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Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
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Development Kits are Shipping!

Rejoice fellow VR pioneers: the day has finally arrived. Oculus Rift development kits are officially shipping! In fact, the very first kits have already started arriving.

We actually started shipping on Wednesday, but we haven’t shared tracking information yet because the team is still tied up at GDC in San Francisco. Sorry about that! This means the earliest backers may actually find Rift’s on their doorsteps before they receive tracking numbers. A little surprise to keep things interesting.

This day has been a long time in the making. We'd like to thank you again for your patience, support, and enthusiasm for virtual reality! We couldn't have gotten here without you.

It'll take time for us to ship 10,000+ development kits. Hold fast -- they're coming. When you do receive your Rift, let us know what you think @Oculus3d on Twitter!

Oculus Developer Center Now Open

With development kits on their way, it’s time to open up the Oculus Developer Center. You can dive in right now at

You’ll find everything you need to start building VR content with your Rift development kit including the Oculus SDK, Unity and Unreal Engine integrations, samples, documentation, videos, the developer wiki, and community forums.

The dev center is the place for Oculus developers to come together and collaborate on virtual reality. There are plenty of tough problems to solve, which is why it's so important for the community to come together to really bring virtual reality to life.

We wanted to empower the community to build the next generation of gaming. All of the source code for the core Oculus SDK is available under the Oculus License and full source for the samples is available under Apache 2.0! This also makes the Oculus SDK much easier to integrate, debug, port, and build on.

Go forth, developers, and seek out our virtual future.

Developer Showcases

Once your Rift arrives, we recommend that you download the Oculus SDK from the Developer Center, and try the World Demo, a simple Tuscany-esque environment we showed at SXSW.

After that, the possibilities are endless. Play Team Fortress 2’s “VR Mode” in the Rift. Experiment with world building in Unity and Unreal Engine. Share game prototypes with the community. Or, build a “Made for VR” game that defines a new genre.

The Rift lets you experience games in completely new ways. Whatever you decide, have fun.

Looking for a little inspiration on where to begin? The full recording of our SXSW panel, "Virtual Reality: The Holy Grail of Gaming" with Cliff Bleszinksi, Paul Bettner, Chris Roberts, and Palmer is online now:

Day Zero

We want to hear from you. Remember, the Rift, the SDK, and the Dev Center will be shaped by your feedback. If you have suggestions, please let us know!

This is just the beginning. Virtual reality, as a technology and as a medium, is still in its infancy. It will improve in all aspects, opening up even more ways to be immersed in virtual worlds. With virtual reality, the possibilities really are limitless.

Thank you for joining the revolution.

We'll see you in the game!

-- Palmer and the Oculus team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Danijel T. on

      I'm also waiting for my shipping details (Germany). It would be nice to have an idea when we can expect the shipment, even if it was just a planned shipping date.

    2. Missing avatar

      thegameveda on

      the last comment I saw on delivery from any one at Oculus, was from Nate over on the developer forums , something along the lines of ramping up delivery to Europe towards the end of this week . It's been almost 9 months now since we all backed this, I have been insulted , across forums and by the founder ( who bravely apologised in private) ,had my blog attacked and now I can see people finally waking up to what I was picking up on a few months ago ... here is my take on it's a lengthy read but hey it's seems we Oculus Rift Kickstarter backers ..have time on our hands .. also why not check out Crysis 3 played in 1080p 3D maxed out with headtracking

    3. Jan Seidler on

      Denmark here. Is it possible to not have received a tracking number yet? I entered all relevant data on the site many weeks ago.

    4. Jeremy Russell on

      @Adriano As another fellow software developer (I'm kinda betting that's more the norm though) I concur. First Kickstarter backing and my friend who's backed about half a dozen games has had all the others be much more open and communicative with their backers.

    5. Missing avatar

      Martin Schacher on

      Any news on shippments for Switzerland?

    6. Ivan Dubois on

      You need to keep an eye in the South American orders... they tend to disappear.........

    7. Missing avatar

      Petr Tomicek on

      Uk order here, in 500 range, now processing for shipping

    8. Bernd Mayer on

      hm about the international shipping, i'm based in germany and my order is flagged as "Processing" so i got ready already behind me. My Ordernumber is a bit below 1k.

    9. Kyle Williams on

      Any updates on International orders? Thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      James Glaubiger on

      I don't even see my order listed.... odd!

