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Police Precinct is a cooperative game where the players take on the roles as police officers, with different areas of expertise.
Police Precinct is a cooperative game where the players take on the roles as police officers, with different areas of expertise.
207 backers pledged $11,992 to help bring this project to life.

Big News About Police Precinct -- Behold -- The App!!!

Posted by Karl Fenner (Creator)
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As the Founder of Common Man Games, I'm VERY committed to BOTH expanding/growing our evergreen product Police Precinct, AND to keeping YOU informed of critical developments along those lines.  

With that in mind, we introduce you to...


Which is our latest addition to The World of Police Precinct!

It's a full-on version of the game in App form which allows for 1-6 players to play in either pass-and-play mode OR online with friends around the world. 

Come join the fun, because we...


 And, you can adjust the difficulty of every game!

And, you can play MANY games at one time!

And, BOTH iOS & Android!

Wait, one more thing...

I really appreciate all you've done over the years for Police Precinct!



Your 2nd Edition Upgrade Kit is NOW Available!!!

Posted by Karl Fenner (Creator)
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I can't believe I actually just said that!!!

We've all talked about doing this for so long now, and I just can't believe the day has really come!

I am very proud and happy to be able to make this available to all of you.

So much so that I'll say it again...

"Your 2nd Edition Upgrade Kit is NOW Available!!!"

In Fact...

It just launched on Kickstarter!

Thank you all again so much for believing in this great game, in Ole, in Common Man Games, and in myself.

You 207 great backers made it all possible!

Not since the RAF saved England, has so much been owed by so many to so few!



2nd Edition Board / Card Sleeves / Custom Dice / and More!

Posted by Karl Fenner (Creator)
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Hello Backers!

YOU are what started it all for Police Precinct!

Without YOU there would be no expansions for the game, custom dice for the game, awards for the game, 2nd Editions of the game, and in fact...



Thanks 100 times over to you 207 backers that started it all!

You're awesome!

But, you knew that!!!


First let's talk about...


Did you hear about the award we won?

btw - when I say "we", I mean ALL of us!

You included, and most especially!

It was for Best Co-op of the Year!

Furthermore, we are up for two more awards...

 Keep your fingers crossed!

What else?


1. DICE TOWER: We made an appearance on Roger's Dice Tower show, it was recorded a while back, but actually aired today! (if you listen, please note that there was a pretty big time laps involved due to a back log of shows that got recorded at around the the same time).  

2. CARD SLEEVES: Did you hear? We got 'em! (sorry it took a while)  

3. THE 2nd EDITION BOARD IS DONE: This is something we are very excited to announce! AND, yes we do think that it is very likely that we can figure out a way that YOU (1st Edition owners) can get it too (we know that many of you want it, and we are working hard to make this possible, along with the 2nd Edition Event Deck, and possibly other items).

And, last but not least, lets talk about...


There are assorted ways that you might already know about this latest development concerning custom dice for Police Precinct, and if that's the case (you already know), then feel free to skip the rest of this update, and THANKS again for backing!!!


If you're still reading, then I assume that you have NOT yet heard about this, so let me fill you in on the scoop...

On Friday (I think it was) of last week, we sent an update to the backers of the 2nd Edition talking about the custom dice, and here is an edited version of what we said...

"We here at Common Man Games have come to realize in very clear terms that YOU (the fans of Police Precicnt) are VERY interested in the topic of Custom Dice.  That became abundantly clear at the time that we did update #20 with it's 133 comments from YOU!" 

Notice that we are talking about the cool dice that we (via Cindy) made available to you -- the 1st Edition Backers.  We then go on to say...

"As a result of update #20, we have had dice on our mind always, and we have decided 100% that if we can work with Ole on a really cool design for a dice version of the game, that this is going to be a great addition to the future of the brand Police Precinct! btw - It looks like it will be called... Let's Roll! The Police Precinct Dice Game. Stay Tuned!"

On the subject of dice, there is more to say than just "LET'S ROLLis coming!"

Which is...

CUSTOM GAME LAB DICE:  CGL has a totally new design for the custom dice for Police Precinct and involves a bonus free die for SNITCH (now on Kickstarter) if we can hit 30 backers at this special Police Precinct level (which is a done deal now). So here's the scoop...

There's a Kickstarter Project running right now that specializes in custom dice, and we have gotten to know the creator, John Warren of Custom Game Lab, and he has helped make possible some really cool dice for BOTH of our games! 

The way it's set-up is almost like a mini-Kickstarter within a Kickstarter! There is a pledge level you can select that is specifically for Police Precinct Custom Dice and when you do this, you are opening yourself up to getting a 7th die FREE! (if we reach 30 backers at this level, which we did already!). The 7th die is for SNITCH! 

The details of this offer are well described by John in his recent update to his backers. Which is also where you can go to... 


Then, if you want to actually get YOURS, simply go to John's Kickstarter, and... 


We think custom dice are really fun, if you do too, check it out and spread the word! 

What else? 

Well, since we got onto the topic of SNITCH, here are some thoughts on that... 

SNITCH is in it's final 25 days of it's Kickstarter campaign, so if you haven't checked it out, you might want to.  Thus enabling you to round-out your Law Enforcement Game Collection! We think it will be every bit as great a game as Police Precinct. Your support of this game helps us flourish as a company which means that we can do more for Police Precinct! 

Thanks again to each of you for all you have done!!! 




Quick Update -- DJ Grandpa Show Announcement tonight!!!

Posted by Karl Fenner (Creator)

This is an ultra-fast update...

Sorry to disturb your relaxing evening with flashing lights and a siren, but...

If you are a fan of law enforcement games (which I know  you are), then...

Tune into the DJ Grandpa Show tonight for some fun, laughter, and ONE BIG announcement!

Time:  10:00 PM +- Eastern Standard Time.

Get Ready!






Click Here!

Hurry! Last 14 hours for Grandpa!!!

Posted by Karl Fenner (Creator)

Hello there my Very 1st Backers!  

YOU put Police Precinct on the map!


I have not sent you an update in a while, and after sending one to the 2nd Edition backers on Friday, and then one to The Heat Backer last night, I decided that...  

My 1st Edition backers need to hear the latest too!

If you are one of the "Repeat Offenders" (have backed more than one of the Police Precinct Kickstarters) then you already know about this whole thing, but if not...

Here's the scoop:

If you have an interest in Police Precinct, which we can safely say, YOU DO! 


If you have an interest in what Common Man Games is thinking about Kickstarter (and other things), which... You might also have! 

Then... I would recommend listening to... 

The DJ Granda's Crib Show 

We are on it this week. 

So is Uwe from Academy Games, talking about Fief (currently #2 highest rated game on BGG's "The Hotness" list). 

And, a bunch of other fun guests! 

But, time's running out...

It aired last Monday, and soon will be replaced by another of his great weekly shows (in about 14 hours from now -- about 9:00 PM EST Every Monday). 

This is not to say that it will be impossible to find and listen to after that point, but simply to say... 

It is very current now and easy to find on his main page, so... 

Check it out by clicking here! 

I highly recommend the WHOLE show, but if you want to jump right to our segment... 

Skip forward to 39.5 min. 

Thanks again!!!