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Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
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4-Month Unity Pro Trial for Oculus Devs!

Posted by Oculus (Creator)
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With delivery of the Rift imminent, we’re putting the finishing touches on the first cut of the Oculus SDK. One big focus for the launch is the out-of-the-box Oculus integration plugin for Unity 4.

The Unity - Oculus World Demo, a VR tech demo included with the Oculus integration.

Unity is a great platform for game developers (especially for people who may be completely new to creating games). Versatility makes Unity great -- Shadowgun, The Room, Year Walk, and Guns of Icarus are just a few Unity titles that show the engine’s flexibility.

The Oculus plugin makes it easy to get started building 3D VR content for the Rift. Most of the integration steps (head-tracking, stereo rendering, and lens pre-warp) are taken care for you, which frees you up to focus on great gameplay.  Internally, we’ve been using Unity to prototype different game types in VR (racing, third-person, flight simulators). We actually include a Unity version of the Oculus World Demo (pictured above) with the SDK. 

Peter and Palmer show off a demo we’re calling “Oculus DriVR”, a simple racing game we built in a few hours using this package from the Unity Asset Store. Our best lap is 1:09:42; come try to beat it at GDC!

We’ve been collaborating with the Unity team on the Oculus integration, adding and exposing new engine features to make the Oculus + Unity experience even better but the Oculus plugin requires features that are currently limited to Unity Pro, including shaders for optical distortion and access to the Rift hardware.

With that in mind, the team’s excited to announce that Oculus has partnered with Unity to include a free, 4-month Unity Pro trial license with every Oculus development kit! The extended Unity Pro trial license means that Oculus developers will have everything they need to start building VR games in Unity.

We'd like to thank Unity for making this possible!

Nilay Patel of the Verge dives into some of our early Oculus + Unity demos on Top Shelf at CES 2013. Video courtesy of the Verge.

We’ll be demoing the Oculus integration for Unity at GDC next week. Swing by booth 208 to check it out and tell us what you think!

We’ll see you at GDC!

-- Palmer and the Oculus team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Guilherme Hartmann on

      I am quite excited to see the final product, it's hardware is way better than I had antecipated but I missed a little bit openness on the software side. I know this might be part of the company strategy and that's is up to you to decide but at least I would like to hear a bit more on multi platform support, so it step into the academic world as well.

    2. Missing avatar

      edzieba on

      I assume the discussion (and terms) between Oculus and Unity are under an NDA, preventing Oculus from officially stating the entirety of what happened?
      It was very much implied in the other forum that Unity were making a special exception for Oculus in regards to the shader and C++ sensor addition requirements. Would it be accurate to say that this was previously the case in a 'gentlemans agreement', but Unity baulked when seeing the sheer number of Rift orders? Or is that a "Oculus cannot confirm or deny these rumours" area?

    3. Rae O'Neil on

      Thanks for the answer, Palmer. It's truthfully very much appreciated.

      Can you confirm yet whether it'll at least be integrated into the free UDK or some other hobbyist friendly game engines?

    4. Oculus Creator on

      Hey everyone,

      Sorry. We completely understand that people are upset about Oculus not being integrated into Unity Free.

      The fact is, Unity Free lacks some of the features that Rift support requires, like shaders for optical distortion, access to the hardware, and sensor data. We’d love to see a full integration with Unity Free in the future, but we’re not there today. So instead of leaving the first Oculus developers out in the cold with a 1-month Pro trial, Unity stepped up and offered everyone a 4-month trial.

      We’re not trying to spin or hype anything. We want to empower Oculus developers, and we really were excited to provide the extended trials.

      We know some of you are upset that we hadn’t finalized the Pro requirement sooner. We’re sorry about that. We’ve been working with Unity everyday to see what we can do, and we didn’t discuss Unity Pro trials with Unity until shipping had already begun.

      Thanks for your continued patience and support, we would never have gotten as far as we have without our community. There is good news on the horizon, and we are excited to be showing off all our latest demos at GDC. We hope to see some of you there!


