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A hand management, bluffing and betting game with unique gameplay and an awesome steam punk pirate theme.
1,236 backers pledged $40,911 to help bring this project to life.

Visual spolier is ready. One step away from the PnP.

Posted by Grey Fox Games (Creator)

Hello all,

If any of you are so inclined, I would like to put you to work (and you probably thought you were finished).  Editing a game is a rather tedious process and despite our best efforts there always seems to be something that gets missed.  We've found that the more eyes we get on it, the better chances we have of catching all the errors.  With that in mind, I asked Andre to upload all the cards to the site so that anyone could look at them.  If you do want to take a look and notice and spelling of grammatical errors, please let me know by commenting in this post.  Just give the name of the card and the error you see.

Here is the link to the cards:

Also, please don't forget to vote our game up on the most anticipated games list of 2014 at BGG.  We are still about 120 votes shy of breaking the top 20.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Stephen Lander on

      Disregard - didn't read Greg's post well enough. Sad since it's the first one.

      Keep up the good work!

    2. Missing avatar

      Stephen Lander on

      Not sure if has already been mentioned, but the "Electromagnetic Warhorn" appears to have two words smashed together. It shows "...reduces the value of their playedcrew card by 2." Just a space is needed between "played" and "crew."

      Everything else appeared fine to me.

    3. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      Haunting Visions vs Possessed Crew: As has been mentioned, these seem like the same effect. Whichever text you use, you'll want to make a small edit. The text of Haunting Visions does not need a comma after "discards 1 random crew card," but the text of Possessed Crew does need a comma after "discards 1 random crew card."
      Electromagnetic Warhorn: Space is missing between "played" and "crew."

    4. Missing avatar

      Geoff on

      Death and Taxes: How to tie-break? (see Cursed Treasures comment below.)

    5. Missing avatar

      Geoff on

      Cursed Treasures:

      If players are tied for greatest treasure, do they all receive a Haunt token?
      In which case "player" should become "player(s)"
      If not, you'll need to clarify what happens in the event of a tie.

    6. Ryan on

      In reference to card names:

      Capitalization of "of the" varies throughout the spoiler. Usually they are not capitalized so "Priest Of The Machine" should be (IMO) "Priest of the Machine." Blood of the Hydra, for example, seems to be using small caps more correctly.

      There is an extra space or just bad kerning on Experimental Gem Weapon.

      And... Speaking of kerning, please give some love to "Aid" on the Player Aid Card. It's on the verge of unreadable... lop the top off of the I and tuck the D over to the left – you'll have made your own ligature. Worth the effort on something every player will see every game!

      Sorry to be a type snob – very excited guys!!

    7. Supporter on

      Since "gain" and "+" mean the same thing in Haunt context, to reduce confusion, I suggest using one over the other (e.g. "gain 1 Haunt" and "lose 1 Haunt", or "+1 Haunt" and "-1 Haunt"); this avoids the issues of "lose +1 Haunt" or "gain -1 Haunt" and "lose -1 Haunt" :).

      Friends Caleb and Geoff know what I'm talking about.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nam Ngo on

      Counterfeit Coins - doesn't indicate when you can play it/activate its ability as a first line (as all other treasures tell you when their ability is relevant to be played).

    9. RHPDaddy

      Unscrupulous Profiteer - should read "Free from morals, ethics, and fair deals"

    10. Grey Fox Games 16-time creator on

      Wow. That's about all I can say. This would be exactly why I put this out there. Thanks everyone for taking the time to do this. We will make the spelling and grammar changes and consider all the other suggestions. Shane.

    11. Dustin Schwartz on

      The capitalization of key terms across the cards is wildly inconsistent. Crew. I suggest evaluating your pool of key terms and figuring out exactly what you're going to capitalize and what you're not, and then doing some find/replace in your editing software.

    12. Missing avatar

      Shawn Driscoll on

      Orphan Stowaway: "Keep 1 as an Item. Return the other..." - Personally, I would combine the two sentences. It's not a big deal, just might flow better.

