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Upgrade your 1st Edition copy of the game, or go ALL-IN and get a copy of the new improved 2nd Edition of Police Precinct!
Upgrade your 1st Edition copy of the game, or go ALL-IN and get a copy of the new improved 2nd Edition of Police Precinct!
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    1. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      Btw -- We see Tabletopia as a key first step in us using all of our current and future trademarks in commerce in connection with digital/mobile games.

      That said, we have no plans to stray too far from cardboard.
      We LOVE cardboard and...
      The smell of freshly printed cardboard, and...
      The feel of cardboard, and...
      Pretty much just love cardboard in general!

      I guess I just don't know how to state our position on cardboard more clearly.


      (kidding, but not)


    2. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      That's my Super-PAC


    3. ProcrastinatingZombie

      This is ProcrastinatingZombie, and I approve this message.

    4. Paul S

      That will work. :)

    5. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      Speaking of payments.

      Can I pay you in 3 easy installments of $333.33 per month?

    6. Paul S

      I think Table Topia looks cool, and that will be a great platform for you and other designers. And the pricing for players is not bad at all. $25 for 6 months is quite doable.

    7. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      Hey Aitor!

      Great to hear from you!!!

      I will have to weigh out the options as we get closer.

      There are many things to consider.

      Certainly that is one of them and a biggie for sure.

      I am considering a 45 or longer (maybe even 60-Day) working campaign. This is perfect for certain campaigns (case in point the 2nd Edition which ran for 60).

      If it launched in January and then closed out in March (or technically even in April) then the Uplift backers could jump on when it launches and then have plenty of time to receive it, play it and if so desired easily back out of the campaign if they (you) were not impressed with the UPLIFT rewards.

      That is one possible thought at this point.


    8. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on


      Thanks James!!!

      my bad!

      I can not edit it now (you only get 30 seconds to edit an update), but...

      I did see your comment with 30 SECONDS to go and rushed over to add this at the very end...

      "PS - oops it's TableTopia! My bad!!!"

    9. Aitor Vilchez Acha on

      Karl, if the games are not delivery before the Season II campaign you compromise to delay the KS campaign until we receive the games? I do not care when they arrive but I want test the game before the season II campaign to pledge with knowledge.

    10. James Tinsley

      To make it easier to find this project, it's "TableTopia" rather than Tableopia.