    5. Martin Vigneron on

      @Thegameveda: I just lost over an hour of my sunday reading your blog, the MTBS3D thread and Palmers comments. I come to the conclusion that you have a confusing writing style and I struggle which accent I have to use in my head so that it makes more sense. I cant quite grasp your sense of humour either all of the time. You certainly have interesting stuff to say but its difficult to decrypt it ;-) perhaps thats what Brantlew/Palmer were meaning with "least insightfull". I mean if he really thought of mocking you (and to lesser extent HipHopGamer) then I would not have found this statement from Palmer:

      Post subject: Re: Oculus "Rift" : An open-source HMD for Kickstarter Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:24 am

      I would love to have HipHopGamer as part of our team. Don't know what the rest of the team would think, though!
      I dont want to take Palmer (and brantlew) in defense here because he surely could come across clearer but to me, you and HipHopGamer give when the same reaction: I am somehow excited even if I understood only half of it. I mean its a mix between Fuck yeah and WTF. And thats how I interpertrate the "least insightfull" comment that has been made.

      Conclusion: both sides need better communication skills but who would have guessed that from people who are talking about technology made to escape reality ;-)

      I could write more but I probably wasted my time as pseudo pair counselor enough. I will now take of more profound look on thegameveda`s videos, they look interesting.

      tl;dr: Punctuation and Smileys goe a long way...

    6. Missing avatar

      JK on

      While this issue doesn't effect me at all I can certainly understand the frustration as yes they did say will work with the free version of Unity. I also hate it when companies sugar coat bad news as good news which is clearly the case. A better update would be "Hey we couldn't get what we promised but we talked to Unity and got you a discount on Unity Pro" (Something Unity does on occasion for things like LD and other events. I also think it is silly for people to just say "If you don't like it get your refund and get out."

      Again this doesn't effect me as I have Pro but I don't think this is fair and I really don't think suger coating this bad news (for some) was the right thing to do. Also I understand how crappy it is to hear, "well if you don't like it get a refund" even if that is the best that Oculus can do.

    7. spyro on

      Seriously: Maybe wie should all calm down now for a few days. I paid 300$ and I will get a VR Headset linke promised - and even more. OK, that with Unity is bad but I don't see why Oculus should be blamed in any way for that. And in my personal opinion it's OK to compensate bad news with good ones as long they are honestly with us.

    8. Missing avatar

      thegameveda on

      @Palmer Ok so I was about to comment on how we seem to be spiralling downwards as a so called dev community talking down a product before it even launches , I was about to when I posted on the MTBS3D forum after a request for one of my videos , after searching for thegameveda I came across an insulting comment that was followed by none other than our beloved Palmer himself or someone calling themselves Palmertech.. I would like Palmer to explain why in Virtual Realitys name are you saying one thing to us as backers on this forum whilst insulting people like myself over on the MTBS3D forum? You can see how it affected me on my blog post entitled Why is the founder of Oculus Rift insulting backers like me on forums?Will arrogance and the VR troll army kill off Palmer's and their own VR Dreams ? Here . Under the circumstances I expect a response from Palmer on this. Be respectful and considerate should apply to the founder too ,maybe you all should go checkout what the Oculus staff really think of us on forums like MTBS3D.. I was going to write re how I was looking forwards to the rift and being worried about us on this forum talking down the rift or turning into trolls ..I did not expect to find young Palmer doing the same on other forums ..using backer names too ..are we allowed to criticise you too?

    9. Purgatus on

      I can say that I can't really afford $1,500 right now. When you say "One of the big focuses" I hope that means another big focus will be UDK. Can we get some info on that?

    10. Rae O'Neil on

      I wish to stress that I'm still psyched for the hardware, once it gets here. I'm still a VR fan. And I'm still, despite this, happy that the project got started. I haven't cancelled my Rift order nor even converted my credit to Steam money.

      But now this product of which I was looking forward to jumping into immediately I likely won't be due to this escalated barrier of entry. I already upgraded my system to handle it, a $1500 further investment is simply not practical. I never aimed to release anything commercial, at least not initially. I just wanted to experiment and play around and potentially release a few cool things.

      I'm looking into the UDK, though here's to hoping another bombshell won't hit about THAT now. And UDK certainly will slow things down.

      I'm disappointed, angry and near a breaking point, but not beyond it yet. For now, I've opened a feedback ticket to Unity to at least allow a granular, cheaper license for Oculus hobbyists. Feel free to vote for it if you agree.

      And Oculus team, please stop packaging disappointing news as happy news. I understand where you're coming from, but rest assured it comes off as more insulting than uplifting. Downplay it or sandwich it if you have to.

