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Upgrade your 1st Edition copy of the game, or go ALL-IN and get a copy of the new improved 2nd Edition of Police Precinct!
Upgrade your 1st Edition copy of the game, or go ALL-IN and get a copy of the new improved 2nd Edition of Police Precinct!
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SEP: Thoughts and News from Common Man...

Posted by Karl Fenner (Creator)

Hello Again Backers!

Welcome to the 2nd ever Monthly Update from Common Man Games to you regarding the progress of your very own UPLIFT: Police Precinct Campaign.

There is just a couple things to cover this time around, BUT they are topics that I have a lot to say about, so brace yourself for a long(ish) one.

If you don't want to read the details (below), here is the summary...

1.  On Time Delivery is expected!

2.  Digitizing of our games is expected!

Let's get started! 


Remember when I said that it was too early to even hazard a guess about "When" your rewards might deliver?


It's still a bit early but let's get crazy anyway!

So, the other day I was in a meeting with a couple of the guys from the factory and at one point I asked...

"So if we keep pushing forward as fast as possible on this project is there any chance of having these games in the Atlanta Distribution facility before the end of 2015?"

They thought about it and replied...

"Yes, but that would be very tight."

(in factory talk this translates to... "Don't count on it dude.")

Let's call that a 10% chance.

If this DID happen, we should be able to deliver most of the rewards before the end of January, which would be "ok".  I mean I would be happy with that, but not overjoyed. My feeling is that...

Though delivering the rewards in January would be early, we were already expecting it to happen early.  Thus to think that the best we can hope for is a 10% chance of delivering when we had really hoped to deliver (early) is not anything more then "ok".

Understand this...

We are moving MUCH faster on this than on any major print run ever before (which is really cool to see), BUT there was a point in time where we had hoped to place the order with the factory in the first week of the live campaign.  That didn't happen for assorted behind the scenes reasons.  Had it happened, we would likely be delivering way before Christmas!

So, now you can see why I am "ok" with the situation, just not overjoyed!

Anyway, back to this meeting we were having...

I then asked the same exact question but replaced "end of year" with "end of January", and they said...

"Most definitely.  there's no reason that shouldn't happen."

(in factory talk this translates to... "YES that will happen, but don't forget there are always those unforeseen things that none of us expect and don't even like to talk about for now since we can't even imagine what they are at this point.").

Let's call that a 90% chance.

So 10% chance of end of year, and 90% by end of January (which includes the 10% of course).

That leaves us with a 10% chance of neither.


Watch out, because if that 10% chance does happen it will be a real bummer with the Chinese New Year hitting, thus...

If this does happen, it will likely be a good chunk of time later that it gets finished up.

Keep in mind that all of this is, in my opinion, realistic BUT somewhat optimistic thinking.  It has been my experience that those unforeseen things happen way more often than you would initially predict.  It's just so hard to budget for them in a timeline is part of the problem.

So, I'll sum it up by saying...

Things are looking good for an on-time delivery.

Stay Tuned!

Alright, next topic is...


The following discussion is about digitizing Police Precinct and about Common Man Games future approach to development of new games. It is NOT a shout out about another Kickstarter. Wait, I guess it is BUT that is NOT the intention. 

(yes, there is a Kickstarter live now -- more about that later)

YES, we DO have a vested interest in YOU knowing about this.

OK, enough pre-amble, what is it?!



OK, but what is Tableopia?


It's a digitized turn-based platform for tabletop games. 

But why does CMG care so much about why I know about it? 


We see it as the future (or certainly that's the hope) for how we will be designing, developing, and play-testing our current and future games.  So, for example, Ole and I want to put Police Precinct up on it and to design and develop expansions for it via Tableopia.  Others can join in on this process like Dave with his several new expansions and Lines who's working on the Mod-Board version of Police Precinct. That's just a couple examples, there are MANY designers working right now on expansions for the game.

We also want to use it for new base-game versions (the dice version of Police Precinct, Cadets, etc., etc.). 

An example of this is a new game upcoming called Police Precinct: Internal Affairs, which Don Riddle (the designer) and I have discussed would be perfect for this. He and I played a ton of his game at Dice Tower Con earlier this summer. 