    11. Missing avatar

      Enno Gottschalk on

      Please do an update on the international shipping status. Especially tell us how many dev-kits have already been sent, and when the european backers should expect their kits to arrive.
      There is no such thing as too much communication! :)

    12. Missing avatar

      iroboto on

      I don't ever recall Oculus emailing me my tracking number.
      But you can get a status on your package by logging in:

      good luck all

    13. Missing avatar

      iroboto on

      Hey guys,
      Just wanted to provide my own personal update
      I'm in Canada [Toronto] (considered International) I am on track to receive my shipment in the next 2-3 hrs.
      Hopefully no heavy duty customs (fingers crossed)

    14. Missing avatar

      Steven Williams on

      FYI, I kept checking the shipping info status email everyone got, which let you change your shipping info and shows status as: Order Status: Processing - Your order is being processed for shipping.

      I looked a little further down the screen past my address and found a UPS tracking number with the device out for delivery to me today!

      They never sent me an email with tracking so i would double check that page especially if you were an 08/01/2012 backer.

    15. Missing avatar

      Petr Tomicek on

      Us with International Orders need update ASAP, my order is in 500s and been ready for shipping forever.

    16. Lassi Kinnunen on

      please update on the international shipping status.

    17. Missing avatar

      Adriano Feria on

      @Steve As a software developer I understand that meeting deadlines when creating something completely new can be very difficult. I am very excited for the Oculus Rift, and kudos to their entire team for making VR happen. However, they did promise to keep us updated with shipment status - it is matter of professionalism to keep their promises and divulge information to the backers. How difficult is it to send backers tracking numbers?

    18. Steve Burdette on

      @Adriano Why don't you try to make a virtual reality headset and see how close you get to the dates you set. It's not easy doing what they're doing, so just chill out and wait. If a month goes by and you don't hear anything, then it's reasonable to get upset.

    19. Missing avatar

      Adriano Feria on

      I understand that the Oculus team has bee very busy, but you had pledged to have the Rift delivered by GDC. GDC is over, only ~300 backers have received the Rift, and the order status still have not been updated for the remaining orders.

    20. Missing avatar


      @Mickey Frklic: I had the same issue with the project. So I asked the support and got reply that "You can call your project anything, it doesn't matter really. It's just the current developer center setup requires a project for a user, it doesn't entail anything."

    21. John Arne Birkeland on

      I did a more carefull read of the Oculus license, and it is not as bad as I initially thought. The last section of the first paragraph states:
      By way of example a videogame that is developed using the SDK would not be a
      Derivative Work and a utility or tool set in a pre-existing game engine
      that is adapted to work with the SDK would not be a Derivative Work. By
      way of example, but not limitation, a Derivative Work is or would be:
      either (i) an adaptation of a utility or piece of code from the SDK to
      improve efficiency; or (ii) an addition of code or improvement to the SDK
      that adds functionality. When you use the SDK (including Derivative Works)
      with your engines, utilities, applications, content or games you retain all
      rights thereto, and you have no obligations to share or license these items
      to Oculus or any third parties.
      So you are free to use the SDK and still retain ownership of your own work.

      But section 2. about derivative works still applies. Any changes you do to the SDK, Oculus owns. This non standard Oculus license makes it so that you cannot use existing open source code to improve the SDK, or release any code that you write for the SDK as open source.

    22. Gareth Nelson on < looks like there's a free driver for the motion tracker used, or is that the old one?

    23. John Arne Birkeland on

      It's very worrying, and in bad taste when you consider the roots and who is paying the bill for this projects. The working of the entire EULA is weird and ultra commercial with Oculus basically claiming your third son if you ever use the Rift SDK. In other words very demotivating to any developer wanting to improve the Rift experience.

      But as Gareth said, this just hastens the need for a independently developed open source library for the Rift.

    24. Gareth Nelson on

      It's not a huge deal as i'll likely only be reading the SDK code to get facts (not copyrightable expressions - seriously, ask a lawyer - algorithms and numbers aren't copyrightable) then writing my own code as a Linux guy, but it is worrying.

    25. Gareth Nelson on

      The law defines derivative work, if you produce a binary using code from the SDK then it's a derivative work - not very encouraging for either open source work or proprietary development, and one has to wonder why they didn't use an existing license.

    26. Missing avatar

      Barry H on

      I think I read it the way Tycho did. Doesn't it go on to define what is and isn't a derivative work?

    27. John Arne Birkeland on

      I just saw the second paragraph in the SDK EULA myself. Not very open source friendly I must say. I'm not going to pressing "Agree" on that EULA. At least not until there is some clarification for sure.

