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A single worker placement, dice placement game set in the Champions of Midgard universe.
A single worker placement, dice placement game set in the Champions of Midgard universe.
5,893 backers pledged $466,224 to help bring this project to life.

Late Night Update - $400K Stretch Goal Unlocked - New Stretch Goal

Posted by Grey Fox Games (Creator)

Hey there Reavers of Midgard backers,

The quick pace has continued down the stretch and, with ~17 hours left, we've just cracked a big milestone.

$400K Stretch Goal Unlocked

My prediction came true!
My prediction came true!

We're above the $400K mark, meaning we've unlocked more content for this game... This time it's a pair of new prophecy cards to add to the game. This adds even more content, meaning more replayability for Reavers of Midgard for years to come. Nice work!

Next up is a box upgrade at $435K to make the Ultimate Conqueror boxes really stand out from the retail copies.

New Stretch Goal

Another dangerous battle lurks ahead...
Another dangerous battle lurks ahead...

If we hit $450K on this campaign, we'll unlock yet another set of Sea Battle cards for the game. The art we're requesting from Yaroslav for these cards will be a ghostly woman with glowing eyes and wild hair floating above the sea line. Given what he's done on other cards, we expect these to be epic as well.

- - -

That's all for now! Hope everyone's ready to get some rest because we've got a busy day in store for us tomorrow. Thanks to everyone, new and old, who's joined us on this journey!

Alex - Grey Fox Games


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    1. IamDefiler on

      @J M and all the others complaining about this stretch goal and that stretch goal and how they are priced, etc. Just shut your mouth and back or don't. It's that simple. Are you REALLY not going to back it because of one aesthetic? Quit complaining and enjoy the game for what it is, awesome.

    2. Missing avatar

      J M on

      While the game looks great and I hope the campaign reaches 475k (various trend sites est around 430k - 450k), I really think the stretch goals were kind of messed up in regards to the player boards. These should have come way before all the extra cards, which really aren't that much extra:

      Base game - 269 cards
      Stretch goals - 18 cards
      Stretch funds (cards only) - $195,000

      So, basically, nearly 200k in stretch goal funds was used to unlock 18 cards or about 6.6% increase in card count. Really?!? This feels soooo bad. As a creator, surely you can see this. I know it's probably too late to change a lot, but I sincerely hope you consider at least adding the option for the upgraded boards as an addon for those that want it. All the other stretch goals feel good (box upgrade, card upgrade, token upgrade), but the cards are just not there and I really think you could have done better.

      It's the reason I've only back for PM access as opposed to full price to help get those goals (don't hate, I'll be checking the campaign right before end and if it's close, I'll increase to full to do my part to help get it there).

    3. Grey Fox Games 16-time creator on

      @Quentin - Please look at this update: . It shows off art we commissioned after backers unlocked a stretch goal early in the campaign. As we receive art from stretch goals we unlock, we'll share it, but @Nabend is dead correct. We commission art for these when they are unlocked, not beforehand.

      --- Alex

    4. Nabend

      Because they are stretch goals. The rest of the game is nearly done, but stretch goals are sometimes only commissioned when the money is available. Funny thing that, artists not working for free.

      Other campaigns with fake stretch goals might have given you the impression that everything is created already and stretch goal is just another word for artificial suspense marketing

    5. Que Parker on

      Out of curiosity.. How come we have never seen any of the art of the stretch goal cards we unlock through the campaign?