(Side-note: Check out this fun/funny pod-cast which includes Don, myself and several others recorded at DTC-15)


It's going to be hard to continue the fun we've been having playing this game due to the fact that we live thousands of miles apart. Yes, he can play with others on his end and likewise on my end, and we can meet through Skype to discuss, BUT... 

Nothing beats sitting face-to-face with a game designer playing the game over and over!

Now, is Tableopia really a face-to-face experience? 


Not exactly, but it dang close! 


CMG, have you really answered the question of why you care if I know about this?

Oops, your right, I have only flirted with that. Let's get to it head-on: 

We would like to see as many of the fans of our games on Tableopia as possible, and not JUST because we like the idea of them (you) having fun playing games with old and new friends all over the world. 

That is AWESOME, but more than that, we want this because, we want YOU as a play-tester for expansions for Police Precinct, new base-games for Police Precinct, and with all the new law and order games we'll be coming out with over time. 

This will allow YOU to play a role in developing these games, and will allow you a way to test drive our games before you commit to buying them.  Pretty nice combo!

There you have it!  That's the scoop on Tableopia in conjunction with CMG and YOU!

As for Common Man Games, we backed the current Kickstarter at the highest possible level that a publisher can. 

What bout you?  Should you...

Kick or not? 

Though the kickstarter looks like a good way to lock in some cool stuff, my understanding is that you can also try it out for free after it launches (meaning after the platform launches).  That said, I hope you back the KS simply because I think this will be a great thing and that it will get there quicker if it has some dollars behind it.  So that's part of why we backed, and why I hope you do too.  BUT, please do not see this as pressure, and know that we NEVER talk about other Kickstarters this extensively (EVER).

Disclaimer #1: I think this thing looks awesome, Rahdo does too (and many other industry insiders), but I understand there are risks and you should know that I could be wrong about this whole thing.

Disclaimer #2:  Though we do expect to see all of our games up on Tableopia in the future.  This is a "hope" and it is our "plan", but never having worked with the platform, it is hard to say for sure if this will actually happen.  Based on what we know at this point, we think the effort to do this will be reasonably low.  We also think the benefit of doing it will be VERY high!  Thus we think that it will make good sense to do and that it WILL happen!  

Your Thoughts:  You've heard from us on this topic, but please tell us your thoughts!





PS - oops it's TableTopia!  My bad!!!

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    1. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      Btw -- We see Tabletopia as a key first step in us using all of our current and future trademarks in commerce in connection with digital/mobile games.

      That said, we have no plans to stray too far from cardboard.
      We LOVE cardboard and...
      The smell of freshly printed cardboard, and...
      The feel of cardboard, and...
      Pretty much just love cardboard in general!

      I guess I just don't know how to state our position on cardboard more clearly.


      (kidding, but not)


    2. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      That's my Super-PAC


    3. ProcrastinatingZombie

      This is ProcrastinatingZombie, and I approve this message.

    4. Paul S

      That will work. :)

    5. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      Speaking of payments.

      Can I pay you in 3 easy installments of $333.33 per month?

    6. Paul S

      I think Table Topia looks cool, and that will be a great platform for you and other designers. And the pricing for players is not bad at all. $25 for 6 months is quite doable.

    7. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      Hey Aitor!

      Great to hear from you!!!

      I will have to weigh out the options as we get closer.

      There are many things to consider.

      Certainly that is one of them and a biggie for sure.

      I am considering a 45 or longer (maybe even 60-Day) working campaign. This is perfect for certain campaigns (case in point the 2nd Edition which ran for 60).

      If it launched in January and then closed out in March (or technically even in April) then the Uplift backers could jump on when it launches and then have plenty of time to receive it, play it and if so desired easily back out of the campaign if they (you) were not impressed with the UPLIFT rewards.

      That is one possible thought at this point.


    8. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on


      Thanks James!!!

      my bad!

      I can not edit it now (you only get 30 seconds to edit an update), but...

      I did see your comment with 30 SECONDS to go and rushed over to add this at the very end...

      "PS - oops it's TableTopia! My bad!!!"

    9. Aitor Vilchez Acha on

      Karl, if the games are not delivery before the Season II campaign you compromise to delay the KS campaign until we receive the games? I do not care when they arrive but I want test the game before the season II campaign to pledge with knowledge.

    10. James Tinsley

      To make it easier to find this project, it's "TableTopia" rather than Tableopia.