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A single worker placement, dice placement game set in the Champions of Midgard universe.
A single worker placement, dice placement game set in the Champions of Midgard universe.
5,893 backers pledged $466,224 to help bring this project to life.

Survey Results! - New Art - PAX Unplugged

Posted by Grey Fox Games (Creator)

Hey there Reavers of Midgard backers!

We're coming to you this week from Philadelphia where PAX Unplugged is set to get underway in a couple of days (more on that in a bit). In between munching on cheesesteaks, we had a couple of items to update you on.

$1 Survey Results

To say our last campaign update seeking information on $1 backers and the best path forward got some attention would be an understatement.

It spurred some discussion on Facebook groups (much of it unfortunately out of context), was mentioned in a recent blog post by Jamey Stegmaier from Stonemaier Games and, of course, right here in the comments section.

We just closed the survey after receiving 742 responses. This provided us with some great data and feedback that will inform our thinking on future projects, which we'll share with you below.

Before that though, we want to make one thing that was in the last update, but overlooked by many, crystal clear:

We value all backers of our campaigns, whether it be for a $1 Donation or for a full pledge for the game. Any pledge we get on a project helps us do what we love to do.... make high quality tabletop games. We're incredibly grateful for all of the support we receive, no matter the quantity. Thank you for helping make this game a reality!

Ok, now to the results...

 To say this data doesn't provide us with a clear answer is a bit of an understatement. On the surface level, a plurality (but not majority) of backers are fine with things as they are, with the next highest number going to requiring a higher pledge amount to get access to the pledge manager.

What's especially interesting is about 15 percent of respondents didn't pick any of the options provided and instead opted to write in their own options.

There is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a divide in the data when you compare results from those who were Donation Level backers and those who pledged at Ultimate Conqueror or Retailer. 

Of the survey respondents who identified as pledging at the $1 Donation Level, a full 60% of them were in favor of keeping things the same. For Ultimate Conqueror and Retailer respondents, that number was just 31%.

The individual comments are things we're still looking through and processing. We'll be using every piece of feedback to determine how we'll handle these pledge levels in the future. 

To be clear yet again.... we are NOT changing anything on this campaign. $1 level backers are still getting access to the pledge manager when we release it next week.

New Art

While much of the gorgeous art from Yaroslav Radeckyi is already in place, there is still some being created for this game... including for stretch goals that were unlocked in the final days and hours of the campaign.

It's way too early for April Fools Loki...
It's way too early for April Fools Loki...

This is the Grey Fox exclusive Sea Journey card Loki's Deception that you unlocked. It can have some particularly.... interesting effects on the high seas as rerolling all of your crew dice could put you in a very compromised position for the upcoming Sea Battle.

I'll prophe-seeya later!
I'll prophe-seeya later!

These are for the prophecy cards. They'll come in different colors and configurations and score endgame points for you in a variety of ways.

Oooooh, sweet loot
Oooooh, sweet loot

 This is a set of spoils you can work on gathering in the Keeps deck.... specifically valuable art!

A hammer of justice to be sure
A hammer of justice to be sure

 This is a still yet to be named artifact card. Anyone have any ideas for what we should call it? Let us know in the comments below.

PAX Unplugged

 As mentioned at the top of this update, we're at PAX all this weekend. You can find us at Booth #1913. We'll have the demo copy of Reavers that we were using at the booth, but not actually out for the demo, so if you'd like to take an early peek, just come by and ask for Alex (that's me). If I'm there, I can give you the quick rundown.

We'll also have something for sale that a lot of Champions of Midgard fans should have interest in....

 - - -

That's it for now! We'll chat again next week when the BackerKit pledge manager is about to be sent out.

All the best,

Alex - Grey Fox Games

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    1. Missing avatar

      VisionsOfReptar on

      Why are you demoing the game at conventions when you won't put up a video demoing it for backers?! Why should we give you more than $1 if you don't show us that you have an actual product?

