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A series of short films based on a blog called "A Kyopo in the Motherland", about a Korean American's views on life in Korea.

A series of short films based on a friend's blog entitled "A Kyopo in the Motherland". It's the chronicles of a Korean American teaching English in Korea and dealing with the many cultural differences, other foreigners, etc. This material is comedy gold, and we were inspired to make short films based on several of the entries. The films will be submitted to various film festivals and will also be made into a web series. There's not much more to say other than read the damn blog! 

Production Team:


This hot, young, local Korean crew will be handling all cinematography, post-production, and special effects. Check out their work:

Music for pledge video and future short films: 

Internationally renown DJ and producer Dylan Drazen:


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    Thank you! We really appreciate your support! All donations will receive a DVD of all the short films with some extras and bonus features thrown in. And we will put your name in the credits! A "Special Thanks" shout out will be given to you! These films may end up at a film festival near you, so your name will be up on the big screen for everyone to gawk at.

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    Gift bag of various items from the "Motherland", South Korea. Special requests will be taken, K-Pop related merchandise, specialty food items, those wacky T-shirts with grammatically incorrect English sayings (it's a Korean thing!). Donations outside of South Korea only of course. Unless you're a Korean that's just too damn lazy to go shopping yourself!

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    Above plus...Be a featured extra in the films! This is for those living in Korea only. We might even have a line for you! Your big acting break! People will really be gawking at you now! (*Note - shooting in late August)

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    Above plus...Executive Producer credit. Grab a cigar and sit in a big chair. There's not much else you need to do beyond that!

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