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A fast-paced, easy to learn, martial arts themed card and dice game where attack and defense happen at the same time.
A fast-paced, easy to learn, martial arts themed card and dice game where attack and defense happen at the same time.
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Bushido's Glorious Arrival Update

Posted by Grey Fox Games (Creator)

Hey there Bushido backers!

It's been an eventful past couple of days for this game. We have a recap and some updates on all of that below.

Bushido's Arrival

We received a big shipment into St. Louis, including, for the first time, long-awaited copies of Bushido.

Given the office anticipation, we couldn't wait to crack open a copy or two to see this game in its fully realized form.

The cards looked great.... the player boards were nice... the tokens came out beautifully and slot well into the board. But then we noticed something....

The Dice Problem

 The face distributions were all right, but there's a major problem.

In order to play the game, there are supposed to be:

  • 10 x Red Attack Dice
  • 5x Blue Evade Dice
  • 5x Grey Defense Dice

However, in several copies we opened we found that, consistently, there were:

  • 10x Blue Evade Dice
  • 5x Red Attack Dice
  • 5x Grey Defense Dice

That's not good at all...

The manufacturer has already agreed to print additional red dice to send us to make up for their massive mistake. We anticipate having them in hand in early January.

The Dice Solution


But that answer is not acceptable to us, especially given how long you have already had to wait to get this game in your hands. So, where it's possible, we've taken action to eliminate that delay altogether.

All hands on deck!
All hands on deck!

Yesterday afternoon, we gathered as many folks as we could to open 400+ other copies of Bushido and pull out the 5 red dice needed to make 400+ other copies complete, playable games.

Getting that done allows us to start sending out games to Kickstarter backers in the US and Canada today. For every copy of Bushido ordered we are bundling those extra set of 5 red dice outside of the box. You will still have 5 extra blue dice, but better too many than too few. Just set those aside from the rest and you should be good to go.

European Backers

The manufacturer should have sent the additional dice to our fulfillment partner by the time they're sending out games. You should expect to see the 5 additional red dice bundled once that game goes out the door.

Australian/Asian Backers

These copies are already at their respective fulfillment companies, or will be soon, Because of the dice issue, we need to hold off on sending those out until they have the necessary dice. We apologize for the additional delay, but it's a mistake we want to make sure is handled before those games go out.

- - - 

That's all for now! As we make progress on sending the games out the door, we'll keep you posted here.

Thanks for the patience and support. We're almost there!

Alex - Grey Fox Games

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    1. Justin Stone on

      I'm impressed by two things here. First, how persistent Grey Fox Games is. Your dedication to your KS backers is unfathomable. Second, how many horrible mistakes that printer has made. All of you should be sainted for guiding this game through all of this.

    2. Missing avatar

      Samuel on

      integrity move guys! Thanks so much for the extra hours you put in!

    3. Grey Fox Games 16-time creator on

      @Chris - It is. We just played a few sessions of it at our game night last night.

      --- Alex

    4. Chris Rees

      Is it easy to read the black symbols on those grey dice?