    11. Steven Langevin on

      A certain quote from Lando Calrissian is coming to mind. Something about the deal we bought into with hope and how it's turning out differently. Not a whiner here Im just part of this ever twisting pretzel. Still looking forward to my kit though.

    12. spyro on

      To make that clear: I am not in any way complaining about Oculus except the fact that they suggested (!) all the time that the development will be possible with the free version of Unity. But that's not under the control of Oculus so I can't blame them for that and I appreciate the extended trial period. It's a shame that Unity has such an unflexible licensing model and it's not possible to play around with the full version as long you don't sell anything without a valid license. Maybe the will change their mind in the future.

    13. Missing avatar

      Glenn & Tracie Jennings on

      I'm amused by the peasants who are linking folks who have a valid complaint (such as me) about this recent development and not being a 'competent' developer - when was that established?

      What's the definition of a whiner - someone who has a complaint that you don't happen to agree with? I kicked into this project for the SDK as I teach digital and interactive games development, and I'm 'whining' as my students have no chance in hell of affording Unity Pro. There's room for your 'put up or give up' argument over in the self-fornicators corner, it's clearly marked. I can guarantee you the dev community is not going to seek your approval to express a point of view, even if you -are- a "technical decision" maker over at Trickstar Games

    14. Dave Coleman on

      Had some time to think. Disappointed, but this isn't the place to complain. This was Unity's decision, not Oculus'. Oculus managed to negotiate 4 months Pro instead of leaving us with the standard 1 month. They put a positive spin on the news, because the situation was much worse before they went to bat for us at the negotiation table. You can't finish a product in 4 months, but it's enough time to decide whether you want to invest in the Pro license, grow your own engine from C++, or put the headset on a shelf until consumer content becomes available.

      There will likely be an interesting middle-ground in here, where people with headsets will have access to early builds of other people's pro content. This also leaves a niche to be filled; who wants to build a plugin that enables the Rift in Unity without requiring Unity Pro?

      Separating the Rift from Unity isn't entirely a bad thing either... more 3rd party Rift enabled engines means they're not as linked to Unity's future.

      Thanks for doing what you could. It's not ideal, but it's certainly better than where we were before. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

    15. Missing avatar

      Thomas Mayer on

      I can't believe the tone of comments here. What a bunch of whiners. You kickstarted this project for the headset. You know what? Get the c++ sdk and make your own integration. You are getting 4 months of a pro license, more than enough time to either put up or give up and play games that other competent developers make.

    16. Nadim Alam on

      Oh great first we are stuck with a crappy multiplayer game TF2 and now we cant even develop at our own pace without paying 1500! WTF oculus? For me to spend time developing i would only do it as a side hobby probably like a few hours on sunday only over a year. But cause of this i cant now.

      Thanks for all the bad news in the final week! Hahaha and this is all happening when you said the final week will bring lots of good news for us....

    17. Missing avatar

      Marc Olivier Chouinard on

      UDK licensing mean that every $ you make out of your game, you must give a % back to Unreal, compare to Unity where you only pay the license once and nothing on the profit you make. So for example, if Oculus give a free game made with UDK, they might have to give % of their whole money they make out of kickstarter since the game require a dedicated headset to be used (though I'm sure unreal won't do it to oculus for giving demo, but it would be part of their business model of revenue). Like the UDK Oculus integration would be governed by the UDK license, and maybe they will have to give $$ to Unreal because of it...

      Which is why Unity is a really liked game engine by Indie studio. It is also pretty much the easiest engine to use out there as far as I know.

      So if you can't afford that 1500$, then you can get the UDK, or integrate it in other game engine like the Microsoft XNA...

      But most likely, it mean that you should just get some demo people will make instead.

      Or you still have 4 MONTHS, that 120 day, that over 480hours at +4 hours per day to play with Unity Pro and maybe figure out if it worth it, you get bored, or you realized game dev is not for you.

      And, I personally have not seen 1 official comment about it being free... They said they would hope and try to work with Unity on that regards... But no confirmation.... And Twitter doesn't count as official(Twitter is more like someone telling you a comment on the side walk... not really official business)

    18. Missing avatar

      Modeus on

      @Martin Vigneron: Sorry friend. That's a nice thought, but according to the% Unity FAQ you may not distribute anything you make using the pro trial, at all.

