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We are 2 artist-brides who want to produce a “Purple Wedding to the Moon” and an “Ecosex Symposium Honeymoon” to garner more love for our environment.

We have committed our lives to engaging environmental issues by changing the metaphor of Earth as mother, to Earth as LOVER, and to making environmentalism more sexy and fun through ART. We aim to produce a large-scale, ecology themed wedding/performance art event on October 23 in an outdoor amphitheater in Los Angeles. This will be created in collaboration with over 150 artists, environmental activists, sex educators, academics, and other community members, and be witnessed by 450 guest/witnesses. Furthermore the event will be documented and shared through media, the Internet and by exhibiting the wedding ephemera in art gallerys and museums.

We are thrilled to have the venerable artist Reverend Billy, his wife/director Savitri D, and the Church of Life After Stopping Choir officiate the wedding. This theatrical spectacle will be free and open to the public.

Over the past five years we have successfully produced five ecology themed art weddings, in five countries, where we’ve married the Earth, the Sky, and the Sea. (Documentation is at Now we aim to marry the Moon. Last year NASA bombed the Moon in search of water while on Earth we are polluting our oceans and rivers at an alarming rate. By inspiring romantic love and empathy for the Earth and Moon we will raise concerns about environmental issues. As the “brides,” we will vow “to love, honor, and cherish the Moon” and invite the audience to take these vows with us. Partly traditional and largely experimental, our wedding ritual offers people a transformative life/art experience. People tell us that participating in our eco-weddings in the past has profoundly changed their relationship to nature and consequently they changed their behaviors.

The day after the wedding everyone is invited to join us for an Ecosex Symposium Honeymoon at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica. There will be panels, performances, and networking. Together we will explore and learn more about ecosexuality and "Sexecology." This is the world's first symposium of its kind.

We need to raise funds to help us cover the cost of the amphitheater rental, four licensed security guards (a venue requirement), wedding trimmings, program printing costs, other production expenses and production assistance. We hope to be able to keep offering these performance events for free and at the high production level they deserve. Your support through Kickstarter is a wonderful way to collaborate with us and is grately appreciated.

(Moon Wedding Photo:


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    On the wedding day YOUR NAME will be listed in the program as one of our collaborators and patrons. After the wedding, the program will then be posted on our website,, for years to come.

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    Receive a personalized, collectable, hand-made ecosexy art postcard in the mail from Annie and Beth sent to you from the honeymoon, plus your name in the wedding program.

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    Our "Love Art Lab" spoken word CD lavishly produced by Guttersaint, a Love Art Lab red year catalogue, a collectable, a personalized art postcard, two "Ecosexual" bumper stickers, and your name in the wedding program.

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    A special edition "Moon Over the Mountains" tit/butt monoprint by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, two "Ecosexual" bumper stickers, and your name in the wedding program.

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    A Stephens & Sprinkle guided "Sexecological Walking Tour" experience for you and your invited guests in the SF Bay Area. (2.5 hours). Or a personalized CD of the walking tour made just for you. (1 hour) Plus a red catalogue, two "Ecosexual" bumper stickers, and your name in the program.

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    An Eco-sensual Massage and Sensorama with Beth & Annie, for one person or two. (2.5 hours, in San Francisco) Plus two "Ecosexual" bumper stickers and your name in the program.

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    Annie Sprinkle’s panties bronzed by Elizabeth Stephens; a beautiful, shiney, hanging wall sculpture, bronze casted using the ancient lost wax technique.  Plus our red Love Art Lab catalogue, "Moon Over the Mountain" mono print, a dozen "Ecosexual" bumper stickers and your name in the program.

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