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A hand management, bluffing and betting game with unique gameplay and an awesome steam punk pirate theme.
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Last two days (and a shout out to Prismata)!

Posted by Grey Fox Games (Creator)

Hello all,

We are down to our final two days. The last couple have really ramped up thanks to all of you.

I wanted to share the artwork for the upgraded Player Aid Cards. Initially these were only going to be poker sized, but now, thanks to you, these will be the width of three cards and act as a play area for each player. There will be room for the Gold and Loan tokens that are collected throughout the game, as well useful information such as the Card Count and a quick reference for turn order.

I also wanted to give you more details on the Encounter Sets as I am hoping we can get those unlocked as well.  We don't have them graphically set up to show you but I can tell you how they will work.  In the base game, the encounters have effect on the game state. These however, will actually do something that effects the game state in some way.  We have not finalized them, but some of the ideas we will probably include are:

- When you win this encounter, steal the least valuable treasure from a player who has more claimed treasures than you.

- When you win this encounter, take 2 gold from the supply.

- When you win this encounter, add 1 to the next crew card you play.When you win this encounter, return one of your loan tokens to the supply.

Lastly, I wanted to mention another project that we really like.  It is called Prismata and in their words, it is an energetic online game that distills real-time strategy down to its purest form, and removes the "real-time". Here's what players have to say:

- "Worth failing my finals for, 10/10" (mdk_777) 

- "All the addiction of crack, with fewer health issues" (lumby)

Think Starcraft without the need for ridiculous reflexes and the memory and organizational skills of a savant.

Thanks again!


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