    13. Missing avatar

      Arucuan on

      Sorry.. That last post was in reference to "Pouch of Gold."

    14. Missing avatar

      Arucuan on

      "Ostentation" might be preferable to "ostentatiousness," which is a (relatively new) degradation.

    15. Missing avatar

      Geoff on

      Rewrites for simplicity:
      (Simplicity may be in the eye of the beholder.)

      Borrowed time: 'Beginning with the starting captain,' is redundant, remove it.

      The Doctor / Storm Kraken
      Put "always round up" in the rules, leave it off the cards.

      Storm Kraken: Put the benefit first.
      When you play Storm Kraken, you may discard one of your Claimed Treasure cards
      at random. If you do add half of that card's value, rounded up, to this card.

      You may randomly select one of your Claimed Treasure cards and add half of
      that card's value to this card. The treasure is then junked.

      Rare Medicine: Put the benefit first.
      Discard a Crew card then add any card from the Crew discard pile to your hand.

      Add any card from the Crew discard pile to your hand, then discard a crew card.

      Death Comes To Us All:

      Rename one or both of "Death Comes To Us All (+1/+2)"

      Death Comes To Us All (+1)
      Death Comes For Us All (+2)

      Death Comes Slowly To Us All (+1)
      Death Comes Quickly To Us All (+2)

      The Old Go To Death. (+1)
      Death Comes For The Young (+2)

      Player count indicators:

      The 4+/5+ as a player count indicator on the cards is confusing because of it's
      similarity to the +3 on the clockwork monkey.
      (eg: Make the number a different colour, or make the background into a little
      flag or something that's not a circle.)

      All text in this post is free for use: CC0 — “No Rights Reserved”

    16. Missing avatar

      Arucuan on

      Your handling of this project gets more impressive by the day...I wish more newspapers, advertisements, websites, billboards, etc., etc. were as vigilant as you guys! Well done.
      This may have already been mentioned (I looked but didn't see it), but Gem Technician runs into grammatical trouble in trying to accommodate singular and plural possibilities. The best solution may be to re-word it to say some thing like "...the Treasure Deck of their owner(s)."

    17. Missing avatar

      Geoff on

      Questions not directly related to editing:

      Kraken's tentacle, Why can't you play it on yourself? (You might not want to,
      but removing the restriction makes the card text simpler.)

      Wearable wings:
      "Play immediately before an encounter is resolved."
      Could this just be 'end of encounter'?
      How does it interact with Tesla pistol?

      Ornate Key: Play any time during an encounter. (Even if it's not your turn?)
      Ornate key: Why the one Treasure card requirement?

      Will the Illus. / copyright appear on the printed card?
      There's room to put the whole word: Illustrations/Illustrated.

    18. Missing avatar

      Geoff on


      Silver cutlass: "Eastern Horizon" font is jarring.

      Strong Beer: Newline after "Play at the start of an encounter."
      Strong Beer: "Dead Man's Pale Ale." font is jarring.

      The Doctor: remove the quotes from "Doctor".
      (The joke is in the flavour text.)

      Player Aid Card:
      Remove quotes from around the doctor and the enlightened gunner to match the
      card titles.

      Flee this cursed place - remove ! from title. No other punctuation in titles.

    19. Missing avatar

      Geoff on


      Electromagnetic Warhorn: inconsistent capitalisation of 'Crew card'

      Manic Mechanic: 'claimed treasures stack' capitalisation inconsistent.

      Dragons Breath: 'Crew cards' capitalisation inconsistent.
      Dragons Breath: (the -> an) Play at the end of AN encounter.

      Monkey's paw: 'item' capitalisation inconsistent.
      Nowhere to run: 'steal' capitalisation inconsistent.

      Remove "+" from haunt numbers, currently inconsistent and "-" is never used.

