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A single worker placement, dice placement game set in the Champions of Midgard universe.
A single worker placement, dice placement game set in the Champions of Midgard universe.
5,893 backers pledged $466,224 to help bring this project to life.

~4 Hours to Go - $430K Stretch Goal UNLOCKED -Stretch Goal Switch

Posted by Grey Fox Games (Creator)

Hey there Reavers of Midgard backers,

We've got four and a half hours left in the campaign and if you thought things were moving before, just sit back and watch these final few hours.


A deluxe box for our deluxe backers
A deluxe box for our deluxe backers

We have now unlocked a box upgrade for Reavers of Midgard that will come exclusively on the Kickstarter editions of the game. This will really make Reavers stand out on your shelf when it gets there next year!

Next up is a set of Grey Fox-exclusive Sea Battle cards at $450K.

Stretch Goal Switch

Are you not entertained?
Are you not entertained?

Well, we heard you on the upgraded player boards and based on feedback and talking it over internally, we've made a switch to the stretch goals in these waning hours.

For those who said this was keeping you from backing the game, with us this close we're hoping this change will prove satisfying.

- - -

Thanks for the strong support! You are incredible folks and our company is fired up right now ahead of the finish!

Alex - Grey Fox Games

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    1. Sebastian Benders on

      I'll be honest - I'm not a $1 backer and I guess they are the only ones who can give you a definitive answer. As for me, a Kickstarter really needs to be something special. I don't mind waiting a year for it to come out, for instance, knowing I'll get something awesome when it comes.

      The stretch goals you've offered so far have been rather "meh", especially the cards. The token upgrade, the box upgrade and the recessed player upgrade board really get me going, though. I'd almost not have backed this (being a $0 backer, I guess, a "follower" of the campaign) because the stretch goals were rather unclear in the long run and not really exciting.

      I decided to back, however, based on the amazing reputation of Champions of Midgard and I'd felt I'd be remiss to let this one slide. You created a nice game with CoM and deserve my trust, so based on that I decided to back and go 'all-in'.

      I also mean to thank you for moving up the recessed player boards from $500 to $475 to $450, so that this meaningful stretch goal was able to reached. I think with better (more exciting) stretch goals and also with more transparency about what stretch goals would be up and coming, you'd get a better response -- even though the result of this campaign is by no means bad!!


    2. Grey Fox Games 16-time creator on

      @Justin - We are having EXTENSIVE conversations about how to handle this in the future. It seems like there's some amount of gaming of that system that we likely need to fix.

      --- Alex

    3. Justin Watson on

      I understand why people pay the $1 pledge and why it is offered by most kickstarters. I tend to just bid on games I actually want. That said, I wonder if a kickstarter project would be better off if $1 pledgers only got the base game and not the stretch goals as they didn't contribute (much) to them. The question would be whether enough of the $1 pledgers would bid more to offset the $1 pledgers that choose not to pledge. Or maybe have a minimum pledge amount of like $20 to earn the stretch goals and a $1 pledge is either a donation or the opportunity to buy the base game. It may be a logistical nightmare though! That said I have to congratulate Grey Fox games for bringing those upgraded ship mats into play, by dropping it twice from $500k to $450k which has now been surpassed. To be honest I was sold when the organiser trays came into play!

    4. Urutsini

      Whenever I am involved in group buy-in, I still pledge $1 to get campaign updates. That is likely another common reason for the $1 pledges.

    5. Devils_Advocate on

      Another 1$ backer here:

      Also one simple reason. Money is tight. I am a Student, so my extra finances, for everything not related to living expenses, need to be budgeted... and sadly I already used a lot of that budget to pledge for other games.

      And as others have already pointed out, currently there are a lot of very good KS coming out. For example I have my eyes on the Assassins Creed Boardgame. Now they gave me a real incentive to back on the Tiered Pledge instead of just being a 1$ backer. They made it so everyone who is a full pledger will get a very hefty Add On for free.

      Now I don´t want to tell you, that you "HAVE" to do this, but I have to admit, that apart from helping out with reaching Stretchgoals, there really is not much incentive to pay money up front, when it is tight.

      As others have pointed out, if 1$ gains me access to the PM, why should i not go for that amount, if I will be able to spend like 10$ per month after the PM is out, and slowly accumalte my way to the full tier .

