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Hoverbike is a revolution in aviation, designed to do what a helicopter does, but cost less and do so better
Hoverbike is a revolution in aviation, designed to do what a helicopter does, but cost less and do so better
451 backers pledged £64,089 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      mathieu on


      Congratulation for your US army contract. I feared so much you failled at building it or lacked fund.

    2. John Whiting on

      I am following the FaceBook page. The last entry appears to be in October of 2014.

    3. chris malloy Creator on

      Hello Jim! We post all our updates on our Facebook page at, or you can see updates in the news section on our website, Also, I have been trying to reach you for a while, about your order. I have sent you an email. Please contact us if you do not receive that. Best regards, Grant

    4. John Whiting on

      How is the hover-bike coming along? For that matter, how is the drone coming along? I can probably afford the drone a wee bit before I can afford the 'bike . . . .

    5. Missing avatar

      Mohamedcheikhali on

      How are things going ?

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Hey everyone,

      I am one of the lucky ones, who got their hands on the 900£ early-bird-pledge on time.
      But due to a lack of time, I would be willing to give it away for 900£.
      If anyone is interested, please contact me at

      Best regards

    7. chris malloy Creator on

      Hi Alex, the CAD file was sent out to everyone in September. I saw your message in the other Meassages section yesterday and replied to that yesyterday, with the link to the CAD file. If you still do not get it, please email us at with your email address and I will send it again. Regards, Grant

    8. Alex on

      Just checking to see when I'm going to get my cad file. Making sure I didn't miss it or something.

    9. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      Hi Chris. When do you plan to send out the Buster CAD files please?

    10. Dustin on

      Hi Guy's, Congrats on successful funding! Looking forward to receiving my new drone! Is there a discussion forum somewhere for people to share info on these things? I'm looking for recommendations on control systems for the drone.

      Interested in:
      -RC manual control.
      -Automated control (set up a flight plan with waypoints and drone automatically flies predetermined path.
      -"Follow me" functionality, such as

      If anyone has recommendations let me know!

    11. Missing avatar


      Longer Legs will help with the 3 axis Go pro gimbal right?

    12. chris malloy Creator on

      Hi Mathias, In Kickstarter and on our website if you look through the Drone product description there are some blue prints of the design and layout. One of those blue prints is titled "Variety of Landing Gear and camera Configurations". The legs are just below the drawings.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mathias Habermann on

      in the survey it gives 3 options for the landing gear. whats the difference between them? I can't find anything about those option neither on the kickstarter page nor or the hoverbike homepage.

    14. Michael Angelo Schab on

      Congratulations on reaching your goal! Wishing you all the best!

    15. Nick Palubinski on

      Congratulations, Guys! I'm happy to have been able to lend a little support, and will support your efforts to delivering, one day, the hover bike!

    16. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      Brilliant news. Well done on the successful funding.

    17. Missing avatar


      Congrats guys!!!!!

    18. Netobvious

      Congratulations, Chris Malloy. And may the Force be strong in your hoverbike.

    19. chris malloy Creator on

      Hi Netobvious; The first prototype, (the bicopter) is estimated (i.e. untested) to be able to reach 9,700ft out of ground effect. Our new design, the quadcopter, is still in development. Its performance characteristics have not been released yet. Neither of the designs has been certified yet, and it will be a few years before we get them certified. Best regards, Grant Stapleton

    20. Missing avatar


      Thanks for whoever released their 715 EB... Just got it... :D :D
      Can't wait for my drone now!!!!!!

    21. Missing avatar


      If anyone is planning to release their 715 EB... please let me know!!
      I will be more than happy to take it off you!!

    22. Netobvious

      @Chris Malloy, you menthioned "Hoverbike is a helicopter, and therefore it should be allowed to go anywhere (even in a city) that a helicopter is presently allowed to go". I fully support your very interesting project as I too can never forget that awesome "hoverbike" scene in "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi". I am now curious as to how high your hoverbike will fly, since you mentioned it is being treated as a helicopter with regards to regulations.

    23. chris malloy Creator on

      Thank you Konstantinos. The full-sized Hoverbike is a little more complex than the 1/3rd scale drones, particularly those that will carry a human pilot in future. And, the regulators are rightly cautious and conservative. Its up to us to prove our product safe for human transport, and we are confident that it is a safe design and will be very safe aircraft when we start selling them in a few years time. Testing continues and will keep everyone informed as we progress!
      Best Regards, Grant

    24. Konstantinos Michailidis on

      Dear Chris, if you manage to pull it off with the 1/3-sized model, I don't see why the full-blown "jet-ski-of-the-skies" won't be able to succeed as well. If air space regulators don't put astonishing constrains on these Hoverbikes, we are on the verge of a revolution. This is a very promising design and approach.

      All the best!

    25. chris malloy Creator on

      Hello Richard, I believe (from what is written on the Kickstarter site) that you cannot buy more than one reward "..from each reward level". That implies that you can buy one of each reward that we offer. Have you already tried that? Regards, Grant

    26. chris malloy Creator on

      Hello Rutger, the Hoverbike is not designed for children to ride on, and I definitely do not recommend putting your baby on it.

    27. Richard Bingle on

      As the early-bird levels don't include them, can early-birders get a bag or tshirt by increasing their pledge by the appropriate amount (e.g. add 72 to the 900 to get the carry bag)?

    28. Rutger Bartels on

      hi, i really like this project, think the overlapping rotor design of the quadcopter is really ingenious. but why are u using a petrol engine for the full scale design and not electric as well? also i was wondering can a child ride the 1/3 scale version? do you recommend putting a baby on it?

