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A Pre-painted Miniatures Racing Board Game for 1 - 5 players. Race past Badniks and Bosses, collecting Rings in a sprint to the finish.
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STORM! and Late Pledge info

Posted by Shinobi 7 (Creator)
Hello Sonic Fans,  


We’ve got some fun updates today!  

We have approval for Storm!!

 STORM!!! With SEGA’s approval of using Storm and additional interest from so many Kickstarter backers and people who have contacted us to join as late backers we can unlock Storm!!! Storm will be free to all Kickstarter Hyper and “everything” Late Pledges and offered as a $15 add on to all other pledge levels! This is a thank you to all you Sonic fans for your awesome support.

Late Backers! We will be launching the Late Backer system very soon. We will be running late backer pledges through the Indiegogo InDemand post campaign system. Late backers will be able to pledge on the InDemand page. As we work on our Pledge Manager the InDemand page will be open for all late backers who missed the KS deadline. We will run the Late backer system until we launch the pledge manager in the following months. We’ll keep you posted on both those dates shortly.  

Kickstarter Live! We will be doing another Kickstarter Live at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time tomorrow, March 27. We will be answering questions and providing additional information on the late pledges and pledge manager.

Sculpting Update! We have reworked a few poses for our heroes to make them even speedier and more dynamic. These are subject to approval by SEGA but we are very excited to make these figures even more dynamic and fun.

We’ve been working on the revised boards for the base game and expansion. These are not final and subject to approval. There may be revisions and changes, so keep in mind some of these boards are not necessarily final.

Here's some previews of Oil Ocean:







We look forward to bringing this game to our fans and will be keeping you updated on the progress with Kickstarter Updates and social media. We will begin regular updates every Friday starting next week. We’ll keep you posted on progress in development and production as we move forward.

Have a great week and we look forward to talking to many of you tomorrow on the KS live session.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mason Stirn on

      So when do we get to learn what Storm's ability and power are?

    2. Benjamin Last on

      Eggman's great actually!...but I kinda preferred the less "dynamic poses" for some of them. closer to the classic poses I'd love to see just around, as well as moving around my tabletop.

      Heck! A Sonic Classics range could've been cool.

    3. Jordo on

      After looking at it a few times I believe Tails' face seems a bit off, just the eyes and the mouth. I think I'm a bit insane with wanting all the figures to be perfect...

    4. Jordo on

      Looks like Amy and Eggman need a bit more revision as well as the water in oil ocean not being water, but other than that everything looks great. I would love to see Super Sonic floating above the ground like he does when he reaches max speed, if Tails can be above ground than so can Super Sonic.

    5. Missing avatar

      King Conne on

      I know it probably can't happen but when I see the beauty of your mini-figures, I'd like you to sculp every SONIC characters and badniks!!...
      There are so many of them!!...
      I want many expansion packs!!...
      Keep making us dream!!...

    6. Andrew Henry on

      While everything about this is fantastic, and a great update, I cant help but be ever so slightly bothered by the new pose for the Eggman figure.

      While I like it from a display figure perspective, I think it looks very odd for a racing "play" figure, especially when you have made the other characters look so much more dynamic and... well racey.

      I don't hate it, bit in the context of the racing game it doesn't look quite right.

    7. Nicholas Schoepfer on

      Storm unlocked = Awesome
      New Dynamic Sculpts = Awesome
      Oil Ocean Tile Upgrades = Awesome
      Shinobi7 = Awesome

    8. Alexander Ryan on

      Tails looks front heavy, make sure he doesn't fall over all the time! xD

    9. ccateni

      Yes, I can't wait for more figures of other characters!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jefferson on

      The Babylon Rogues are united once again!

    11. Comic Book Joker

      I can say for certain I do not like the Eggman sculpt. The arm behind the back doesn’t work with the rest of the body position. The rest of this update is good, though.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nobuyoki on

      I could understand people not liking Amy's new pose, but I can't those who thinks Tails and Knuckles are worst than their first part. Tails is in his classic "running" animation, and I find it so cool!
      Great job on the new poses guys! And I do think that the oil ocean new tiles are also pretty neat, there's a real feeling of a Sonic game (except for the kinda multicolor separators between the different heights, but that could be due to the fact that seeing from above, the cliffs don't look the same at all as in the games ;D)

    13. Azurephoenix999 on

      Now we have confirmation of Storm, that makes me feel a whole lot better.

      I eagerly await the Pledge Manager so I can finalize my order.

    14. Missing avatar

      Stealth Tiger on

      I was kind of iffy on Eggman until I noticed his pointing finger on his left hand. That looks pretty close to a more actioney version of a pose Yuji Uekawa(SP?) put him in with his Sonic Adventure 2 art. I still think the legs could be a bit closer to better replicate that art where we see him from behind, and he's looking at us with his left hand in the air, index finger pointing up. Would it also be possible to give him an evil grin? If nothing else, the grin would really sell the pose.

      As for the others, thy look pretty good. Knuckles now looks like he's popped right out of the Sonic Rivals 1 CGI cover art. I just hope he's going to be well balanced enough.

      Also glad to hear that Storm is in, and he's available to Hyper backers like me. All the teams, including the variants of Team Rose, are now complete with Storm in. His eyes could be situated so they're looking in the direction he'll be going more, but he looks fine as is otherwise.

      I'll be paying close attention to what goals will be placed into the indigogo late pledge campaign, and doing my best to spread the word on that once it starts. Should be interesting to see what comes of it.

    15. Shinobi 7 2-time creator on

      Correct Charles

    16. Missing avatar

      Daniel Sorokacs on

      A) I feel kinda silly for not realizing Storm would most likely be a large figure and B) I REALLY wish I was skilled at painting minis because his base would be a perfect fit for his Extreme Gear board.

      Congrats on getting him, and thank you! I really like the Oil Ocean redesigns, too, very detailed. Were the other expansion tracks also redesigned?

    17. Missing avatar

      David Austin on

      Well done on getting the Babylon Rogues back together!

    18. Daniel Woltanski

      Excited to see Storm! His pose helps clarify how the Large characters work. Glad to see the effort being put into this.

    19. Missing avatar

      Daniel Floyd on

      Storm looks great, and I love the new poses for Amy, Tails, and Knuckles, but Eggman's looks kind of odd with his hand behind his back. I think I liked the old Eggman better

    20. Missing avatar

      Adam Mace on

      This is great, thanks for going to the trouble of all this for us. If i were to nitpick I'm not quite sure about the changed poses but I'm sure I'll adjust.

    21. NSF on

      Not really a fan of the new poses. Amy's old one reflected her ability more especially

    22. Justin

      Charles, correct.

    23. Charles Wilcox on

      So, just to make sure I understand this correctly. Because I’ve already made the Hyper pledge, I will get Storm in my package without further donation. Right?