    20. Missing avatar

      Andrei Navarro on

      On the Orphan Stowaway card I noticed that it says "Draw two cards....", "Keep 1 as an item...." and "return the other...." . Im not sure if you wanted to keep the cards' flow by switching it to "two" "one" and "other" or going "2" "1" "other ". There are other cards like the Gem technician that say "Draw 2 cards...." maybe im being nitpicky.

    21. Missing avatar

      Johnathon Calkins on

      Inconsistent in word breaks - not sure which you want. Technically should be separate words.
      Clockwork Monkey "steampipe"
      Thrifty Engineer "steam pipes"
      Rare Medicine "steamcoil"

    22. Ed Garcia on

      Brass Spyglass: (Flavor Text)
      "A peek at [a] rival's ship now, a cunning display of piracy later"

    23. Missing avatar

      Johnathon Calkins on

      The "Doctor"
      "physican" vs. "physician"

    24. Gustav Wedholm

      Death Comes To Us All:
      relfected -> reflected

    25. Missing avatar

      Johnathon Calkins on

      The Strong Shall Suffer
      "stregnth" vs. "strength"

    26. Gustav Wedholm

      Priest Of The Machine:
      Inconsistent title casing on this card, should probably be "of the" instead.

    27. Missing avatar

      Johnathon Calkins on

      Death Comes To Us All - the +2 one
      "relfected" vs. "reflected"

    28. Gustav Wedholm

      Player Aid Card:

      The "Enlightened Gunner" card has quotation marks around Enlightened on the Player Aid Card, but not on the actual card. I guess the Player Aid Card is more correct as it adds humor to the card, just as the The "Doctor" card :)

      "crew cards" in the "End of an adventure" section should be Title Cased as it is on all the other cards.

    29. Caleb Harrelson on

      Thanks for requesting help with the editing, by the way. I hate seeing finished products with obvious errors in them. Hopefully such errors won't escape the eyes of so many helpful backers.

    30. Gustav Wedholm

      Monkey's Paw:
      Lose the comma sign in the flavor text, unless the inscribed text on the paw actually has a comma ;)

    31. Gustav Wedholm

      Kraken's Tentacle:
      Depending on your lore, "Kraken" should maybe be capitalized in the flavor text. Your choice of course :)
      Either way, you should use double quotation marks around "disarmed" for consistency.

    32. Missing avatar

      Peter Truong on

      The Maelstrom (The Easterlies):
      How about "The storm remains constant"?

    33. Missing avatar

      Peter Truong on

      Possessed Crew:
      "No one in their right mind will purposely..."
      The first sentence is in the past tense. Then the second sentence is in the present.

      If the first sentence is in the past, then consider changing the second sentence to the past tense.
      "No one who survived it..."

