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A fast-paced, easy to learn, martial arts themed card and dice game where attack and defense happen at the same time.
A fast-paced, easy to learn, martial arts themed card and dice game where attack and defense happen at the same time.
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    1. Grey Fox Games 16-time creator on

      @Nathan - Narrowing the entire project to one artist would delay the game massively and be very expensive indeed. We are still working with two artists, but using Malcolm's art as a guideline for the newer artist still providing work. We have a new box design that we've been using internally that will likely not need to change but is different from the one you've seen so far. We'll be showing that off in the near future --- Alex

    2. David Carlton on

      I prefer three stylistic of the first. Second picture has interesting character realism but don't like the Street Fighter 4 feel of the brushstrokes. As someone who's been around martial arts and hand to hand combat...I think the important part to get correct is form, stances, and practicality of poses. The hammer pic would have strength but little control. Might be nit picking...but the more you pay it...threes closer you pay attention to details.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nathan Bignall on

      so does this mean you're narrowing your commission to a single artist or are you still using multiple artists but providing more strict guidelines/examples for them to work from? Will that artist also be used in the rulebook and box art design?

    4. Grey Fox Games 16-time creator on

      @Larkin, @Doug Part of the reason this took a little bit of time to make a decision on had to do with timing.

      We started commissioning art for this game in 2016.... followup art was commissioned mid-last year after we had issues getting what we wanted from the first artist. Followup art was commissioned after that when it was clear that wasn't going to suffice either. One of the problems we encountered with the art was finding out that in the case of the third art you see above, it was provided with the background and not in a PNG that would enable us to use the figures separately. That was only discovered fairly recently and limited the amount of usable art we had to work with. --- Alex

    5. Dimitri Gillis on

      Really liking the first one,hope you're going with that style.

    6. Tony on

      Not ideal, but not a big deal either. I'm glad you realized this and are taking steps to fix it. That is the most important thing. Please provide another update as soon as you have a new ETA... hopefully we will still have it before Gencon at least.

    7. Jesse McCloud on

      I'm glad the art is becoming not only more cohesive, but beginning to look more Japanese. Some of the early art looked very...American, for lack of a better word. It's looking much more appealing aesthetically, at least for me.

    8. Missing avatar

      Doug Bias on

      I understand delays, as they happen all the time, but how did this one happen? No one noticed this until now?

    9. Larkin on

      Fascinating to encounter yet another reason for a KS delay. I agree that different art is immersion breaking but why didn't you expect this to happen with three different artists ?

      Whatever, I'm learning to give up on waiting for KS games.