a few personal reasons

    8. NSF on

      All looking great, but I still don't understand Storm's eyes. They should both be in the same position. The white parts aren't his irises, they're his eyeballs. It looks weird with them both in different positions