    6. Missing avatar

      Lucas Godoy on

      I'm backing at $1 for a particular reason:

      Although i live in Brazil I want my game to be in english and the "only Brazil" pledge only offers the game in portuguese.
      I've been told to pledge for the international reward but the shipping cost to Brazil is wrong ($50 instead of $35 if I'm not mistaken), and I was instructed to wait for further notice.
      However, this happened 2 weeks ago and I'm still waiting on any information.
      Maybe my problem was overlooked since I might be the only one with the issue, so the $1 is to allow me in the future to think about whether I'll upgrade my pledge or just leave a contribution to help fund this amazing game.

    7. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      Also the other Kickstart that are running concurrently is a factor. My budget for the month is almost over.

    8. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      For me there is still no lie to make me go all in in this campaign. I'm keeping my $1 pledge as the price of shipping is to expensive and still waiting for the weight of the games to decide if I'm going to use forwarder service instead.

      I like CoM and it's my family game but i'm not convinced that this game is a CoM killer to upgrade my pledge now.

      I need to see more playthrough/information of the gameplay rather just components to decide on it.

    9. Gottagame9000

      Yea, I just wanted to share with you that this has been an extremely busy month for Kickstarters. Now I am a full backer and not a $1, but I have several other projects that'll i'll be paying for addons or make full pledges hopefully after I recovery a few paychecks in a later pledge manager

    10. Jim Pridgen

      I'm at $1 simply due to the volume of other KS running right now. I've had 5 backed campaigns end since Nov 1 and 5 more than are still active. Have to spread the expenses out somehow. I fully intend to upgrade during the Pledge Manager.

    11. Corey Smith on

      There is a dearth of information about how the game actually plays. Does it feel like point soup with a slapped on theme? If so, are the mechanical interactions intriguing enough to make that not matter? How is the interaction? Does it end up feeling like multiplayer solitaire? Take that? High interaction but ultimately feels random? You can try to imagine how these things will play out from the materials presented.

      I would have preferred to see reviews from some of the most trusted "brands" on youtube, or a lot more smaller independent voices. At the moment, I trust that a good complete game will be delivered with very high production value, but it's not clear that it won't ultimately be mediocre and forgettable gameplay. In particular, there isn't really that much I can see that is truly new in this game, so it all hangs on how it all gels together.

    12. Tom Pancoast

      I backed at $1 in the hope that I could get the CoM expansions, but I since learned that you won't offer the add-ons without a base pledge. I like CoM enough to keep my foot in the door for the pledge manner.

    13. Thorlight

      @Anduril: The game will go to retail but the playmat will not. Dont think 25$ + 6$ shipping is a waste of money for having it during that time.

      When the new KS for the so called expantions coe up sell the playmat to a retail buyer for like 10-15$ done deal.

      And that a expantion is comming in one year is just a guess took 2 for Champions of Midgard to come out with ton of community begging ;-)

    14. Grey Fox Games 16-time creator on

      Thanks to the folks who already weighed in on the $1 question. We'll be running a survey post-campaign to gather clearer data. We updated the update to talk about the player boards.

      --- Alex

    15. Olivier Van Brockhoven on

      I'd be happy to freely tell you why I'm only backing at $1:

      i don't have money right now ! I realy enjoy champion of midgard so i'm looking for that one too but sadly i have to wait the pledge manager to give you lot of money cause i will take expansion for champion too.

    16. Missing avatar

      Anduril Wildfire on

      I'd be happy to freely tell you why I'm only backing at $1:
      I fully expect there to be a campaign for the inevitable expansion and I'll be getting everything when that time comes, but I don't want to buy a playmat that will be obsolete in a year and I'd rather wait until that time for all the kinks to be worked out.
      I still backed so I could get all the updates though.
      No hard feelings. I love what you do. That's just the way it is.

    17. Matt Freitas

      The answer is simple there are 100+ good kickstarters going on right now. So at $1 we can follow the campaign and when you guys are ready to launch the pledge manager at a later date we can see what our finances look like then and back then.

      And the most likely more true statement here is plain and simple. These are just preorders at this point a pledge manager is usually 2-3 months later in the project so people would rather preorder as close to ship date as possible so why fully pay here when you can also fully pay in 2-3 months.

    18. Burtram Anton

      The high quantity of $1 backers might be related to the upcoming BlackFriday / Holiday shopping season.

      A good number of backers might already be budgeted for Holiday shopping and wanting to increase their pledge in February after they get their tax refunds...