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Police Precinct is back, with more crime fighting fun, as we look to revitalize this Great Brand!
Police Precinct is back, with more crime fighting fun, as we look to revitalize this Great Brand!
Police Precinct is back, with more crime fighting fun, as we look to revitalize this Great Brand!
791 backers pledged $53,627 to help bring this project to life.

Naked Guy!


We might hit $35,000 today, so I thought it would be good to get a head of the curve before the weekend hits.


We have announced the "one-two punch" of...

Better Storage, and...

Naked Guy!

That's a good combo.



We here at CMG know that the storage solution offered in the 1st Edition was not the greatest, and how nice it would be to have a plastic insert. 

Doing this is an expensive prospect and could also result in the need for a bigger box, which would further add to costs, but now YOU (the backers) can now help make this possible.  

SG#4 = NAKED GUY / 45K  

What? What's that? Give me a second, and I will get to that. First let me say a couple things...  

1. HUMOR: On one hand Police Precinct is a serious game used for serious purposes (like training real cadets!), but it is also a game that can have fun and share a laugh or two ("Donuts" and "Punks", need I say more).  

2. UPGRADING: If we reach this Stretch Goal we will deliver the "Naked Guy", but also upgrade the Murder Board, and the Crime Track (going to a beefier stock). 

OK, now to this Naked Guy...

He will be the focus of a Special Event Card (or a green Emergency possibly). 

We would likely NOT include this IN the game, but rather tape the card to the outside of the box (and extra copies shall be made to later make available to 1st Edition owners and used as a promo-card at shows, etc.).  

Credit goes to the reviewer known as "The Chief" (who is a real cop), who once told a funny real-life story of a naked guy running in traffic (which inspired this card).


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    1. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      Thanks Jason!!!

      I just represented you here...


    2. Jason Clague on

      PS: Naked Guy = awesome idea.

    3. Jason Clague on

      A problem with making the insert fit sleeves is: what type of sleeves? Standard or Premium thickness? Make them deep enough to fit Standards, and the Premium sleevers will be unhappy. Make them deep enough to fit Premiums, and the non-sleevers will have the game flying around in a cavernous box! As a compulsive sleever, the insert is less important to me than just making sure the cards are a standard size.

    4. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on


      Thanks to you for crankin' it up.

      Let's put our heads together and try to come up with the best solution for the brand for the backers, for the first edition folks for everybody.

      I just got done playing two hockey games and watching my Broncos win, so I have not had a chance to check that thread and see what people are saying. Should be real interesting though.



    5. Wil Gerken on

      Thanks Karl!

      Sorry for the typos. :)

      It will be interesting to see if this stirs up discussion as I have no idea what the popular opinion is on the topic. Smart move posting it on BGG as well. I'll join in there shortly.


    6. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      Hey Wil!

      You make a very compelling argument.

      Food for thought.



    7. Wil Gerken on

      FWIW, please DON'T waste valuable money on an insert!

      What, huh, why?

      They rarely ever work and end up in the trash.

      What, huh, why?

      1. Expansions - Like most, I want to keep my expansions in the base box. A custom fit insert tends to no longer work once expansions come out.

      2. Sleeves - It's almost impossible to design an insert that accommodates folks who sleeve and folks who don't so you end up having to pick a team and frustrate the other team.

      In summary, please save the money for future development.

      Seriously, I'd rather keep your profit margins as high as possible so the money goes into development and improving the components as you are.

      FWIW: I even chuck Days of Wonders inserts. I bag my components, bag the expansions, and chuck them all in a single box. I use to think why does Fantasy Flight produce such crappy inserts and then I realized it's because they know they will expand the game and they know some will sleeve. I know appreciate that they save the money and reduce the waste.

    8. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      Let this be the beginning of a movement!

    9. Spencer Williams on

      Every game should have a Naked Man.

    10. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      A cruel joke courtesy of CMG!


    11. Farrlinn on

      Oh yes... This reminded me of the double take I had when heading to work one morning seeing a "naked guy" being chased by the cops...

      Now it can be lived again and again, thank you very much.

    12. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      I have had that on my mind, but your comment prompted me to take action.

      I just sent this to our broker...

      "Just wanted to ask you to help remind me that if we end up doing the plastic insert for the 2nd Edition to include room for the cards WITH sleeves on them.

      Here is what a backer just said...

      "If you make an insert for the box, please PLease PLEASE leave enough room for the cards in card sleeves. Thanks."

      Does this reminder to you help with a real problem, or has it become standard practice at this point among factories to include this in the calculations?"

      Thanks for bringing this up Todd!



    13. Missing avatar

      todd elliott on

      If you make an insert for the box, please PLease PLEASE leave enough room for the cards in card sleeves. Thanks.

    14. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      Good Idea!

    15. Al on

      If humor is an issue, why not make a separate exp. ? I wouldn't mind backing the Police Academy exp with new characters and events from the movies :)

    16. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      By the way...

      The Chief is working on an expansion for the game called "Narcs."

      Stay Tuned!


    17. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on

      Hey Alberto!

      Yes this is definitely a possibility.

      Here is some of our thoughts on the topic of "More Event Cards"...


      "The original game comes with 39 cards in this deck, and in addition to that we have come out with 15 additional Events through assorted booster-packs (14 of which are included in The Kit). So, the need for more Events has been addressed, BUT who wouldn't agree that MORE is always better!

      With this in mind, Ole has been working on a few ideas, and we may make this into a Stretch Goal at some point. If so...
      These will be available to 1st Edition owners!"


      I copy/pasted that from a page which has some of our ideas on this broad-reaching topic of Stretch Goals. To check this out, go here...


    18. Al on

      I believe that Special Event Card work very well, can we have more of these?

    19. Iconography on

      Fantastic! Looking forward to this...AND the Chief is awesome! I'm sure he's full of stories/game cross-over ideas!

    20. Karl Fenner 6-time creator on



    21. Mr. B. Games on

      Cool story and fun update!