    19. Missing avatar

      martinP on

      Oculus, give us all the bed new at once. I think it will better for everyone.
      (you can also include the plans for Linux SDK)

    20. Martin Vigneron on

      Well I look at it like this: Try out Unity for 4 months, see if I like it and if I can build something cool. Show the cool thing I build to friends. If they like it, show it to the public, if the public likes it -> kickstarter for a license. If kickstarter fails, be sad but richer in experience.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mark Satoria on

      @Tony Tavener & Krom
      I'm at least hoping that the SDK will consist of source code for the sensor fusion (or that it's done on the tracker itself) rather than just providing DLLs or .obj files (doubt it - Mojang got a dev kit, and they use Java). If that's the case, then stripping out the sensor fusion from C++ source and porting it to another language should be fairly easy, again, unless it's done on the tracker, then there's no need. Obviously they'll also have to provide some kind of code for implementing the optics de-warp, so that should be everything you need to add support into whatever application you want. :-)

    22. Missing avatar

      Krom on

      Most has been said already. While I'm super excited about the rift and the work you guys have put into it, this is another kick in the balls, still.
      My question: will there be any sdk stuff soon where i don't need a game engine that costs me way more than i, as an indie dev, could afford? I don't want to buy a full professional game engine, i need something more low-level -read:libs- to include them in my own engine. So far, i have seen nothing like that and my fear is that there is nothing like that and we will be informed last minute again. I want to code something for my incoming rift, but you need to provide us with the right tools and docs, please! For the hardware only, you still did an amazing job, though.

    23. Tony Tavener on

      Well, I thought this was cool for others, even though I can't run Unity (Linux). And I've been hoping for some details on a lower-level SDK... some of the comments have me concerned that it's C++ rather than C. Big difference, as C++ can bring in an ugly runtime and is problematic to interface with other languages. The apparent Windows/C++ focus is worrying.

    24. gonggeer on

      I guess OculusVR tried,but Unity didn't give it a greenlight on the free version.

    25. Missing avatar

      Modeus on

      And with that news I'm moving to UDK. So much for Unity being the more indie focused engine. I've spent these months since the KickStarter working on a game designed for the Rift, and now most of that work is worthless.

      At no point were we given an indication that Pro was a requirement. Every indication was given that free integration was the priority. How did you guys only know this days from shipping?

    26. Missing avatar

      Glenn & Tracie Jennings on

      Perhaps if you can't use fewer words you might try smaller words, as I'm obviously too dumb to understand your point.
      "We’re working closely with Epic and Unity on integrating support for the Oculus Rift in the free versions of their engines and will keep the community posted on the progress."
      I anticipate the argument that 'we're working closely with' is not a guarantee that something will happen, but for a multi-million dollar project this type of wording is a little too loose when the implied outcome was probably never there.

      This was a crowd-sourced project - who are you to define where the cutoff is between developers and non-developers? Your stance is completely opposite to the ethos generated by Oculus from day one.

    27. iFreak on

      I agree with Mark: ". If you're a so-called "developer" that can't afford a $1,500 license, then perhaps you should choose a different, perhaps open-source engine to work with. Nowhere in the original Kickstarter did it say it would work with the free version of Unity." The professionals can work with Unity - all others have 4 months for a decission between Unity Pro and an other, maybe priceless alternative solutions.

    28. Missing avatar

      Mark Satoria on

      @Glenn & Tracie Jennings

      No, I don't work for Oculus, and I have no idea what you're getting at. Yes, I read the comments, and what I saw was a lot of people complaining that the Rift isn't supported in the free version of Unity. Like I said, if you think it should be, then take it up with Unity, as the decision is obviously up to them and not Oculus. I don't think I can explain that in any fewer words.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jeff Jelovic on

      Very surprised by all the negative comments here... I thought it was great news!

    30. Missing avatar

      Linwood on

      In the second video he specifically states that they have integration with Unreal as well as other engines. I fail to see how an announcement of Unity support along with a 4 month trial of the version that is supported, is in any way an admission that they have no support for any other platforms? Did I miss something?

    31. Missing avatar

      Glenn & Tracie Jennings on

      Are you actually -reading- the comments?
      Based on your comments history on Kickstarter, do you by any chance work for Oculus?

    32. Missing avatar

      Glenn & Tracie Jennings on

      I will stand corrected on the timing of this announcement, but hasn't this announcement been released -just after- news that Sony will partner with Oculus? So, what, now the team has it's big backing, based on the attention garnered from the massive response of individual backers through Kickstarter, the home hobbyists and educators are no longer of value to the project?

