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By Dragana Stjepic
$0.00 pledged of $12,000 goal


Hello everyone, I would first like to say thank you for checking out my profile. This book is the first book I wrote and I am exited to bring it out there into the world for everyone else to read. I want this book to be published, edited and market so that I can have people enjoy reading it and I can write a part two for people to enjoy it even more. As a single mother I can not do this alone and I need help to publish with Mascot. Being a writer has always been my dream and I know that together we can make each other dreams come true. Any help is appreciated. You will love reading my book. It has a lot of drama, murder, sex, lies and much more. Not to mention fiction creatures and different worlds including people that are not human. Where there is good there is also evil! After the funds are collected to get the book published and edited and printed out to stores, Mascot will ship everything out and make sure they are available to be purchased. Once the first sales are completed everything else should go smoother and I should be able to use that money for reprint. After this book is out and published I will be finishing up part two. This book will send a message that we should never give up on our life or our dreams and to forgive those who have hurt us cause if we don't forgive we imprison ourselves. Forgivness leads to freedom. Again, none of this can happen without your help. Thank you for your support.

Risks and challenges

One of my biggest challenges is the language. English is my 3rd language and I have to put in extra work when writing a book. I have great friends who help me proof read my books and I am very internet savvy so if I have to look for a better word to use in a story I do my research. Do not let anything stop you from achieving your dreams. Also the other thing is the money. I am a single mother with one income and money is very tight. I will continue to work hard, try to get another job and hopefully my supporters will help me a little bit as well to get this book published and going. But I will not quit.

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    Secrets in the woods

    Anything would be helpful to get my novel published and bring it to life. I would love for people to enjoy reading and imagine the fiction I wrote about a young woman who gains so much power from an evil witch and she uses it for revenge and advancement until she realizes how evil it can get, even deadly. How will she get out of this situation? I want the people to enjoy reading this amazing story and feel the excitement, cry, laughter, scare and more as you all read it. but I can not do it alone and any help that you can donate will be helpful and appreciated.

    In exchange I would love to mention your name as a supporter of the novel and my dream.
    thank you.

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