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L5 is a mysterious and compelling hard science fiction miniseries for online distribution.
84 backers pledged $3,767 to help bring this project to life.

Backer rewards update

Posted by Tom Ptasinski (Creator)

Hello everyone, Stanley here.

Firstly, we would like to apologize to everyone for the delay in sending out updates.  We are absolutely going to get these rewards out, and have not forgotten.  We are finding that getting the rewards out is turning into a massive project on its own, and are doing our best to tackle it across three different funding campaigns. Here is the situation:

Since none of us are paid to do this, we have to maintain full time jobs, are constantly bogged down by freelance work, and have non-overlapping schedules, working in different cities and states.  For many of our team, recovering from L5 production personally and financially has taken months (we sacrificed quite a bit to get it through, and are now eating that a bit).  As a result, estimating the time it takes to get these rewards out has been difficult.  We can't express enough how much we appreciate the patience that everyone here has had with us.  On top of our daily grind as freelance artists, writers, office workers, etc, we are also pushing very hard to get L5 picked up and turned into a real show, a fully funded season.  That effort is also very very time consuming, and we have to give it our best attention, so as to make sure everyone's donations and support were not for nothing.  We are working closely with a large agency in Los Angeles to get L5 picked up and developed through some major outlets, and this requires a lot of trailer re-cutting, pitch package production, treatments, script overhauls, etc, which consume what little free time we have left.

Transparency time: We had hoped to get the DVDs burned and packaged, as well as the art books printed, several weeks ago.  In fact, it looked very much like that was going to happen, but several unforeseen personal snags with everyone's schedules and finances have made that very challenging (people moving apartments, changing jobs, relocating to other cities, generally being struggling artists).  But it IS moving forward.  Real world example: Today (8/20/12) I am taking a day off work to drive out of Chicago and deliver the blanks to one of our film colleagues in another nearby city.  There, they will be burned and packaged, and I'll drive out again next week to pick them up. To make it a fair exchange, I am providing visual effects services to this colleague personally (another thing that needs squeezing in).  I'm also driving to a completely different city to pick up the badges and hats, which we had produced a few weeks back but never had the chance to pick up.  The art book is still being assembled, it's mostly finished but as you can imagine, it takes time to do it right.  Then we need to get it printed through Lulu or another service, shipped out to us, and put into packages.  Once we have all the pieces in place - we will schedule a day where we sift through all the emails and addresses and start sending out packages.

There is more, but I wanted to give you all a little glimpse, so you know that it is happening, that we really do care, that we know deeply we wouldn't have gotten this made without you and that you deserve the rewards you donated for, but that it's a big challenge.  I also want to apologize for the sparse communication.  Again, we don't get paid to do this, every drop of funding went into producing L5, and the rewards are coming to you mostly out of pocket from us, including international shipping of large packages to hundreds of donors.  I cannot produce an accurate estimate for just when all the rewards will go out.  It will likely be something that happens in phases over the next few months, and from now on, I will do my best to update everyone across each campaign what the situation is, so that you aren't in the dark.

Thanks again, intrepid L5 supporters.  We will make it worth it.  We love you guys and desperately want to show our thanks with the rewards you so very much deserve. Thank you so much for your continued support.


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    1. rick webb on

      still haven't gotten my rewards

    2. chabuhi on

      I don't recall receiving anything.

    3. Resonant Drifter on

      Has anyone actually gotten their rewards yet?