    2. Missing avatar

      Liam Mulvey

      @Justin the point is, $1 backers have no impact on your enjoyment of the game. If you restrict the $1 tier, all that happens is you drive backers away. I can afford to risk $1 on the chance that (as a self employed worker) I may have enough spare cash to buy the full game. I can't always risk $20 on that chance.

      I do find it sad that people appear to be so driven to restrict others, especially when it has literally no effect on their own lives. Kinda sums up world politics.

    3. Justin Watson on

      The point is those $1 pledgers were less than $1k of over $450k pledged. If everyone just bid a $1 on every game they thought they might like then stretch goals will never be unlocked and games might not even get funded. There needs to be some kind of balance and a reward for actually pledging to buy the game and contributing to getting the game funded. $1 really doesn't do that. I think a minimum $20 pledge or something like that to get the KS version. Then its not that much money upfront, but you've also committed to buy the game when you have more money. Keep the $1 pledges though and limit what they can get in the PM, or have special stretch goals that only are available with full pledges, so then people have a choice to make. I use the $1 pledges myself, but if I plan to buy the game I upgrade to help contribute to the funding of the game, before the KS ends.

    4. Marshall Holmes

      Ohhh I need that pin...

    5. Missing avatar

      Erik Niese-Petersen on

      Artifact 2 name suggestion: Jörmungandr's Fate

    6. Kyle Schleich

      so about 70% of the non 1$ backers responded to the survey, think 1$ backers are a burden? well thats sad that we have that kind of entitlement going on here. Im rolling around some numbers in my head and if the split of people that are 1$ backers vs non, answered the survey (16/84) that extends to, rough guess of 600 people out of the total backing of 5893 people cared enough to vote against inclusion, sad. Not the gaming community I know.....

    7. Ric Tomsett

      To me the $1 pledge level is invaluable. Especially for campaigns at this time of the year or when there are several campaigns that I wish to support are running at the simultaneously. I always fully pledge where I can, but having the 1$ option allows me to spread the load on my credit card.

      If I didn't have access the the KS version through the PM, then I probably wouldn't buy it on retail. This depends on what SG content was unlocked and whether that content was available post KS.

    8. Celestial Fortitude

      In a time when competition is high on KS, you will find that stopping people pledging $1 to potentially upgrade later in the PM will only hurt your campaigns.

    9. Nabend

      They are rowing so fast, the sail flipped

    10. Marko on

      I have not regretted my decision to fully pledge for this KS and I am so looking forward for this game! This is my 9th successful KS (most of them are board games) and it was quite a new learning experience, very different than the previous ones. This campaign has proved to me that if there is a pledge offer for $1 that can be upgraded to a full pledge later, there is no any reason not to do so. You get the benefits of paying later, knowing what SGs will be unlocked, not needing to monitor campaign closely, having access to more published reviews and posts about game and most important having more time before making a final decision. And... the least important but certainly not the least fun: instead of being called out entitled multiple times for actually proposing one of the recommended solution by Jamey Stegmaire how $1 issue could be addressed, next time I will just buy popcorn :)

    11. MichaelTMcD on

      Suggesting its a plurality rather than a majority is semantics. In common usage the majority of people who responded wanted no change. If you want to restrict it to election terminology then you should have at least called it an absolute majority

    12. Missing avatar

      Delaware Jones on

      Cripes. I pledged a dollar because the campaign ended during a time when I'm not exactly flush with cash. I intend to upgrade during the pledge manager because I will have a paycheck or four by then. There's no intent to harm nor insult backers nor GFG.

      Folks need to calm themselves.

    13. Crom on

      Im guessing that a lot of $1 backers upgrade to regular pledges when the pledge manager opens up. Can you share the data on that? If its a significant percentage, then it would be foolish of you to deny them the opportunity.

      As an aside, why do all the ships in the art for this game look like they are going backwards? The prow should be the higher end and is where the figurehead goes, not the other way around. Every person Ive shown the ship art to has agreed. You guys should really consider changing it.

