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Basic nature 3D printing files for 28/30 mm tabletop Wargaming.
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Mean Gummy Lizard Production

Two Brothers, lots of ideas, Blender and a Ender Crealty 3D printer. All for wargaming and tabletop. Let the wars begin…..You can see more of us on Youtube  or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram OR on our blog

   We all have been searching for suitable nature based models for one setting or the other. 

But spending a lot of money to get your hand on some models which are in the end not printable at all, is frustrating.

We spend a lot of time to make our models printable. We use an Creality Ender 3 Pro and we don`t show you any details or structures that don`t print! You get what you see! YOU can get those files too!

Design your tabletop wargaming setup with models which are really working.

This pack contains very basic and neutral models which are fitting in nearly every wargaming theme like Warhammer, 40K, Age of Sigmar, Wolsung and much more.

Why the low price!

We offer these models for a real low price because we want to give something back to the community. We have learned so much the last few weeks and we want just say thank you to the amazing Tabletop Wargaming community!


You will get 14 printable nature themed files in  .stl format.


Trees and Treestumps

Stones & Rocks

Risks and challenges

The files we offer have all been thoroughly tested in Cura and Shapeways. They have been printed with an Ender Crealty 3D. If you have any problems with the models feel free to send me a mail or contact me via Skype, Facebook, Discord or E-Mail.

All Models are provided as .STL for your 3D printer.
Enjoy the process and have fun printing and gaming!

Please be aware that there is no commercial License! Only for Private usage!

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