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A hand management, bluffing and betting game with unique gameplay and an awesome steam punk pirate theme.
1,236 backers pledged $40,911 to help bring this project to life.

You guys did it! (and a surprise)

Posted by Grey Fox Games (Creator)

So the KS is over and the push at the end was epic.  I have to say, I wasn't very hopeful that we would make the Meeple, but you guys hit it and even blew past it by almost $1,000!  It kind of goes without say, you all are the best. 

While I am sure everyone is pretty psyched about the Meeple, I have another surprise. 

We had two very generous backers pick the Dashing Swashbuckler level towards the end of the campaign.  That level was going to have Andre immortalize them on an unlocked stretch goal crew card.  The problem is that all the stretch goal crew cards are already done.  Now we could just do new art, but what fun is that when we can include 2 totally new crew cards to be included in every copy of the game?  So in addition to everything we have already unlocked, we will be including two brand new additional crew cards. We will give you more details on those soon.  

Lastly, I have one more request for you guys.  BGG has a "Most Anticipated Games of 2015" thread up for voting.  If you are so inclined, please go give Captain's Wager a vote and let's see how high we can get it to.

Look for surveys to go out in a week or two.  I'll send out an update in advance.  

That's all I have for now.  Again, thank you for everything and for making this our best campaign yet.



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    1. Grey Fox Games 16-time creator on

      We will get the PnP out as soon as all the files are proofed. We will be putting up the cards for anyone who wants to review them and let us know if they find any errors. That will go up with a link in an update tomrrow. The art for the Maelstrom expansion will not be ready until Monday of next week, at which point we will get the PnP files underway. Should be ready around late next week assuming our PnP guy has the time with the holidays and all.

    2. GamesAll GamesAll on

      Hello, cool and well done, just let us know when the PnP are ready, as I want to print this one out and get playing it.

    3. Grey Fox Games 16-time creator on

      Hey David,

      When surveys go out, you will be able to ad whatever you would like.


    4. Missing avatar

      David Mc Guire on

      I know that you are very busy and the funding is closed, but I tried to authorized a total of $53.00. I first authorized the admiral level at $40.00, then later I tried to add a addition play matt at 13.00.When I did my pledge was reduced to 13.00. If you can I would like to be charged 53.00 and receive both the admiral level and, a play matt, or if that is not possible please charge me the original 40.00 for just the admiral level, My name is David Mc Guire Thanks for your time.