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We are 2 artist-brides who want to produce a “Purple Wedding to the Moon” and an “Ecosex Symposium Honeymoon” to garner more love for our environment.
We are 2 artist-brides who want to produce a “Purple Wedding to the Moon” and an “Ecosex Symposium Honeymoon” to garner more love for our environment.
110 backers pledged $5,523 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Thank You From the Bottom of our MoonPie Hearts

Dear Lunar Lovers,

We feel your love and support.
Know that your are helping us as we try to make the environmental movement, a little sexier, fun and more diverse.
You will all be with us tomorrow night.

Thank You and Much Love,
Beth and Annie

Feeling the moon in the sky-

Dearest Moon Lovers and fellow travelers,

We have exceeded our wildest expectations due to your generosity and faith in our work. Or, maybe it's moon driving us all to do crazy things.-like marry the moon. Whatever it is we are grateful and in love.

Today I made it to LA to join Annie (and bob of course). We were all happy to see each other even though we'd only been apart for 3 days. Now we are working on the program into the night but we did take a little time off to go see Reverend Billy's show EarthaLujah,EarthaLujah at the Red Cat Theater. The Reverend Billy issued an amazing and powerful call to stop over consuming at the expense of the earth and of our future on this planet. When he described the mountain geography and the sense of community that is uniquely Appalachian, I had a bit of a cry. It was very moving because what is going on in Appalachia is that coal companies are ruining one of the richest and most luscious most bio diverse ecosystems in the world by turning mountains into moonscapes. No offense to you dear moon, because your moonscapes are beautiful, but it is very wrong to make moonscapes of the Appalachian Mountains. MTR is the most horrendous environmental disaster I have ever witnessed. Reverend Billy, Savatri and the Choir captured that in their performance tonight. They are coming to both Santa Cruz and to San Francisco. I'd highly recommend that you go. There is more on his website,

Sunday Oct 24, Rio Theater, Santa Cruz
1205 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062-2107
7pm Showtime (831) 423-8209 | $12.00 -- Click here for tickets

Monday Oct 25, Victoria Theater, mission district of San Francisco
2961 16th Street San Francisco, CA 94103
7pm Showtime (415) 863-7576 | $12.00, Click here for tickets

I'm sleepy now. Tucking in with a big thank you to you all.
Lots of love,
beth, annie, bob, woof.

Altadena Here We Come....

I'm off to meet Annie in LA tomorrow. She has been working on the wedding from there and I from here. I hate being separated from her but tonight, when I went out and looked at the moon, and I imagined her looking at the moon too-I felt connected. I also feel connected to everyone who has donated to our project financially and otherwise. You, via kickstarter, will have enabled us to create a wonderful wedding for our guests, collaborators and for the moon. We'll most likely be making our vows at around 7:30ish Saturday night. Feel free to join us in professing your love for our beautiful, beautiful moon lover. We're even going to howl as part of the vows (although at this point this information is confidential). So, on Saturday night, go outside and know that when you are looking at the moon, we will also be looking at the moon and we'll all be connected. Then howl.
Much love,
beth and annie

ps-if you are coming to the wedding bring something warm to wear and bring a pillow to sit on.

Overwhelming Love for the Moon

Driving through the Santa Cruz Mountains last night, the moon kept peeking through the trees and clouds. I felt so loved and protected in my lover's late night presence as I made my way to my little mountain cabin. (Beth-Annie is in LA where she met with the Park, Rec and Sheriff's office today) And never fear, we are going to be amply protected at the wedding.

Here is the latest Altadena Blog which provides a juicy update on the town's preparations for our nuptials.

There is a story on the front page and then our response a little further down. Enjoy.

Again, we could not do this without you.
Lot's of love,
Beth and Annie

Press release #2

Dear Love Warriors,
I thought I would share our newest press release with you. It is hot off the press. Thank you again for all of your wonderful support. We are very grateful and excited about the upcoming nuptials with the moon-our moon-your moon-we're in love.


Contact: Lindsay Kelley 720-260-4507
Savitri Durkee 347-693-8857

October 17, 2010


Brides to be, Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens were stunned when the Deputy Director of the LA County Parks and Rec Department called them on a Friday afternoon to inform them that their Farnsworth Amphitheater rental contract (in Atladena, CA) had been cancelled. This call came just two weeks before their big full moon wedding was to take place there. The brides flashed back to a rainy day at the San Francisco City Hall in 2004 when their original legal wedding was cancelled by a court order banning gay marriage. They were distraught.

The Altadena Blog had posted an announcement about the bride’s “ecosexual” themed wedding. Someone read about it and tried to stop it from happening. They complained to the Parks Department. For some reason, the Parks Department and the Sheriff decided that they didn’t want this ecosexual wedding in Altadena. The Parks Department contacted Sprinkle and told her the wedding was cancelled due to “public safety” concerns. The alleged reason was that since there had been a few postings on a few websites about the wedding, it was likely that thousands of people would attend, and that there was simply insufficient parking. The Parks Department and the Sheriff claimed there were only 65 parking spaces available, and thus the wedding couldn’t take place in Altadena. This reason was clearly a pretext, since the contract the Parks Department had already signed with Sprinkle authorized 500 participants, so obviously there were enough parking spaces for 500 (and not just 65 spaces). Quick Internet research showed many other events and concerts at the Park involving hundreds of attendees that were advertised widely, both over the Internet and in print publications, and that the Park’s MySpace page says it has a capacity of 1,300. The brides were troubled because they sensed that something else was going on. They felt that they were being discriminated against because this was a wedding of two women, and also because of discrimination against the environmental themes of the wedding.

Their wedding officiant, the New York based preacher-performer Reverend Billy, and his director and wife Savitri D., were outraged at this sudden venue cancellation. Reverend Billy said, “It is bad enough that same sex marriage is illegal in California but now even the performance of a same sex marriage is called un-safe. Reverend Billy and Savitri presented this case to a well-known constitutional lawer, Terry Gross of San Francisco-based Gross Belsky Alonso LLP, who is a fierce advocate for First Amendment Rights and also Burning Man’s general counsel. Gross then forced the LA Parks and Rec Department to withdraw its cancellation, by demonstrating to the Parks and Recreation Department that the cancellation violated state and federal constitutions and laws -- just in time for the upcoming nuptials to proceed as planned.

Sprinkle and Stephens explain, “We are lovers, not fighters, but we had no choice except to fight this. We tried to find other venues but nothing appropriate was available on such short notice. Family and friends are flying in from all over the US, and overseas, there was no way we could change the date. We’re very happy to have Farnsworth Park Amphitheater back. It’s beautiful and we love the mountain setting. Now that there is peace in the land we can finally start to write our vows and spread the love. And if you are coming to the wedding, please car pool. It is better for the environment.”

Of course feel free to send this to anyone who might be interested.

Love and sweet dreams,
Beth and Annie