    33. Missing avatar

      Mark Satoria on

      If you have a problem with UNITY not providing Rift support with their free version, then take it up with Unity, and not Oculus. After all, Oculus does not own the engine, and they likely had to push to even get the 4 month free trial. I'm sure Oculus would have loved for it to be offered in the free version, but that's not up to them to decide. If you're a so-called "developer" that can't afford a $1,500 license, then perhaps you should choose a different, perhaps open-source engine to work with. Nowhere in the original Kickstarter did it say it would work with the free version of Unity. If you had hopes or assumptions, well, that's your fault.

    34. Dave Coleman on

      I will add my name to the list of disappointed customers re: Unity Pro requirement. I understand it's not Oculus' fault, but it effectively kills the hobbyist sector. The other options are "grow your own engine" or whatever secondary Engine they integrate later.

      I'll likely shell out eventually, but most of the people I know who were excited for this product will now have to leave it in the closet.

    35. Missing avatar

      Glenn & Tracie Jennings on

      Let's not forget that by 'dev' in this context we mean a group of people who are paying for the privilege of alpha testing and improving someone else's commercial product - and that after entering into this agreement we had it imposed on us that we'd pay $1500 more for the privilege. Although I'm sure it will be carefully massaged so that the original intent was always 'the opportunity to develop our own software using this platform'.

    36. Rae O'Neil on


      Dishonesty by false implication is still dishonesty.

      As mentioned before, this was implied time and time again during the pitch and after the pitch.

      In regards to my question: the ways they could have answered:

      "Sorry, no."
      "We're talking with Unity to see if it's possible."
      "Not sure."
      "Don't bet on it."
      "Not at this time."

      They chose "I don't see why not."

    37. CalebHC on

      Thanks for the update! The driving game looks awesome. Glad I just upgraded to Unity Pro! :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Glenn & Tracie Jennings on

      You pointed out you're a software developer. For the little its worth I am a scientist and a Masters candidate in education and linguistics - and in this context I'd read "don't see why not" as either a positive response, or a deliberate butt-covering hedge for later

    39. Missing avatar

      Marcus Robbins on

      I believe you have a point as regards higher level development.
      But I am still not convinced that the response - "Don't see why not." is something I would take as a promise.

    40. Rae O'Neil on

      On that note, to be honest, it wouldn't even be that terrible if it only cost me an extra ~$100 for a Unity license for the Oculus, similar to Unity's license for iPhone and Android development. I'd still be a little peeved, but it would at least still be bloody practical.

      But this immediate $1500 extra pain is a different scale entirely.

    41. Rae O'Neil on


      A developer can be someone who has experience working within an environment or engine. It can involve "higher level" development than those engineers who work closer to the metal.

      Development kits are in no way "meant" for the latter. Especially when the former have been told an engine already exists. One can buy a smartphone knowing a free engine will cover them for their development. Just because they can't create an engine themselves doesn't mean they can't download the ADK and Nexus device.

      Expectations were set. They are reneging on them. Like I said, just because it doesn't impact you doesn't mean it isn't crushing for others.

    42. Rae O'Neil on


      They could also have kicked puppies and insulted the elderly. There are plenty of things they could have done worse. Fine.

      But they did not respect me when I asked my question. They gave me an answer which was designed to let me believe it would work. they could have chosen to answer "We can't be sure yet, but we're trying." or "No" and both of these would have been HONEST. I would have ACCEPTED those, no matter how disappointing. My expectations would have been SET and I WOULDN'T have wasted time picking up an engine I CAN'T AFFORD.

      If that doesn't given me a reason to be pissed off, I don't know what does. They have a lot of explaining to do. Popping this in front of a blog author ain't gonna cut it this time.

    43. Missing avatar

      Glenn & Tracie Jennings on

      Hang on a moment - the only two options here are NOT to stop whining and get on board, or ask for a refund. The issues being raised here are very valid issues that should be responded to by the company, given that each pledger is in a way a financial partner. 'Fanboi' responses like "really love it, like I do, or leave it" really don't contribute to the discussion.

    44. Missing avatar

      Marcus Robbins on

      @Real O'Neil
      I'm a software developer, when I say engineer I mean someone who designs systems, physical or otherwise.

