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Police Precinct is back, with more crime fighting fun, as we look to revitalize this Great Brand!
Police Precinct is back, with more crime fighting fun, as we look to revitalize this Great Brand!
Police Precinct is back, with more crime fighting fun, as we look to revitalize this Great Brand!
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Hey Gang! 

Lots to talk about and not much time to do it! 

Thanks everyone for supporting this! 

OK, let's get to it... 

1. SURVEY RACE:  we are going to have a "Survey Race". That's what I want to call it anyway. The purpose of this race is to see how fast WE can send the survey, YOU can fill it out, and WE can fulfill it. 

2. REWARDS GOIN': If you backed this project and did NOT get a 2nd Edition, then you will get your rewards Fast, and in-fact ULTRA-Fast if you signed on for an "Early" Kit! We will start delivering rewards of this type within minutes of the campaign's end, and finish shipping them out within about 19.5 hours. The surveys should go out in under an hour's time. We will be labeling shipments in real time (as you submit them). 

3. NO DOUBLE-SHIPPING: Just a reminder that, NO backer will be shipped more than one time. This means that all backers who have pledged to get a 2nd Edition will receive nothing until the 2nd edition is ready, and then receive everything at that time. If you would prefer to split your shipment, we have made it easy, just click here to get the whole story, or click here to take action now. 

4. CANADA BORDER: You live near it?
Want to save money?
Have you heard of these companies that can collect US shipments and hand them over to you when you visit the USA? (news to me, but sounds really smart)
Here in the words of one of our very own backers... 

"I don't know if they have many locations, but this one is located in Ogdensburg New York. here is the website. It's very practical because MANY Sites such as Amazon won't even deliver to Canada, which at times can very very frustrating, and sometimes it just cuts the cost of shipping. And for me sometimes that's the deal breaker. One time it cost me more for the shipping of the product then the actual cost of the product. I would say it's practical for those near Ottawa, The capital of Canada!" 

5. STRETCH GOALS: We got the $43,000 / Plastic Insert, and now the Naked Dude seems like a forgone conclusion at this point, but what's next? Looks like I will have to go back to the salt mines and dig something up! Stay tuned!!! 

6. DUTCH VERSION: I'm not sure what this information will do for anyone in particular, but I did not want to withhold it at this critical juncture. 

The info is... 

We may end up with a Dutch version of the game too. I have not had time to even reply to them, but a well known publisher in the Netherlands reached out to us within the last 24 hours. 

By the way... 

When I say "too" I am referring to the idea that a German Version seems likely. 

Beyond that, there could be others; French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese also seem reasonably possible this time around. What will actually happen? Hard to say right now.

7. SURPRISE IMAGE:  Just for fun, watch for a surprise image popping-up on the Kickstarter page. It should happen sometime during the last hour. See if you notice it. 

8. THE BGG TAKE-OVER:  It will continue through the end of Tomorrow.

Thanks Gang!

(Street Gang that is!)

You-all are the best!



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