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THE REVOLUTIONISTS (Drama) true stories of Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton's lives, loves and politics with secrets hidden.

“THE REVOLUTIONISTS” (c & wgaw)   

By, Helise Flickstein


The true stories of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s loves, lives & politics.  However, they kept one secret hidden from themselves and each other that led to inner personal disaster.


Two women who escaped from their own reality by submersing themselves into the women’s reform movement.

Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton created the most important social change in American History for over fifty years.  Susan and Elizabeth started the women’s rights movement, and more importantly the right to vote…all of which we take for granted today.

Elizabeth was always trying to prove to her father that she was just as good as a son.  After her brother, Eleazar died, this notion became her obsession.  In Seneca Falls, New York, is where Elizabeth Cady Stanton had the first Women’s Rights Convention in 1848…despite her father’s objections.

Elizabeth met Susan B. Anthony three years later in 1851.

In 1854 Elizabeth Cady Stanton spoke before the NY State legislature about Women's Rights and for Married Women's Property Rights.  The law in NY State was passed in 1860. 

Susan B. Anthony challenged the government and illegally voted in 1872.  In 1873, Susan went to trail and was found guilty for illegally voting because she was a woman.

In the end, Susan and Elizabeth had gotten women the right to own their own property, started a legal stance for women to vote, for women to go to college, fought for women to keep their own salaries as well as equal pay.  They went to Abraham Lincoln for the emancipation of slavery.  They fought for temperance (the abolishment of liquor).  Unfortunately, each woman never had the chance to see the vote because it did not come until 1920 via Alice Paul and Elizabeth died in 1902, and Susan died in 1906.


Election year of 2016 is right around the corner and there is a possibility of a woman elected President of the United States of America. Please INVEST in this historically based untold non-fictionalized story about two women who went against society to change its way of thinking. Two women fought the laws in a time where women had no rights. These two women laid the foundation for women to have the rights that we have today. THE REVOLUTIONISTS screenplay would bring thought provoking knowledge…not only to the women of the world, but that all human beings that they too can make a difference, even if they are just one person.

Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton are two women historically who are the forgotten heroes of the United States of America and were friends with President Abraham Lincoln.

Ten years of research went into this screenplay.  I actually went to many of the homes that Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton resided in throughout New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.  I went off the written page and had gotten the Childhood Home of Susan B. Anthony located in Battenville, NY on the New York State Historical Register as well as the National.  This same historical home went into foreclosure and I convinced the bank to donate it to the New York State Parks Department to preserve its history.

This screenplay once produced will make people stand up everywhere knowing that they too can make a difference in this world as the women had done before us.

By the way, Meryl Streep wants to portray Susan B. Anthony and Steven Spielberg has stated in the media that he would love to Direct Meryl.


Susan and Elizabeth were the odd couple who changed the world.  Susan was single, while Elizabeth was married with seven children.

Can one hide a secret from themselves?  Both Susan & Elizabeth were best friends for over fifty years; however, they both kept a secret.   Susan denied this secret in her life and regretted it subconsciously ever since.  Susan had gotten mad at other famed suffragists for marrying and having children.  Susan had even gotten mad at her best friend, Elizabeth Cady Stanton for having seven children.  Susan pleaded with Elizabeth to be on the road speaking about  women’s suffrage, instead of having yet another child.

Susan could not come to grasp with one secret, that she was in love with the first man to propose to her, her “Prince of Battenville”.  His name was Aaron Mc Lean.  Unfortunately, he decided to become her brother-in-law and every time Susan dealt with Aaron, after her sister Gulema died, Susan wound up having a nervous breakdown.

Elizabeth on the other hand was in love with her brother in law, Edward Bayard.  Edward was very much in love with Elizabeth.  She tried to get away from Edward numerous times because she did not want to hurt her sister Tryphena, nor cause a scandal within her own family.  Edward was always there encouraging her, teaching her about life and the law.  After all, Edward was a lawyer and Elizabeth’s father was a Judge.  


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With Meryl Streep possibly on board of the script, it has a good chance of being made being that she has stated twice within the media that she wants to portray Susan B. Anthony. Her daughters could play the younger version of Anthonybeing that this is a true biopic. Kathy Bates has stated to Streep that she wants to portray Elizabeth Cady Stanton and I see Kate Hudson with Amanda Seyfried as the younger Stanton.

The challenges that I face is getting this script funded. CAA's Kevin Huvane's office (Meryl Streep's Agent) said it needs to be fully funded before it would even be considered. My argument of course was "your client requested it twice this past year in the media." They had to call me back. Then I contacted Kathleen Kennedy's office (Spielberg's Co-Producer) and I told them Streep wants to do this, Spielberg wants to Direct Streep and has said so in the media. I am handing you gold on a silver platter with the next historical biopic. At least in both situations the assistants had to ask.
Personally I would love Barbra Streisand to Direct this piece because she is a perfectionist by nature. I am very annoying and I am not giving up!
This story must be told!

I had just contacted Tony Kushner who is also a Producer and a Director besides having written "Lincoln" and being a Pulitzer Prize Winning playwright for "Angels In America" for connections.

I am truly hoping between the historians and descendants that I have spoken with, and all my years of research that this really comes to fruition. After 10 years I am not giving up now!

I am really hoping that it surpasses my goal to get this film funded because I know period biopics cost between 60-65 million to make.


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