    45. Missing avatar

      Marc Olivier Chouinard on

      I'm betting the video was removed because of the DriVR, probably some trademark or some crap about it... Need to be careful when we you come up with name like that even if it nothing serious and just a sample demo :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Marc Olivier Chouinard on

      @Real O'Neil
      Though I can understand your frustration... Think that this kickstarter could very well have failed, and you would have lost your money... So just be happy that it coming...

      One way they could go is just not say anything at all... Or they could say a very far date like June... But they didn't they try to send information as it become clear that thing can't be done and give the date they are targeting... Which probably help pressure on them self actually... But don't you start bugging them for it. We been waiting over 20 years for that headset, and they coming up with something ship under 1 year... So that amazing on it own, and had to have a few bump.

      It not a big corporation yet, it just a few guy that have an office that is not even well setup yet, trying to bring us for the first time in over 20 year the dream of Virtual Reality again, and trying to be open as much as they can be without revealing too much for particular reason.

      They said numerous time they would like to have Unity 3D supported with the free version... But IF they did by accident implied that it would... Maybe that particular wasn't fully informed of the final decision (which probably wasn't taken yet)... Now again, they have been really open to discuss with us, where they could just have tried to shutdown and be private and not talk too much... But they didn't... They wanted to interact with the community without having to just have a predefined script and keep to it. Which make lot of oculus rift interview interesting rather than repetitive... And if some slippage was did to say support was confirmed... Well you can either complain about it, still not get unity free support, and get Oculus team reconsider their openness and switch to predefined script, or shut up, get your 4 month, and hope Unity might reconsider their position (But I wouldn't if I were in their place).

      Here my personal comments :
      For the shipping delay: I'm disappointed of course, I hoped to play with it and show it off on Christmas... But I lived through it well anyway hehe And I'm order 500x so I'll have to wait probably till may to receive mine :( But I'll receive it hehe...

      New Display: I'm a little bit worried the new display might not offer the best experience compared to the smaller one since they kept using the small display...Or maybe it just the weight difference that made the small display more interesting to let people try... But no point saying anything until we hear from the new review from the people who tried the one before with the same unity/unreal demo.

      Doom 3 BFG: I'm a little bit puzzled at the inability for Carmack to offer an build for Oculus Rift within a few days... Since I know he got the skill and made the demo already, and the new tracker doesn't sound too hard to implement neither... I just hope that there is no bad blood between Carmack and Oculus...

      Unity 3D Pro Required... Well, I was expecting this from the beginning. I know they said they hope it will support the free version, but I can't remember seeing them say that it will... And as I said, doesn't matter if they might have slip by accident... 1500 ain't bad for a tool like unity... And you have 4month to tinker with it for free if your not serious about doing a game... And I'm sure lot of real developer will come up with nice things you will be able to use. And maybe even have some open source game that people with the free will be able to generate content, and have people with the pro version creating build of their game (not allowed normally by Oculus, but in that open source community development, I'm sure they won't mind). As I said, there is a C++ demo also bundled, and lot of other engine that exist, some of them open source that could get oculus integrated in and you could learn instead. I personally feel that having the unity 3d free version could be a bad thing for the ecosystem, by having to much crappy demo popping up... I'm not saying pro user are all good (I'm not), but it might provide better prototype content to begin with.

      And in the end... If your not happy... You can still cancel your pledge and get fully reimbursed... So stop complaining about thing you can't change and Oculus can't change neither, and either live with it and remain excited like I am, or get your money back.

      The only thing I would agree on, is the fact that they tried to twist bad news as good news... But why being negative when you can be positive ? :) I'm learning to think more positive, and I feel lot of other people here need to :)

      So that said, I hope Oculus like my comment and send my headset early lol :)

      See you in the game (or not if you cancel your pledge :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Glenn & Tracie Jennings on

      I'm also highly skeptical of the way this post has been phrased - two things, note the introduction of the bad news, immediately followed by REALLY GREAT NEWS IN UPPERCASE AND BOLD to draw your attention away from the bad news. Also, is nobody querying that there is no way that the SDK requiring Unity Pro would be recent news to the team? This would have been known from the start of SDK development. This reeks of a deliberate, well planned strategy to sucker buyers in, and then bait-and-switch the product.

    48. Rae O'Neil on

      "People who buy dev kits are engineers"

      People who buy dev kits are developers. People who build engines are engineers. There is a distinction. This affects the former. If you fall within the latter, that is fine. But understand why the former are angry.