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A hand management, bluffing and betting game with unique gameplay and an awesome steam punk pirate theme.
1,236 backers pledged $40,911 to help bring this project to life.

The game is done!

Posted by Grey Fox Games (Creator)

Hello Backers,

Great news.  It looks as if they will have everything wrapped up with our game sometime next week.  I have personally reviewed the completed game (and expansion) and it really is gorgeous (please see the pics).  We will then book the ship and get the game sailing over here.  With some luck that will put it here in about 45-50 days.  Needless to say, I am pretty excited about it.

On a side note, I do have a question to pose to you that I would like your input on.  I have a partner in China that will be receiving the Asia/ Pacific copies of the game to handle fulfillment to that part of the world.  He will have the games about 45 days prior to us getting them in the US.  I can have him hold them until we receive our copies in the US or I can allow him to start shipping immediately.  It means those backers in that part of the world would get their games much earlier.  I do have my own opinion on this, but I will leave that to myself for now.  I wanted to hear from you guys and gals.  This isn't a vote that is going to decide the outcome.  I just want to know if, in general, people feel strongly one way or another.  

Thanks for all your support in making the game happen!


Full game
Full game
Final production cards
Final production cards
Captains Wager Maelstrom sealed box
Captains Wager Maelstrom sealed box
Captains Wager Maelstrom cards
Captains Wager Maelstrom cards


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    1. VFI on

      I am really happy to see your support for us in the East. As an American in China it was so frustrating to see games leave the province next door, then head to the states then wait for for them to get back here. Thank you.

    2. James Hardison

      This is all about getting the game in people's hands. Someone in New Zealand getting theirs before I I get mine isn't going to bend my nose out of shape. Ship 'em!

    3. Matthew Bane on

      I'd release it. Who cares about geography, we're all gamers.

    4. Grey Fox Games 16-time creator on

      I cannot say that I am surprised by the responses. I really didn't expect anything else. This is such a great community.

    5. Jeffery Charles

      I agree. Send them.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Yeah send them their games. It's his they can get them early. Why not.

    7. Magnus Bergqvist

      As a backer here in Sweden, I say, ship it out as soon as you can. It is no fun to almost always have to wait in some cases months to get things I have helped fund.

    8. Andrew Miller on

      Let them play. :)

    9. Aikuchi on

      If the game is done let them play, have fun.

    10. scott strantz

      Let them have their games, I wouldn't want to wait for mine if I didn't have to.

    11. David Ballard

      ABSOLUTELY send them their games as soon as possible (US backer here). Fulfillment is always going to happen at different times in different parts of the world; sometimes we get our stuff first, and sometimes we get our stuff last. Delaying someone else's shipment just because mine isn't ready would just be petty. Besides, you probably don't want to pay for storage if you don't have to.

    12. Missing avatar

      Thomas McManus on

      I say send them the game, they backed it just like I did, let them play it sooner rather than later! I'll be patiently waiting for my copy. :)

    13. Joseph M. Louis on

      Let their journey be early!

    14. Missing avatar

      Barny Baker on

      Hi, UK based. I'm happy for people to receive their copies as soon as time permits.

    15. Craig Taylor

      Send the game IMO. Hurts no one

    16. TERW_DAN on

      Send the game as soon as you can. No need to keep people waiting for no real reason.

    17. Patrick

      I see no valid reason to wait on the Pacific copies, nor would I take offense. Go ahead and send them.

    18. Matthew Klure on

      I see no reason to hold them back from the Asian supporters.
      - California resident.

    19. Ben Abruzzi on

      So happy game is done can't wait to play. As for shipping ship it whenever you can don't hold it back.

    20. Drew Johnson on

      Go for it. I'll be honest, I'm reeeeeally going to be anticipating the game by the time it gets here, but I know I would be more eager and maybe even irritated if it was there and the games were ready and I still had to wait.

    21. Joseph Reissmann on

      The game looks great! I can't wait to get my copy!

      On the question of some backers getting theirs earlier than others: I don't see any reason to wait.

    22. Justin Gramm

      Same here. Ship as soon as you can. Making them wait for us just seems downright silly.

    23. Donald Roeber

      Ship 'em!

    24. Rayon Seng on

      I agree with everyone else. Ship them!

    25. Katrina Hennessy

      Looking good!
      Please feel free to send the game out from the various distribution centers as soon as you may. It makes no sense to pay extra for warehousing them while the rest are in transit by ship. Nor does it make sense for me as a backer to expect another backer to wait so we can all receive them at approximately the same time.

    26. ORCPnP on

      Let em loose! It can help generate buzz for the game so the anticipation is at a fever pitched when ti does hit out doorsteps and our FLGS's!


    27. Juan Jose Guerrero III

      As always appreciate the update. It is awesome to see everything coming together. Overall games looks beautiful and excited to get it and play it.

      As to the your question. I see now reason why other backers should not be able to get it earlier if possible. I see no reason to limit others fulfillment due to logistics. Ideally as long as it does not incur cost or penalties backers should be fulfilled as quickly as possible wherever they may be.

    28. J Pierce on

      Yeah, give them a break for a change. It in no ways lessens my enjoyment. I love spreading the joy of gaming; why would I want them to sit in a warehouse?

    29. Kenneth Spond

      The US is extremely privileged when it comes to gaming. We always get free shipping. We always get to participate in contests. We always get our games before everyone else. Damn it, let's give them their games!

    30. Missing avatar

      Edward Gale on

      Why should it matter? as long as I get mine I don't care if people in the east get theirs first, it just means they are lucky. However I still understand why people think it matters. I am however singly on the side that doesn't care.

    31. randomscrub on

      Go ahead and ship as able. We in the USA often get ours earlier than the rest of the world. If it makes sense to flip that, it's only fair!

    32. Missing avatar

      Michael Schnekser

      Let them get their copies as soon as able. What does it hurt the rest of us?

    33. Chris Van Deusen on

      Okay by me to go ahead and ship it.

    34. Mitchell Kidder

      It won't bother me in the least that other backers get their copy before I get mine.

    35. Missing avatar

      Nancy Olson on

      Send what you can when you can. I see no reason to make them wait.

    36. Benjamin Marsh on

      Go ahead and let them have it early. I look forward to hearing their reports on the game.

    37. Kit Warren on

      If it is for backers, ship it to them. But, tell them no one can play the game until everyone has theirs. :P

    38. Julien Duprie

      I'm french and no problem for that. Happy for them ;)

    39. Richard Mulholland

      Looks fantastic, ship away. Games are made for playing, not sitting in the warehouse.

    40. strahdd on

      Give it to them early. Most of the time, backers in that part of the world have to wait. I am fine with them getting something first for once.

    41. The Doctor on

      I don't care if they get their games first, my only concern is that they will start selling these online, and people who didn't back the project would be able to get it before actual backers.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ashley Hall on

      No problem with anyone getting their game before others from me.
      We're all desperate to get it ASAP, so why ruin other peoples enjoyment.
      I say get it out there whenever you can.

    43. Missing avatar

      Shawn Driscoll on

      Well they did pay more shipping than us here in the US, so I'd say that's pretty fair to let them have it early :)

    44. Johnathan Sergeant on

      By all means, all backers should receive the game as quickly as fate allows. I would never wish a wait on someone else just because I have to. How horrible. Hope no one would do that to me...