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A single worker placement, dice placement game set in the Champions of Midgard universe.
A single worker placement, dice placement game set in the Champions of Midgard universe.
5,893 backers pledged $466,224 to help bring this project to life.

Now the Real Journey Begins....

Posted by Grey Fox Games (Creator)

Hey Reavers of Midgard backers,

Wow wow wow! We're a bit out of breath here. That was a dizzying final day and we're so grateful for all of you who joined in down the stretch.

First of all, thank you so very much! This has been a tremendous journey and we couldn't have done it without you.

Reavers of Midgard was created for all of the fans who've loved Champions of Midgard and its expansions. It's the result of years of hard work, ideas, passion and love. We're honored you wanted to play a part in bringing the game to life and continue to build the Midgard universe.

As the title of this update suggests, this is really just the start. From here we're going to be continuing to polish Reavers of Midgard to make it the best possible game it can be. Art and graphics still need to be tweaked and there's still some minor tweaks at the gameplay level to complete, not to mention rulebook editing and production layouts. We'll be keeping you in the loop as we move forward with those steps, getting input as needed.

The next step comes in about two weeks when we release the pledge manager on BackerKit. As we'll explain, it's going to be very important to have that filled out as soon as possible so we can get production numbers locked in and know exactly where to ship your pledge.

But that's the technical stuff.... Today and tonight is for celebrating! Here's to you Reavers of Midgard backers! Thanks for allowing us to do what we do, making games we love and you love for many many game nights to come.

Until next time....


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    1. Dirk Schira on

      I’m totally with you.

      That’s the problem of this century. People getting greedy.
      First of all they are backing an idea of a game. And that alone should be the reason to put your money in. All the stretch goals and exclusive stuff is just a thing on top of a great game, that the company can give you, when they see that that there is a big interest in the game. So pleople stop complaining and be satisfied with what you get.

    2. Nabend

      People have been whining and tantruming about the boards. Now that they are included you notice that we get less content but more bling. Something got to give. But please do keep nagging about another free lunch with sprinkles on top.

    3. Missing avatar


      Well - it's not "that close" - it's 10K. So I would totally understand, if they said: "Sorry guys, but we cannot afford unlocking this last SG".

    4. chuassg86 on

      Will the last SG be unlocked, if after PM and Late Pledges, the amount surpasses the target?

    5. Missing avatar

      Iñigo Martínez on

      I'm also surprised that GFG has not unlocked that last SG, particularly after being soooo close. I hope that GFG finally includes it.

    6. Greg Broxterman

      gifting the last stretch goal is getting to be like encores at concerts. and that's become somewhat of a hokey tradition, tho it is conducive to a nice tapering off flow.

    7. Olivier Van Brockhoven on

      I'm surprise we don't have the last stretch goal as a final gift. maybe in the pledge manager...

    8. Min

      It's so sad that final SG is still locked...

    9. Richard C. Moore on

      Yeah! So close to that last stretch goal too.....