    29. Patric Ryan on

      Oh just take my money! I wish I had more to invest! I wanna join the first Hoverbike biker gang! Keep up the good work! :)

    30. chris malloy Creator on

      Hello Domas, we do not expect to have the full-sized Hoverbike for sale for a few years yet. And regarding the FAA position about flying in the city; remember that Hoverbike is a helicopter, and therefore it should be allowed to go anywhere (even in a city) that a helicopter is presently allowed to go. But it can also do things and go places that helicopters cannot. It is yet to be seen how any aviation authorities will respond to applications for the Hoverbike to go places that helicopters do not (or cannot) go. Regards, Grant

    31. chris malloy Creator on

      Hello KK, Actually we do have optional undercarriage for photography and you can mount a 3-d gimbal in or on the underside of our drone. We can ship you the optional undercarriage of your choice (see that in the product drawings in the text under the KS video) with your drone, just tell us which ones you would like. Best regards, Grant

    32. Domas Juskys on

      Fantastic project! I really hope to see the full scale Hoverbike in the near future and hope the get one myself! Do you have any time frame in mind? And did you get any deeper into legal stuff with FAA etc about flying that kind of machine in the city?

      Thanks and good luck!

    33. Missing avatar

      bowmcsx on

      Hi, wondering about other GoPro mounting options for aerial photography. Understand the GoPro in the rider. WhAt about an unobstructed view of below with perhaps a 3d gimbal?

      Great project! Congratulations.

      Looking to be a backer at a higher level if undercarriage aerial photography is supported.


    34. Jane Crutchfield on

      I just found this today, and after watching the video I added to to the funding. I hope to see the fruits of your labor come to fruition in the full scale prototype! I am a flight nurse by trade and hope someday this innovation will make it to the world of helicopter Emergency Medical Services! Congratulations!

    35. chris malloy Creator on

      Hi Mathieu, we are using a BMW R1200R motorbike engine.
      Best regards, Grant

    36. Missing avatar

      mathieu on


      What will be the propulsion system of the full scale hoverbike ?

      good luck, this is a great project !

    37. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      That's brilliant. Thanks for the detailed reply.

    38. chris malloy Creator on

      Hi Stuart
      1. Yes we will have all the spare parts you will need for the Hoverbike Drone. All the parts on the airframe and ducting, 3 different kinds of legs, motors, controllers, blades, batteries (different sizes), Macro Micro and GPS.
      2. We have considered stretch goals but not finalised that yet. Did you have a suggestion for a stretch goal?
      3. A battery charger is not supplied but Hobbyking do a good range. We can recommend the Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 6A Balancer/Charger, or the IMAX B6-AC Charger/Discharger (1-6 Cells). We will probably stock chargers too.
      4. There is no difference at all between the Earlybird 1st release and 2nd release. All our drone rewards are the identical product. We just offered them at different prices as a marketing exercise.
      5. Yes we will send out the CAD files for cyborg buster soon after the campaign finishes. You should have plenty of time to print out Buster Cyborg well before delivery of your Hoverbike drone.

    39. chris malloy Creator on

      Hi Jared, Thank you very much for coming down to our workshop and testing out on our drone. You fly very well! We are all hoping you will be able to help out with other work we have planned.
      (Oh, and ssshshsh about "later models"! That's supposed to be a surprise!)

    40. chris malloy Creator on

      Hi Thibault, I believe our settings will work on both versions of the DX6 and you should not have any problems. But If you do, we are always available to help you sort it out. You will receive all our contact details with your order/Reward when it is delivered to you.

    41. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      Just a few question please…
      Is there a facility to buy any spare parts for the hoverbike ? i.e. Blades , motors, extra batteries or any other part that might be considered consumable.
      Are there any plans to do "stretch goals" and possibly add some of the above to the goals?
      I see no mention of a battery charger. Is one supplied ? Or can you recommend one.
      Re early bird 1st release and 2nd release.
      Are there any differences between the two bikes , ie 1st release is version one , 2nd release is version two. If so what are the differences ?
      Once the campaign is over are you planning to send out the CAD files for cyborg buster so we can get printing in preparation for the delivery of the Hoverbike?

      Thanks very much

    42. Jared Reabow on

      For RC control have a look at the taranis by frsky.
      It has a very long range and gives you telemetry with a Jarow telemetry adaptor (search ebay)
      including GPS coords, battery voltage/capacity/alarm, airspeed, ground speed, altitude etc.
      if you do go for the taranis, setting it up is tremendously easy too!

    43. Jared Reabow on

      So, yesterday i had a chance to fly the prototype, and i can tell you it is great!
      For the tekkies out there, it has very low KV motors , large CF props and is 6s.
      For the non tekkies this means, very long flight times, very stable flight and very low vibration.
      I look forward to the later models!

    44. Thibault Flamant on

      Will the settings be for the old and new dx6? Ive got the new dx6 and its different from the "old" one.

    45. chris malloy Creator on

      Hi Stuart, Thank you very much for your pledge of our Hoverbike Drone! Any decent 2.4ghz 6 (or more) channel rc radio should work.The most popular radio is the Spectrum as it works well and is great value for money. And we will provide the settings for the DX6 to those who purchase our drones.

    46. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      Hi. Congrats on funding.
      What a fantastic piece of kit !! That's both the 1/3 and full size.
      What rc would you recommend with this please ?

    47. Jared Reabow on

      i have emailed you, i am up for beta testing your copter.
      I am Jared reabow.
      Search my name on youtube.
      contact me.

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