    14. Missing avatar

      matthew beeler on

      I missed the survey, but me personally I backed at a dollar because I couldn't currently afford the full amount till after christmas. It's an awful time to do a Ks honestly. I own every thing for Com since it's my favorite game next to Blood Rage. If I'm going to have to choose from giving you a dollar to then pay for it later compared to not getting it at all, then I won't be giving you my money which I don't want to do. Making it harder for people to give you money is less than ideal I would think.

    15. Missing avatar

      Calvin on

      It is interesting to see even after a vote and 43.3% speak up and say they want to stay the same and this is still not consider majority. Talking is cheap, I suggest next time remove the $1 pledge to access PM and we'll whether that actually helps the funding or not.

    16. Missing avatar

      Adam Brenton

      @Grey Fox - Nope, not buying that. At least own the mistake.

    17. Missing avatar

      michmuis on

      Vikings dont back into a beach. And if your sucked in your sail would back into the mast not turn around. This is just making up things to not have tochange the artwork. While clearly a mistake was made because you are changing the token.

    18. Grey Fox Games 16-time creator on

      @Adam - In the case of this specific card, the idea is that they are being sucked into the portal backwards. In the case of the cover, the boat is backing in and the vikings are jumping off to pillage.

      --- Alex

    19. Justin Watson on

      I appreciate the effort and communication on this KS. Its refreshing to see Grey Fox Games trying to understand the people wanting to buy their game and to help have a better KS campaign in the future. My preference would be to set say a minimum $20 pledge to get access to the pledge manager, or a $1 pledge can only get the retail game. I had to make a financial decision to buy this game and forego bidding for other games. There needs to be incentive to contribute to the stretch goals, otherwise what happens when more and more people start to just bid $1, we may even get games in the future not funded, or barely funded, which makes it hard for the game publishers to plan and decide on things like how many copies of the game to print for retail. Great work on the KS campaign though, I think many of us appreciate the communication and the lowering of some of the later stretch goals. Thanks!

    20. Grey Fox Games 16-time creator on

      @Richard - That's referring to the Ultimate Conqueror pledge level, which was what the vast majority of backers pledged at to get Reavers.

      ---- Alex

    21. Missing avatar

      Robby Clark

      The Hammer of Summoning, since it calls forth more warriors. Or maybe something like Odin's Call, though that's not very hammer-y.

    22. Missing avatar

      Richard Morgan

      One of the problems with the survey was understanding what "ultimate conqueror" meant. There was nothing in the survey to explain it.

    23. Missing avatar

      michmuis on

      Are you guys redoing the artwork with the backwards sails?
      Because first there was a mentioning of this on the campaign page but now its gone and only the token is changed and not the art.

    24. Missing avatar

      Adam Brenton

      I hope you are planning to redo all of the artwork that has the sail backwards. It’s frustratingly ignorant.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jason L on

      @David, the survey was a google survey that was linked in the last update. Even non-backers could have filled out the survey.

    26. Missing avatar


      I like how you guys are scrubbing through the data. I havent seen this level of detail in any other KS campaign. Im an analyst so I can appreciate nerding out on data. Was the survey submitted to all backers or only the $1 pledges?

    27. Zargothrax on

      Is it me or is the sail blowing the wrong direction again?

    28. B.T. on

      Thanks Alex. I know I’ve been vocal - and even been accused of being “entitled” - about the survey and the pledge issue. But through it all I support GFG and Reavers. I have no clue how difficult it is to run and manage a KS campaign. It’s easy for all of us, no matter how right we think we are, to sit back and criticize. For that I apologize sincerely. Maybe I did act “entitled,” but ultimately this is just a hobby and only a game. It’s not life or death for me, but this IS your livelihood. For that, I must give benefit over any doubt. You guys DID listen to the community. You DID lower the recessed board SG. You DID make a great game (again). See you at PAXU. I’ll be there tomorrow having a cheesesteak and getting my badge. 😉

    29. ForcePulse on

      Can't wait to get my hands on the game! Hoping for not delays!! XD