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Igloo Case enables your iphone / itouch smart device to capture action video like never before.

Igloo Case enables your iphone / itouch smart device to capture action video like never before. Read More
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Igloo Case

Hello Kickstarters! Thanks for visiting our page and giving us a chance to show you what Igloo Case is all about.

The problem with video capture in action sports like snowboarding, biking, racing, and boating is the need to purchase niche camera that can withstand the abuse of a mobile, rough environment. These devices have lack luster features and are expensive considering the technology you are getting. The iPhone 4 and iTouch record video in 720P and at 30fps – as good or better than most action cameras on the market. However, these features are useless in active environments because they don’t have a way to be mounted or protected from your activity. Enter the igloo case.

The igloo case can turn your iPhone into an action camera instantly. It is a durable protective case that can mount on any standard thread camera mount. The igloo case takes the technology millions of us already have and allows it to record rich video in harsh environments.

But your iPhone isn’t just a camera. There is no doubt that technology is converging and your smartphone is at the epicenter of the consolidation in the mobile world. They record hi res video, collect GPS data, have built in accelerometers, upload content to the internet, connect to other devices via bluetooth, play music, and oh yeah, make phone calls. There are already applications on iTunes for lap timers and GPS data recording. And more are appearing every day. Its potential is limited only by your imagination!

DESIGN Igloo Case is constructed of Polycarbonate plastic that provides great optical clarity as well as a durable protective shell. The exterior even incorporates a replaceable optical lens and lens ring in case the viewing screen gets damaged. The back of the case features a clear viewing angle of what you will be recording. A lot of action cams on the market do not provide a view of what you are filming. Often times this ends up being a trial and error issue since you won't know what you've recorded until you've uploaded the media to your computer. We wanted to make sure this would not be an issue for the igloo case. Opening the clamshell you will find high density hydrophobic foam that is specific to your iphone 4/ itouch device. This foam not only absorbs shock and cushions your hardware, but it also is interchangeable so that it serves to make the igloo case adaptable to an iphone4 / itouch / or future apple devices. There is also a water resistant gasket that outlines the case to help keep moisture and water out of the case.

Lastly you will see that we made a thick wide base in order to properly seat the case to whatever mounting point you desire. This insures that vibrations are kept to a minimum. The attachment point on the igloo case is not proprietary. We wanted to make sure we used the most universal attachment point so that our users can use the Igloo Case interchangeably with any mounting hardware they choose. Using a 3/4" threaded nut (what you find on most handheld cameras) allows the Igloo Case to be easily used with our mounting suction pod or most any other tripod or mounting device.

ACCESSORIES and ADD ONS Durability and Insurance: One of the biggest concerns we had was how we made sure our case stayed attached to a moving vehicle that experiences close to 2g's of lateral acceleration and speeds upwards of 160mph on the race track. We exhaustively tested a number of suction pod mounts that ultimately left a lot to be desired. We knew we had to include a robust solution that could be flexible and mobile enough to capture a multitude of different angles of video as well as have the suction power to anchor our device. The Cleat made by Wood's was the device that ultimately delivered what we needed. It utilizes an actual pump to suck out air and can hold up to a 10lb camera with ease. The Igloo case with the iphone 4 weighs in at only a third of what the Cleat can handle making it overkill (just the way we like it). But besides the Cleat, there are a host of mounting solutions already out on the market. We focused building the most universal mount possible, so no one is stuck using proprietary mounting systems which aren't flexible to the users needs.

BEYOND VIDEO One of the clear distinct advantages of using a smartphone to record video is the additional tools and software that are built into your device such as the accelerometer and GPS in newer devices. Imagine being able to capture data on the race track using the iphone/itouch's accelerometer and GPS hardware. Then, reviewing the data you captured to improve lap times the following session and finally overlaying this data over your track video and uploading it to facebook or youtube at the touch of a button on your smartphone. The possibilities are endless when your video camera is much more than just a video camera.
So, why do we need your help to bring the Igloo Case to market? We have invested out of our own pockets to conduct extensive R&D and develop a prototype to benchmark with. The next steps involve $20,000 worth of investment in molding costs alone to launch the production of Igloo Case. Your donations will ultimately dictate whether Igloo Case will be created and used for your hobbies in action sports. Please look at the donation options to the right and see how you can help!


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