    28. Missing avatar

      Tycho Schenkeveld on

      @Gareth: As far as I know, derivative work means you changing the work itself (e.g. Changing the SDK), not using it to make something else. Oculus probably don't want their SDK forked, which could cause confusion and quality concerns.

      But I'm not a lawyer so I may be wrong.

    29. Gareth Nelson on

      I'm asking this because I had planned to release some GPLed code to work with the rift, and I can't do that if I don't have copyright.
      Is there any reason for this?

    30. Gareth Nelson on

      Why does the SDK license require granting copyright over all derivative works to Oculus?

    31. Missing avatar

      Carlo Andreacchio on

      Looking at the unofficial Rift Order Tracker, they are indeed prioritising the US / Canadian orders over international --… ... Order #3621 is a canadian order yet order #540 to UK is only ready. A international shipping update would be very much appreciated.

    32. BoltUpright on

      I couldn't find anything specific regarding international shipping, just a few speculations from the mtbs3d forums. This thread is about the new shipping news, might be the best place to keep an eye on:…

      --Which company (DHL,Fedex,EMS) will Oculus choose for international shipping?
      And which shipping priority will they use? (next day, 3 days, 7 days)

      --UPS. My guess is that they would choose standard shipping( anything else would be too expensive ), so 7-14 days, not including whatever customs shenanigans your country puts you through.

      --On my order with international shipping to Germany it was $57 for UPS express. And that was the only option...

      --72 hours for UPS express to Germany, from LA. (I've shipped about 10,000 parcels via UPS)

    33. William C Crawford on

      Got the email for this earlier while I was at Disney. Somehow, I just knew it'd be delivered tonight... And it was!

      The demo is awesome! My vision is pretty bad, but the C-cups work well enough. :) I think if I had no astigmastism, they'd be about perfect.

    34. ArtifexH on

      Any info for international backers? We're kind of feeling left out here.

    35. BoltUpright on

      some good tidbits of info (shipping info too) here from people who have received theirs:

    36. Pilotry281 on

      Just downloaded the SDK, everything works great. I dont have a rift yet, but I could at least get a fix by using some lenses on a foam board and using a Razer hydra as a motion sensor for the mouse look. If you shrink down the size of the tuscan villa window, you can use it all and you will get the sensation of using the rift, at least at little. Just makes me more excited to recieve my dev kit!

    37. Missing avatar

      martinP on

      oh, it seems that I might be wrong and there are actually sources for the driver ...

    38. Gareth Nelson on

      Yeah, I asked before I noticed you don't need to wait for shipping - site is being painfully slow right now, when traffic calms down i'll grab the code

    39. Missing avatar

      martinP on

      just register, download and see for yourself. But the server is quite busy right now :-)

    40. Gareth Nelson on

      I was hoping driver source would be available so I could port it :(

      How about tech specs?

    41. Missing avatar

      martinP on

      @Gareth Nelson
      as I understand it, only the SDK code is available in source, not the driver, so you will have to wait for compiled linux driver

    42. TimS on

      As another backer with an order over 9000... Can we get a little more clarity on an ETA? I know you guys said it'll take a while to ship out 10k units, but are we talking weeks? More?


    43. Missing avatar

      Mal Duffin on

      +1 on international order info update, even if its bad news.
      Am in order range 2# ( was pre-assembled - ship earlier )
      Did I read somewhere that there was going to be a token gesture from Oculus made towards pre ksers and the 100 in assembled backers, as they didn't get the devices shipped a month early? Thought I read that somewhere, could be wrong

    44. Gareth Nelson on

      Anyone already got the software SDK? I'd love to play with the code (and get a linux driver compiled) before my hardware arrives.

      If anyone's willing to help me out, email - my order ID is one of the later ones unfortunately :(

    45. Mickey Frklic on

      Anyone else register for the developer site? It is requiring me to fill out a "Project" field via webform. Is this something I can just make up and change later as I have no set official project in mind yet.

      Also I registered as individual and not as part of a company if that helps.

    46. Missing avatar

      Taylor on

      Congrats to the team! Bittersweet to think this stage of excitement and anticipation is over! Gonna miss these kickstarter updates!

    47. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      @Mickey Frklic

      I'm order #0095xx. Cheer up sad panda, things could be worse!

    48. Mickey Frklic on

      Sad Panda -- Order #003179

      I knew I should have backed sooner when I had the chance. Glad to hear others are arriving already however. One step closer.

    49. Antonie Bouman on

      @Derek Etheridge Oke thanks for the info :) it is just that I like some mail saying 'It is shipped to you bla bla bla' :) but guess it's ok will just wait a little longer :P