    34. Gustav Wedholm

      Blood of the Hydra:
      you hand -> your hand

    35. Caleb Harrelson on

      Unscrupulous Profiteer - Flavor text is missing an Oxford Comma. Please be sane and use Oxford Commas? :p
      Charming Swashbuckler - Add a comma after "less".
      The "Doctor" - Misspelled physician.
      Enlightened Gunner - Misspelled Enlightened once. Pedantic one here--did the cannon nearly miss, or nearly hit? I'd call it a near-hit ;)
      Gem Technician - You need an apostrophe on owners, but it can appear before the s (one owner) or after (multiple). I'd reword it to "Those cards are returned to the bottom of their respective owner's Treasure Decks."
      Roguish Aristocrat - "treasure decks" isn't capitalized here, but is elsewhere. Decide whether it should or shouldn't be capitalized and make it consistent throughout all text. Also needs a comma between the first "treasure decks" and "keeping"
      Storm Kraken - "Rounded up" appears between commas here, but is parenthetical on The "Doctor". Pick one style and make it consistent throughout all text.
      Brass Spyglass - Consider adding "a" before "rival's"
      Crystal Clock - Has the same "owner(s)" text that Gem Technician does, but without a grammatical error. Consider making the wording consistent with Gem Technician's text, whatever that ends up being.
      Electromagnetic Weapon - "Card" in "Crew Card" is capitalized here, but is usually not capitalized elsewhere. Pick one style and make it consistent throughout all text.
      Experimental Gem Weapon - Treasure Deck is not capitalized, but is elsewhere.
      Blood of the Hydra - "Card" in "Crew Card" is capitalized here, but is usually not capitalized elsewhere.
      Player Aid Card - "Crew Card" in several places, "crew card" near the end, "Crew card" almost everywhere else in the game. Make it consistent.
      Corrupting Influence - Misspelled "Machine"
      Cursed Treasures - Capitalized "Claimed Treasures"
      Death & Taxes - Corrupting Influence says "increase ... Haunt by 1", Cursed Treasures says "gains +1 Haunt" and Death & Taxes says "gain 2 Haunt". Make it consistent (I prefer Cursed Treasure's verbiage, which seems to be the most popular on other cards too).
      Flee This Cursed Place! - Add this to the cards that need Haunt value changes to be consistent, but this is a loss of Haunt instead which might make it more difficult to make consistent (e.g., "Lose +1 Haunt" is confusing)
      Haunting Visions - No space after the ellipsis.
      Possessed Crew - Same effect as Haunting Visions but different wording. Pick one and use it for both.
      The Strong Shall Suffer - Missing the plus sign before the number in "gains +1 Haunt"

      Rare Medicine - One I'm not sure of here: should "Crew discard pile" be title cased? Treasure Deck and Crew Deck are title cased, for comparison.

    36. Gustav Wedholm

      Experimental Gem Weapon:
      "treasure deck" should be Title Cased as it is on all the other cards.

    37. Timothy Rosenow on

      Re: Silver Cutlass

      Peter, the subject is "glint" and is therefore singular.

    38. Timothy Rosenow on

      I agree with Gustav on the Cleaver Keymaker issue.

    39. Gustav Wedholm

      Roguish Aristocrat:
      "treasure decks" should be Title Cased as it is on all the other cards.

    40. Missing avatar

      Peter Truong on

      Silver Cutlass:
      "The glint of the morning sun's rays stir the crew..."
      The subject (sun's rays) is plural; so, the verb needs to be a plural verb.

    41. Edward G.

      And let me correct myself:
      You may reduce one Crew Card by up to 2 points or two crew cards by 1 point.

    42. Edward G.

      Dragon's Breath - you might want to simplify the text since there are only two options to choose from:
      Play at the end of the encounter.

      You may reduce one Crew Card by 2 points or two Crew Cards by 1 point.

    43. Gustav Wedholm

      The "Doctor":
      physican -> physician

    44. Timothy Rosenow on

      Not sure if this is an error or not, but there are two Death Comes to Us All cards with different effects...maybe title one differently?

    45. Edward G.

      Charming Swashbuckler:
      "of value 11 or less adding its value" needs a comma to make it "of value 11 or less, adding its value"

    46. Gustav Wedholm

      Regarding Cleaver Keymaker and "one need not":
      This is grammatically OK as need is a modal verb, and the "one need not" fits the historical setting being used in this fashion. I support it! :)

    47. Gustav Wedholm

      Manic Mechanic:
      "claimed treasures stack" should be Title Cased as it is on all the other cards.

    48. Missing avatar

      Johnathon Calkins on

      Corrupting Influence
      "Priest of the Maching" vs. "Priest of the Machine"

    49. Missing avatar

      Peter Truong on

      Cleaver Keymaker:
      "One needs not wait" instead of "One need not wait"
      The subject is singular, if the subject was plural then the statement would be fine.

      Another way to phrase the beginning of the quote:
      "One does not wait..."

    50. Timothy Rosenow on

      Card 14 Enlightened Gunner: In the 2nd boldface sentence, it should be "Enlightened" again (missing the first "n")